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  1. Reduction of the bonus path price in PoG is nice on one hand yet on the other I do not think it will help much when there are so many other koban sinks and no real good koban income possibilities apart from leagues or spending real money. PoG -> costs 5400 kobans now. The only perk of the bonus path arguably is the second 5-star Legendary guy. PoV -> 3600 kobans twice a month with arguably better overall prizes on the second path despite the second guy being "only" a 3-star Legendary because there you get a Sandalwood perfume mythic booster, several extra pachinko orbs, kisses
  2. Like said the Pantheon gets murderous after certain levels and the "Boss" levels are always extra difficult because of the passive perks (which you cannot see for the enemy teams) but which govern things such as heal per hit, chance and extra damage for critical hits etc. For comparison, I am level 379 on the main server and my current battle team are 90% legendary 5-star guys on Level 600 and I still get wrecked on Temple 1000 every single time. The general gist to increase attack/defense and ego is a combination of increasing your own player character stats in the market and leveli
  3. Jeez, that's so stupid and somehow frustrating. Karter is one of several guys I was looking forward to gain. There should really be a possibility to get guys you missed that are older than two years (and aren't Mythic or available in Pachinko) in a permanent feature that isn't a resource-draining event.
  4. Yea, that's why I put a "maybe" into the sentence. If there are guys I really want then I might participate nonetheless at least partly. Back on to the topic of order of guys in events though. In the current cumback contest #17 didn't we get the wrong guy there? I was expecting Karter to be the next one based on how they seem to do the older PoA guys first. The guy we get on the current contest, Ryoga, was the 4th guy of PoA: The Haremvoice and I would have expected the order to go Karter -> Seki -> Katze -> Ryoga.
  5. Sharkbite doesn't show up because there are no shards left to win. In the first picture on the left side it says: Total shards remaining: 0 800 shards available in: [Remaining time] Mythic Guys are not available the entire time. There is a limited pool of shards for all players in the whole game and if the counter reaches 0 you can't win any shards for the Mythic Guy. You need to wait until the pool refreshes and then be quick enough to get shards before it runs out again. Also, you never get more than 1 shard at once when going for a Mythic Guy.
  6. Since the last update there's a blank theme for 600 kobans on the Hero page: Dunno if there's an error with an existing one or if there's a new one which doesn't work.
  7. Normally they should just be added to the total that's already there. Meaning if you have 20 and get 4 from PoV the total should go to 24. Did you reload the page once? Sometimes there needs to be a refresh to update visuals or sometimes you have to reload and click the reward again for it to register.
  8. The guys available on champions have been always at the very end of the list for me, so it was rather easy to find them by scrolling completely to the right. But in all honesty those are quite a vabanque play as by now I have at least six or seven guys sitting in my harem waiting room with 70 shards because the RNG simply refused to give me the third shard package and I do not want to waste 400+ kobans each time to bypass the 24 hour pause after a successful round against a champion. I'm also thinking about maybe skipping orgy days and classic event for two or three months in order t
  9. The culprit being the URL might be indeed a thing as I've never seen the URL of the Harem page being as long as in the screenshot of Kajiu. It looks like there are dozens of variables set with weird/unknown values. Still, getting this "empty" screen when adding the ID of a guy should never happen as well except maybe if the ID doesn't exist because even if you don't have the guy the list should simply jump to the greyed out entry for said guy..
  10. As far as I know it is a 50/50 chance if you get an item or 35 shards for the guy each time you win a full round against the champion, so the RNG-god might just be a bitch to you this time around. On Nutaku I already got one batch of shards so it is definitely not bugged:
  11. Eckos

    Path of Glory

    I see, well, it is probably more sensible then to only aim towards the last x20 shards tier for the guy(s). I am missing several of the early LC guys obviously. MoMo was my first one on Nutaku while Tenchi was the first on main but I do find 6000 kobans for the second path rather expensive, also in relation to how you said the extra prizes are worth less than those on PoV so I will most likely have to forego the second guy and path in PoG most of the times simply because I do not have the koban income for it. Even if you can reasonably get between 800 and 1000 kobans each time from t
  12. Eckos

    Path of Glory

    Daily Goals and Places of Power (some of the temporary ones) give additional gifts as do some Season Tier prizes. Otherwise you can only buy out the market everytime it refreshes if you have enough cash. Depending on what type of player and how active you are you obviously have to prioritize somewhat i.e. only spend gifts on guys that will receive blessings. I'm playing since July 2021 (on Nutaku) and October 2021 (Main Server), by now my Main Server account has almost catched up to the Nutaku one (Level 378 and 315 guys on Nutaku, Level 363 and 289 guys on Main) and I am reasonably
  13. Eckos

    Path of Glory

    When I first took a look at this newly established feature my initial instinct was not another koban sink! Seriously? 6000 kobans for the second path? Even more advantages for whales and long-time players because who else can dish out another 6000 kobans when Path of Valor also costs 3600 each. But then I noticed the guy on the free path is also a 5-star Legendary so that would be a nice boon and advantage even for F2P players and newbies. Nice going. Considering the advantages, maybe it would even be feasible to prioritize PoG over PoV now, also since the conditions are arguably easier.
  14. I'm currently stuck on floor 900, losing despite having assembled a team which has the element opposing the one of the enemy. Perhaps having only two of the guys Level 600 and no boosters is the problem and/or I have to wait for better blessings. Both current blessings are only a 20% boost while the ones on Nutaku are 30% and even 45% boosts.
  15. Saved up Daily Contests don't count, only those after the PoV started count towards the potions. We already had this topic the last time this PoV came up in February. Only saved up Daily missions count, Daily Contests do not.
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