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  1. Yea, legendary guys are very expensive to upgrade that's why newer players should go with 5 star guys of lower rarity first or 3 star rare/epic ones. By 2nd level I guess you mean you're in Wanker II, the second league? In the Tower the "levels" or rather leagues/tiers are like leagues in soccer, football etc., the higher you get the more difficult (and high-leveled) your opponents will be. I'm in Sexpert II right now and I do have a hunch I am a bit too weak still to be able to really compete on top there. The thing is though, in Tower battles you gain EXP even if you los
  2. Ah I see so its not mostly about the socializing aspect. So how does one apply for joining a club? Just clicking the Join button on one whose usernames you find funny/appealing? One whose level range is largely about the same as yours? One who has already most bonus stuff unlocked? Ideally if I'd join a club there should be at least one or two players I know in there.
  3. Lol, to be honest when it comes to clubs I am a total noob as well. To this day I haven't created or joined one because I'm not so inclined to Social media stuff. Maybe some of the mods/others can enlighten us here and if it's more than chatting maybe we can join the same club. Champions are a bit tricky considering they work differently than usual villain or PvP battles. With champions there are also two approaches goal-wise depending what you want: The equipment prizes and chances for the exclusive guys of them or making money. For the first two, you need to try and build your
  4. That explains things. If you cleared Ninja village already the minimum guys you should have are: - Bunny - Gary - Red Battler - Austin - Prince Karl - Jino That's already six 5 star guys, meaning only one missing. If you got a 3 star guy like Dany or Travis (from Dark Lord) they can also be used as substitutes if no seventh 5 star is available. Which further guys did you get so far? --- That's really sad because the events with the daily missions (Classic and Orgy days) give you practically two guys for free each month.
  5. More guys can be got from almost everywhere, although most of them aren't quick. Apart from story and villains, guys can be gained by playing Pachinko (this has often a RNG-based chance except for the red x10 Epic Orb which is incredibly rare because it guarantees one guy), from the Pantheon and champions, from the permanent Places of Power and, most often, from events. Did you do all daily missions for the last five days? Then you should have already gained at least one guy, Chill Bugsy, from the Orgy Days event. Right now we have the Legendary Contest event running. It is a pa
  6. Afaik there are many more actions that cost kobans rather than energy. Energy is actually one of the more easy and abundant resources as it costs only seven minutes to regenerate energy. Energy is used as far as I know only in the main story and the side quests. Yea, you can also spend 60 energy to gain 1 champion ticket but who does that except people who have already finished all available story and side quests? Against villains/world trolls the resource is combativity, in seasons kisses are used, in the League/Tower of Fame you got the battle tokens, in Pantheon worship and agains
  7. Yea, today it was roughly an hour long but it rarely goes more than that. That's to say they did do it early enough today so that after the game went online again there are still 2 1/2 hours left to do some last attempts on the Orgy days event, League and the Daily contest if wished for. @Daydreamerz don't apologize for asking questions about things that's what this forum is for. 😉
  8. I'm using Firefox and it happens there too. The same issue applies also to Places of Power though which gets annoying when you want to claim the six lower rewards and it always jumps up to the six upper ones you already claimed.
  9. The side quests are actually intended for players who already are as far in the main story as possible (meaning world 11 Ninja Sacred Lands right now) in order to have something to spend energy on as there are daily contests and some event tasks which require to spend energy. Can't load ToF as in that an error message pops up or that there's just nothing to see yet? The ToF isn't unlocked from the start. It's also the main PvP feature of the game where players below level 50 shouldn't be already roaming around. 😄 When it comes to the stats on the market they are your own (the players
  10. As someone who runs both a Nutaku account and a main server one I can verify and second the notion that playing on the main server is in several areas easier than on Nutaku. So if you're completely new maybe you should consider switching to the main server directly before you build up too much on the Nutaku account since you can't take anything over to the main server. My Nutaku account is about four months older than the main server one and yet I'm quite on a smooth sailing course to catch up with the latter one. For comparison, this is me on Nutaku: and this is
  11. firstorgy2022 gives 3 worship for the pantheon. Main server only though.
  12. Hardcore, Charm and Know-how are practically the basic variables for the other stats. Each player gets one of the three randomly when you start the game which then becomes your primary stat affecting ATK and HP (Ego). The other two together influence then the DEF and Critical Hit chance (Harmony). Endurance is a basic foundation stat which together with Ego forms your HP basically. The overall stats of the guys in your current battle team also go into the calculation of the final value of all attributes. If you wanna read about it in-depth, maybe this Wiki-page is the point
  13. I really don't see where your problem is. In the current event there is a broad diverse selection of guy types around. Of the six available guys there literally only Gawain is a bit on the feminine side and that's mostly because of the long hair and soft face. Both Nile and Kale are muscled hunks, Asher and Summer Spirit are masculine twinks while Peter has a bit of a fantasy/elf vibe but still has a masculine build with clear muscled male anatomy not even close to any femboy vibes. In the recent events before we also had Peeping Tom Vernon, Jamil and Zack who were all more on t
  14. It certainly lists the tier 22 reward as claimed so the full color image might also be a visual error. That being said, did you actually get the 3 million cash into your bank? The top screen lists 3.01 million but are those from the reward or were they already there beforehand? Did you already try to refresh the game page, preferably with overriding the cache? Some visual bugs can be corrected by doing this. The one on the front page however is exempt from it. One has to just keep in mind that the tier displayed above the progress bar is the target tier, not the current one.
  15. That's the visual error Oliver66 mentions in his post. On the main screen it displays the tier you're working towards, not the one you're currently at. It's the same on my account as well: It says 24 here, not the tier I am at but the one I'm working towards. Inside the season screen it shows 23 to 24.
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