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I didn't get the rewards from Mounther Cumbath...

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I remember last time the requirement to get above top 5% is somwhere around lower end of 700 points before the reset.

I got it exactly where it needed, but I didn't get the rewards I expected as shown:

I have 838, and my current point is 94... if I qualify somewhere between top 5 or top 10, I would at least expect to get additional 600, or 800 if I get the top 5. But I didn't get it for some reason as shown here... (meaning my points should be on 1400 or 1600ish now!)



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None of those who received at least one crystal before entering the event window received a reward for the past 3 days. There is already a discussion of this problem in the corresponding topic. No reason to create separate!

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2 hours ago, playaboy said:

Thanks for the comment Master-17, I'll let this remain here so everyone can see the link you provided. To me, this is just too serious to be ignored!

And it isn't. But it's best to keep all the feedback and discussions about the issues and the format in general in the same thread, so it's easier to follow for us and Kinkoid both. I'm closing this one, feel free to discuss things further over there where M17 linked to.

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