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Unable to Finish Daily Missions

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I had the same problem with CxH. Try logging in from another device/browser.

You will hardly find developers or technical assistance here. There are only ordinary players here who can suggest something or pass it on to the developers via Discord if you don’t have one. Here we write only about some massive problems, and this is your special case.

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4 hours ago, Abhijeet Jena said:

For the past few days I am unable to [...] Would like the devs. to look into it. 

M-17 answered you perfectly already, but I'll add a reminder that there's a pretty hard to miss sticky WARNING in this sub-forum that you failed to pay attention to or follow by posting this here:


I'm moving your thread to QA where it belongs.

PS: Also just try disabling all scripts and then reload the game. This should make the Claim button clickable again.

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