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  1. J'ai tenté aussi, et n'ai obtenu aucune récompense
  2. Well, well, all of that chit-chat just awoke the Sheriff, who's usually sleeping in a corner, in the middle of his girls, 'celebrating the latest', as he says... (noone knows if he's speaking of his victories in the bragging contest named Leagues in these parts or the latest beautiful damsel who dared to join his vast collection of 'Saloon Dancing Ladies'...) So, while he's around, let's review his latest billboard : Was an interesting week (aren't they all?)... Tommy the Kid went to him, bragging that he'd 'see who would be the best between the Ol' Crumpy Coltswinger, an
  3. Or simply pay for the Silver Card, if you can't manage to find the dedication to check on the event at least once in a while... Even the first level of Monthly card will take care of that for you... it did
  4. Look at that Outlaw trying to make the Marshall look less impressive! (translation: less crazy in his League managment...) Here is the truth, or at least, something closer to it... as just before reset, the Ol' man was competing to earn a few orbs, like everybody else in these parts (it's not on a Deputy's salary that you will rule the world...) Congrats to Kenrae, Epic and Filip for their efficient resource managment ^^ (Daniel must have felt a bit salty, though...)
  5. I'd be pissed too if i had been in the same league as that Ol' pistol swinger... He absolutely can't restrain himself when it comes to try and seduce the ladies... See... once more, he went waaaay overboard, and shot mosquitoes with a Gatling... (sorry Incubys, it's certainly not meant to belittle your own performance, which was, in fact pretty impressive considering your level) i think i'll start calling you Incubilly the Kid, from now on ^^ And now, time for another week of nightmarish AME management, all in the good company of @Kenrae... which 'mod' will win that one? w
  6. Comme spécifié dans le message que vous avez reçu en jeu, c'est 'normal'. Profitez de ces boosters cadeau si vous en recevez (tous les joueurs ne sont pas concernés), et lorsque vous n'en recevrez plus, Bunna des missions devrait être disponible
  7. Il faudra voir ce qu'on l'on obtient chaque jour avec les bundles offerts (100 cristaux aujourd'hui)... mais en effet, il ne sera pas possible à mon avis d'avoir les 4 filles sans avoir recours à un paiement en vrais sous... (on verra au fil du mois)
  8. Est-ce que vous êtes sur la page de base du jeu, ou sur une page interne ? - si l'adresse de la page où vous vous trouvez est du type : www.hentaiheroes.com/home.html, alors, le chat ne fonctionne pas. Il n'est fonctionnel que sur la page de base du jeu. (www.hentaiheroes.com), même si de là, vous vous rendez dans toutes les parties du jeu
  9. Well... in fact, the Marshall did even better... he broke the "7400 points ceiling" this week (which is pretty cool in a 103 people all out gunfight!) But he was so busy educating his ladies in a rush, that he nearly forgot to finish the darn league - So, his exploits went nearly unnoticed... (except now that he's got bragging rights, everybody will have to hear it, all week long, every evening at the saloon... ) So, thanks to Satellizer and Quistis for a challenging week, and congrats to Pyth who rounded up the top4 (of people who went over 7000 points)
  10. Once again, the dust settles, and the Ol' Gunman is the one still standing... Thanks and congratulations to his teammate Thunderwolf, to the Esoteric southern Wizard Mago Oscuro del caos, and of course to Bolitho76 for a week of real all-out, no holds barred challenge, churning of AME boosters with no restraint, of which the Marshall is glad to have finished on top, probably due to the sleepless nights he kept on vigil duty ^^ (and Yeah, that's a very long sentence, folks... did i read sleepless nights ?. ) (no screen this week, as there are already plenty of posters of this gunfig
  11. as-tu essayé de te déconnecter, de supprimer tes cookies puis de te reconnecter ?
  12. Well, as late as usual, (though, it was even later last week, as this Sheriff didn't even brought his results to the starving crowd), here are the Most Feared Marshall's of the West results : What to say?... @Z-Wave must have had done some mischief, so he hid most of the league, and ended up as far as he could from the pistol-swinger. And the rest... well, probably newcomers, fresh from the Altantic Coast, still getting the ropes of the Wild West's Law (or lack of...), and showing that they have quite the hunger for victory... It was calm before all this influx, but the
  13. Tu peux effectivement fermer le club que tu as créé, mais cela veut dire que tu devras aussi en expulser tous les membres. Une autre solution étant de le céder à un joueur, si tu en viens à vouloir le quitter.
  14. Well, looking back, the good old Winchester 3AM may have been a little too much to bring to this gunfight... But the most important part is that the city's safe and the outlaws have learnt their lesson again, thanks to the Marshall and his one-week deputy assistant Sinnet89 (congrats to him for his results)^^ Looks like this man of law has an addiction to winning... Dunno if it has anything to do with the 'winner's reward' from the girls at the Saloon's on thursday night? so many of these beautiful damsels, the Ol' Sheriff could imagine himself entertaining a harem...
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