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  1. Tu peux effectivement fermer le club que tu as créé, mais cela veut dire que tu devras aussi en expulser tous les membres. Une autre solution étant de le céder à un joueur, si tu en viens à vouloir le quitter.
  2. Well, looking back, the good old Winchester 3AM may have been a little too much to bring to this gunfight... But the most important part is that the city's safe and the outlaws have learnt their lesson again, thanks to the Marshall and his one-week deputy assistant Sinnet89 (congrats to him for his results)^^ Looks like this man of law has an addiction to winning... Dunno if it has anything to do with the 'winner's reward' from the girls at the Saloon's on thursday night? so many of these beautiful damsels, the Ol' Sheriff could imagine himself entertaining a harem...
  3. Another week at the top... Please, don't change anything... that old cowboy is getting used to the celebration at the saloon after all these duels... the ladies are always so charming ^^ All in all, Fran and Tatouf weren't my real adversaries there (they probably didn't even try), but Test was hidden far below the veteran horde, and snaked his way to the top, thanks to his youth and a very impressive 750lvl team of determined ladies... But well, one needs more than juvenile vigor and overzealous ladies to take on the weathered Marshall... Final results show that the Deputy still has th
  4. Wow! last week was such a close one that i'm just getting over it now!!... anyways, all was initially looking good and fine, stars aligned the right way, Quistis so gently leaving the top aaaaalllll open... Until i realized something was off, my right eyebrow kept twitching... and it does so only when i have the sun in the face in the middle of grand street, or something bad's going to happen. 'something bad' was soon discovered: Lemus was hiding in the blindspot... Lemus, and his perfect team of beautifully and perfectly groomed to the 750 max ladies... All of a sudden, the walk i
  5. My... i really did let it slip that bad?... Well, as we're already wednesday, i'd say the answer seems pretty obvious... So, here are my last two leagues, which were, as you can see, in fact, two repeats of the same, in pure 'Groundhog Day's' fashion... Congrats to my pal Nardy-Legend, twice second, who helped me try two different approaches to that feature (as results tells us, he managed to fare better the second time, but it was not enough to beat that old Stetson wearing snake of a Marshall... ) Also, watch out for young Miccia, who, despite being only level 416, managed to
  6. Inutile de poster le même sujet dans tous les salons, @Timiop c'est du spamming, et c'est hors-la-loi par chez nous ^^
  7. Comme d'habitude, au moindre changement (dans n'importe quel domaine), on a droit à une levée de boucliers... Pourtant, lorsque Kinkoid l'a proposée dans son sondage de fin d'année dernière, elle a été retenue comme une nouveauté à intégrer par une énorme majorité de joueurs qui ont répondu (ils sont où aujourd'hui ?) Pourtant, cette interface à certains mérites, et, j'en conviens, elle a aussi ses défauts. Mon avis, aussi objectif que possible : - l'ancienne interface était un vrai bordel... avec tous les développements du jeu, il y en avait de partout... et, je suis d'accord, le posit
  8. Je rappelle à toutes fins utiles ce passage des règles du jeu auquel vous vous adonnez, et que vous avez acceptées en vous inscrivant : 3. Règles Générales et Restrictions pour tous les Utilisateurs Lorsque vous créez un compte, il est obligatoire d’utiliser une adresse e-mail personnelle et valide. Nous vous demandons de choisir un identifiant et un mot de passe (désignés comme vos « Identifiants de Connexion »), que vous utiliserez chaque fois que vous accéderez au Service. Vous ne pouvez pas partager votre compte ou vos Identifiants de Connexion avec quiconque. Vous ne pouvez pas
  9. Okay... when the dark of night comes around you, and some eery lights come from the nearby forest... just run, my friend, 'cause it can only be the Red Lights of the Devilish Bunnycorns' Eyes... Run as if your life depended on it, as your soul could very well be sucked dry by these carrot tainted devils... Just to make my point, look what happens when you drop 4 of them in the same place: (well, at the same time... the rabbits were so eager to go at each other's throat that the rest of the peeps just watched and made themselves scarce ^^... ) Among the furry beasts, i coul
  10. tu peux revenir au palier précédent de n'importe quel Troll en cliquant sur les losanges qui sont au dessus de son nom dans la page de son monde, GioSpirit
  11. And here it goes: As GrandPriest simply showed me his winning hand beforehand "Fold it, Sheriff, i got a 750 Straight Flush..." I did what older snakes do best: i simply let go and went on to lick my wounds until better times a' coming... As the fight was so uneven, this old cowboy simply dropped swallowing magic blue pills halfway through the league, and awaited the end of the timer watching thing unfold around him. Interestingly, you may have not won, @bolitho76, but you can be proud of being the first player in aaaaaages that did manage to fool this old geezer into a d
  12. Non, END, personne ne t'a banni du server. Tu es d'ailleurs dans la liste des utilisateurs du serveur
  13. So, for the picture collectors among you, here is my own little stamp: Thanks to Mago for his obvious non-boosted week... in the end i may have overdone it a little bit 😅 This week will be another matter as his Clubmate GrandPriest (and his 750th level girls) doesn't seem to be inclined to be impressed by my Sheriff's badge... alas ^^
  14. What kind of data collection are we speaking about exactly?... I can establish a list of a few players i believe are the best on HH.com, if that may help (and if we're speaking of HH.com, maybe something must be done in the title part of this channel?)
  15. A ce jour, pratiquement toutes les filles du jeu ont une forme de fonctionnalité destiné à les voir revenir (comme les journées d'orgies, ou le pachinko mythique). Celles qui n'en ont pas encore devraient bientôt revenir dans de nouveaux types d'événement.
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