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  1. I didn't realize you still had a bunch of work to do on Giovanna - her first pose was so bad I skipped upgrading her. Nevermind about Spook - her other poses are great, especially her second, so she's not a priority. Thanks for the reply! 😀
  2. I care! But I don't have the skill. 😅 Nice work, Cantrix. 💯 Sheriff Spook is one of my favourite girls. Would you please work your magic and fix her third pose? I love that the artist tried for something different, but her feet are pointing the wrong way! 🙃
  3. Look again. They screwed up the event info, but event girls are on the bosses. Bunnies, everywhere! (well, not everywhere, but a few trolls have them) 🤠
  4. My apologies to all - I had a solution, but didn't realize there was a problem. 🙃 Try putting in the exact address of each troll in your browser's address bar. Like this: https://www.hentaiheroes.com/troll-battle.html?number_of_battles=1&id_opponent=12 <-this is for Pandora Witch Change the last number to 1 to get Dark Lord 🧛, 2 is Ninja Spy 🥷, etc. 💙
  5. My god. Dealing with just one was traumatic enough. Your peenie must be mythical indeed. 🚀 (my apologies for this post, everyone) 🙃
  6. Yes? You rang? 🤔 Geez... you fuck one mother and suddenly everybody is angry at you. 😅
  7. Eh? Pardon me? Sorry I couldn't hear you over the sudden music blasting from my speakers.
  8. We're like Voltron, with @Karyia being the head, @Hastur is the right arm, and I'm the third leg. 😸
  9. Thanks for the info, @Hastur. 🍪 Orbs? I call them balls. And in my experience all balls are blue. 😏 @I fuck to hear tears is this the post you were referring to? https://forum.hentaiheroes.com/index.php?/topic/17770-epic-pachinko-balls-reset-to-zero/ It looks like it was a display error. Also, notice how this player correctly referred to them by their preferred term? 🤠 #BallsNotOrbs
  10. Sorry, I'm confused now. Which thread was mine? I thought I replied to someone else's question. And which messages got removed? I'll try to avoid making those kinds of posts in the future and stick to the club chat.
  11. Did you people all see the news about the clicker game? 🖱️ Also, @fvtaxman, @Karyia, @Hastur is this the thread for me to post about such things? I wanted to leave some messages for our club in a more permanent way than club chat (and chat only allows about 520 characters per post). Or should this thread be for recruitment only?
  12. Welcome, @Kuzahu. Thanks for your question. I used to play their clicker game, but they did one too many resets for me (stole my mojo!). Still I'm sad to hear the game updates might be over. It was a good idea to connect the stories, and I enjoyed those tile puzzle challenges. 🧐 I suppose the reason you have not seen those girls yet is because they are still getting dressed. They want to look their best before heading out into the greater Haremverse. 😻 While you're waiting I suggest you work towards joining an active club. Simpler to ask questions in club chat before tr
  13. Thanks, Kenrae. That's what I meant, Restricted not Closed.
  14. At the very least we've all been wondering why there is no log feature. Is this the same as setting the club to "closed"? You will know everyone's name before they join, and when someone requests to join your club you can choose the time to let them in. I assume the reason this scammer does not start their own club is because they would need to pay the cooldown cost. Before you let a new player join make sure you have a club champion performance in progress with lots of your members already participating. That way if the new player finishes it, you will all get some shards.
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