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  1. All of them. Sidenote: Frostburn will not be taking over my account. You've got enough of them Frost, shoo! 😛
  2. Didn't want to waste an entire thread on this, so I'll keep it to a simple post over here. As some may have noticed by now, I've quit the game. It's been coming for a long time. New Year's seemed like as good a time as any, so here we are. The reason is Kinkoid, plain and simple. I'm done giving up so much of my time to a company that seems obsessed with wasting it and never listens to it's players. So I'm going to invest all those hours in something that hopefully doesn't constantly disappoint me or screw me over after all that time and effort. The focus on cónstant unwinnable contests and PvP against unbeatable pay-2-win has sucked all fun out of a game that was supposed to be about story and parody art. There's much more I could talk about, but I just want to get on with it and put this behind me. So cheers everyone. I hope you have a better time and I wish everyone in the community the best! Gotaku out! 👍
  3. Somehow between now and yesterday, Chat seems to have broken on FireFox. Disabling chatscripts doesn't matter, chat is inaccesible suddenly.
  4. Did the servers just go offline all of a sudden?
  5. Pretty sure they just bought access to a massive photo database and there's no royalties involved. All those rights have been signed off ages ago, most are old photos women who aren't even in adult entertainment anymore. Peanuts compared to the expenses for artwork that is being produced and colored constantly for HH and the rest.
  6. I got both complete mismatch results (guaranteed 24/25s became 22/23s) and I can literally see the prediction not updating. Same % before and after and not updating to the % it should.
  7. There might be more incoming, but currently seems like the latest patch broke: - Skill items: If you reset them, all will be lost into the void. - LM booster: It is not giving the 15% increase, like it isn't even registering. Alert Kinkoid.
  8. I prefer Comix over HH, but in the end this isn't even Comix's fault. Kinkoid mismanaged all the games by never ever listening to the players (and gaslighting them), stuffing the games with far too many events nobody has time for multiple games, and constantly changing the mechanics so much it would scare any but the most hardcore players away. Rosso completely lost sight of why people click on these games and now Comix has to pay for the lesser revenue.
  9. Specifically one for 69th of course. With a reward size comparable to but different from Top 4. Like an extra challenge/target/possibility for everyone in the lower ranks. A golden ticket instead of just a drab low result.
  10. Why only reward Top 1 and Top 4? It would make much more sense for this game to give a sizable reward for those who finish 69th. Not only is it thematically the right thing to do, it makes the competition for the underpowered players a bit more fun and possibly highly rewarding. Do the right thing.
  11. Could we get Power back as an optional view? maybe switch it around with prediction sim? like a rotate option maybe? Kind of got used to using Power for quick overview, now im missing it. @zoopokemon
  12. This is the fasted any IT person has ever responded to one of my requests in my life.
  13. Firefox too, browser doesnt matter. Probably someone has been false reporting the sites to anti-virus websites again or KK's site data is outdated. If you've got the option in your scanner, send "report false report" messages to your anti-virus scanner company. A temporary fix: put https://eggs-ext.kinkoid.com/authentication/start_authentication in your exceptions.
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