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  1. Nope definitely the servers. Everything on the internet worked fast only the three harem sites were bugging out last night. Overload issues one would associate with a server getting whaled.
  2. Is some asshat DDossing the servers at the moment? The sites are constantly unreachable.
  3. Yeah competition was just too much and Im not into wasting resources. Its only Dictator 1, yet people are going waaay to hard on CmH for my taste. At the same time on HH, I accidentally promoted into Dictator 3 with only half the points compared to CmH, that's how big the competitive difference is between the two. Would be best if Dictator 3 openened up on CmH, just let all the big spenders float up so the rest can relax a bit more. Got 2 more 5 stars in the bag and the resources ready to upgrade them during this weeks event, bringing me to a total of 6 5s. Im expecting to add another 2 s
  4. The money collection counter gives up random numbers, doesnt register correctly. If youve clicked on all girls, the indicater still says there money left. Whatever cause it happened during the last patch.
  5. I hereby call for an @Noacc. I apologize for disturbing your rest, but this is quite a major bug (at least I hope its a bug and not as intended).
  6. Im in contest brackets with over 80 people now instead of the 50 like on HH. That's too many people competing for just a handful of spots. Not cool.
  7. Since when have the contest brackets opened up from 50 to 80 players?? Im in the same contest as mega whales like Gogeta now, a bit uncool.
  8. Yes. And yeah that shouldve been 2 points. Its just an example.
  9. We're league buddies now. Im far below, just playing normally.
  10. I got the average. A helpful trick during this event is to keep a counter in your head while clicking. You should average about 2.5 shards every 20 combats if boosters are on. So every round of 20 combats, you can count the shards and substract 2.5 points. Round 1: 5 shards = 0+5 points - 2,5 = +2,5 points (positive) Round 2: 0 shards = 2,5 + 0 points - 2,5 = 0 points (neutral) Round 3: 1 shard = 0 + 1 point - 2,5 = -1,5 points (negative) Round 4: 4 shards = -1,5 + 4 points - 2,5 = 0 points (neutral) on and on This is a good way to keep score of how you are doing on average w
  11. Many of the superheroes have different parody characters. Some even have 3. The difference is the artist drawing it, not the hero.
  12. This would just make the default event harder because everyone wants every price there is. Lets keep things easy where possible theres only so much time in a day and these games cost too much already.
  13. These are some of my very favorite characters and would spend mucho kobans. But their impression isnt very good. Even for a parody that needs to look off, theres just far too little of Vi and Sylvanas in these faces. Skipping.
  14. You don't even need full blue on HH. I went full red for fun, the boosted but opposite color, and nearly made it.
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