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  1. 11 million on Nutaku isn't that crazy if you have the doubler. For example: I came in second with about 5,3 million, Darkyz beat me with 6 million. Do these scores times 2x for Nutaku and you're there. I didn't do anything special for my score and Darkyz simply bought the 5400 koban Path to win. Nothing mathematically impossible about it, just whale kobans.
  2. We will never get Lisa. KK is just gonna tease her for a year and release her in 2024 as the first Ultra Mythic.
  3. Was a hard league, look at how low the top scores are. Everyone was so boosted, there mightve been a drug problem going on. 😄
  4. #PantheonStairway GLHF.
  5. Mythic on CmH is around the 10th, it's on the 3rd and around 25th on HH. Sounds spread around enough for me.
  6. I'd rather they don't. When certain event days fall at the same date, it's absolutely no fun. Some days require hours to manage properly, It's a really bad idea to have them at the same moment.
  7. Yeah that LauraAngel move was a clear whale buy. Makes no financial sense.
  8. Yeah winning D2 has become tricky. You're either doomed to play the Dont-break-Top-15 game or to go-all-out-to-get-first because someone will simply try to whale-ninja-buy them last minute/hour every time now.
  9. Another D2 win for those that want some little league stats. Was a bit of an effort since D2's were flooded with big players in the past two weeks. I don't have picture, but my win average was 22.48, required mix of various boosters and 2 mythic boosters to punch past the high level nemesis.
  10. Looks nice. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.
  11. This is the 3rd Mythic round this month, plus the most expensive event is going on. Plus Claudia's relaunched right after the relaunch of the most popular Mythic that people were waiting for for months. Have to keep pointing out: people do not have infinite kobans. This was the koban-technically worst possible moment to both launch and relaunch her, which gave a completely disfigured sense of Claudia's popularity. Venus art was great, the rework is worse. Keep Venus on the Mythics.
  12. I don't super understand the question, but there's an option in setting where you can set a confirmation warning for the use of any kobans.
  13. Man, people REALLY want Finalmilfia (you forget that one @Ravi-Sama ).
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