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  1. Dont get hyped guys, its just going to be a Kinky. There has been no word about Mythic Revivals and if they even will return.
  2. Switching teams doesnt really work, since the game captures teams at certain moments, it doesnt update in real time. Also the problem is also related to level. You are lvl 265+ which puts you in relatively better matches in those higher Tiers since you are closer to the max levels; problem is all the people who are around lvl 240-260 are also getting matched with those very same high level opponents as soon as they Tier up. Its literally impossible to reach the first XP on LD-Day without boosting when you are in the sub-high level, you just dont get even (lower) opponents. There's only about 5
  3. With these 40% boosts I've been completely overpowered all week at my level (330+ something). Just slapping around 430+s like it was nothing. I was almost at the 900 wall, but wouldve arrived tomorrow after the blessings would drop down. I wasnt planning on getting stuck behind a wall for who knows how long until the next 40% blessings, so I dropped my hard earned savings to jump to the final bit asap, with 3 chances left. Round 1: I went in with no boosts and just my strongest battle team, the 7 Legendary Blondes, to test the waters. It went surprisingly wel, was cutting down the 900 Pan
  4. Advice for anyone in any game: if you just started and dont understand it well enough, don't spend anything and don't jump at everything that gets offered. First get to know the gameplay and the monthly pattern, after 2 months you can start trying things.
  5. Both are coolsies for their own reasons, but sadly they make you choose.
  6. this. And for the record, its with the same drop stats: so still - or the items or the low possibility for 20 shards.
  7. When was the last time you saw those images? I checked Laverne and Lucario and their images are exacty the same as Ive had them for months.
  8. Unbalanced Shard drops on Champions are back. Twice. 😞
  9. In easier language: Epic Days (or Legendary Days on CmH) costs average of 4000 kobans + natural regen to get 1 girl. I always find that more informative description.
  10. If your stat is that Whip (HC, HardCore), go for the items with the highest Whip/HC most of the time. Since your main stat is HC, anything you add to that will boost both your Attack AND Health/Ego. It doesn't matter if an item has like 20 points in Health more, if you add even just a bunch more points to HC, that will overcompensate and also boost far more Health. Also I see you've bought more points for the other two stats instead of the Whip/HC, but you need to buy far more points in your main stat HC instead since that's far more effective on your play level (also find a clan wit
  11. Just here to say that this Path of Valor sucks and has absolutely the worst balance. Ive put in a billion points and only reached a third of the PoV (visually, 1/6th to the actual top). Ridiculous, who designed this...
  12. You mean League of Legends? Thats Caithlyn.
  13. To be fair, that's the situation on KK. I started on ComicH with everyone else, am experienced and know how to play optimised, but so are the thousand other people at my level. It's incomparable to HH, there really is an absolute deadlock going on on the sub-high level. It's not just in the PvP, you can even see it in the contests. Like yesterday was an xp-contest. 50 people in my poule. The Top 10 had insane millions of points scores you dont see outside of Legendary Contests (on HH), which ye know, can happen, there was a new path too and big spenders are impatient. The point is; t
  14. Has there been any calculations into current PoP chances since the big updates? Because Im getting kind of sick of getting this set-up instead of the useful PoPs every week. 😣 Not even the gems are helping, already flooded with red, green, purple gems, it's the other ones that are needed.
  15. Don't go for Top 15, just stay in the league where you are comfortable until it becomes too easy. It's a good way to balance your gameplay experience. There's a number of reasons for this: 1) Until you are a level 400+ user, League should always be an effortless experience for you that only adds money. If you just keep endlessly advancing, you'll end up in leagues that eat you up like fishfood, you'll be forced to buy boosters and end of the week you'll hardly earn any reward kobans. What you should always aim for is a League where you can get to Top 15-30 without spending anything and ea
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