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  1. @DvDivXXX I have no problem with your suggestion and I respect your wish for me to not post in here anymore except for one more to tell about how this strategy is working out for me later on and after that one I'll stop posting in here. I know I'm not as fanatic playing the leagues as you guys that's why I'm not posting as much but I thought you would like to know if I got first place as I did last week, I mean you ask in the title of this thread "how are you doing in the league" which is why I posted after a long time when I had some significant news, I waited a long time to finally post
  2. Hey guys, I DID IT!! For the first time I got fist place in D1... I'm doing things a bit different now... I decided to make the leagues a bit more interesting and have a bit more variation in the outcome at the end, now that I've done it a couple times going through the last 3 leagues (D1, D2 & D3) I know what I can do and where I don't belong which is definitely the D3 league. So my strategy for the leagues from now on will involve Dicktator 1, 2 and 3 I know that I can do this pretty consistently as long as I do all the battles available I have a chan
  3. Hey man, thanks for the reply. I want to share with you what I did in D3 last week, I ended up 90th... However, I saw that this league is too hard for me to get in the top 60 pretty early into the week because of the lack of opponents that would give me a good rng if I was able to win which wasn't the case. So what I did is taking it easy to make sure I got demoted, I still managed to get a pretty good avg score during the week but that dropped off to only 15.49 at the end and believe me that wasn't on purpose to get such a low avg score, that confirms to me that D3 isn't for me at t
  4. Yeah man, I'm happy to move on and yes we're good. I was just saying in the club that I had to change my perception of you to @DvDivXXX and it shows your character to say that you were wrong in this case, that's very humble of you. Have a great day buddy.
  5. I honestly didn't know that it was only for final league positions, point taken so I won't do that anymore. I guess my enthusiasm took over and I really was eager to share about it, I think that's understandable right? And to make it absolutely clear, I wasn't trolling I was coming up for myself because of the language that @DvDivXXXused which was provoking to me at the moment because I had reason to be proud and share it, I give you that it may was a little early to start bragging but the end result which is 3rd place is still something to brag about since almost nobody thought I wo
  6. You are absolutely right about the fact that I was poking you by saying buddy to you and I'll explain myself on this if you'll let me. I never posted here in this thread before because I knew I wasn't good enough for it and then it would be trolling but my buddies in the club that I'm a member of have helped me big time to get a lot better and I now understand the whole thing with the colors, I even choose a different team if I need to for every single opponent and select the right girls to counter their girls so I've learned a lot in a very short amount of time and I upped my dedication
  7. Well, talk to the hand buddy and here's why... I've been 1st during the whole week now so I'm keeping it up and here's proof of that. So I'm NOT trolling man.
  8. I tried the D2 league again to see if I would make a chance this time, never before I was able to get 1st place and keep it during the whole time with only minor refills, on day one I used 2 and later one more because there were still opponents that I could easily win and get a good avg score. So yeah I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment and I'm going to brag about it, below you can see it in the screenshot: I don't understand why I can be 1st with such a low avg score, what are the other players doing? Why is this happening, if anyone can clear this up or you have a hu
  9. Another Update for my Harem Stats. Hey guys, I've about 100 more girls than last time I posted here. I'm going to change things a bit, I don't want to leave any of my girls behind so I'll keep leveling up all new girls to the first level cap at level 250 so that's the lowest level you'll see any of my girls. The strategy that I have now is whenever I have enough gems to awaken one of my strongest girls I'll immediately level the that girl up to the next level cap which is 50 levels, that's working out pretty good for me at the moment. I'll never ever have any girl sitting s
  10. Hey @natstar and @EpicBacon nice one the 100 drop. Congrats.
  11. I've got an update on my progress since the gems kicked in, I'm doing really well. So after the major updates to the game we now need gems after leveling up the girls another 50 levels, before the update I already had all girls maxed out up to my own level which is level 381 at that time I think. I'm now at level 384 and the maximum level I can get the girls is level 400 without the need for gems to awaken the girls. So I just went on a spree to max out all girls to level 400 and one girl is at level 450 already, to my surprise it only took about 2.7K kobans and when I started I had
  12. Yeah I know it's open source but making changes to the script may trigger something on Kinkoid's side and get me blocked from the game. I know that the script as it is, is the one that Kinkoid accepts and I'm not going to burn my finger on that, I have no reason to.
  13. Yeah you're right that I've missed your previous posts about the script @Observer_X and yes it's a very weird situation that you're in. We have one thing in common which is the programming background, I started back in the day with Quick Basic before Windows was invented. Man, I'm getting old if I think about that. However I'm still programming away to this day, just for a hobby though for my electrical engineering projects when I need a microcontroller, lucky me that I started programming in a language that is still being used today on those microcontrollers, right? So forgive me th
  14. My Latest Update I want to share with you of My Harem 11/05/2021 Here are the statistics: I'm not going to make all the screenshots again because I got the script finally working and sharing the Harem Stats this way saves me all the work of making all the snapshots which is quite a lot of work now that I have 331 Girls in My Harem. It is still not getting harder for me to keep all my girls maxed out with Affection, I still have more than enough Gifts in my inventory that I can always max out every new girl I get immediately and have lots of gifts to spare after
  15. April 2021 Update Level: 351 Harem: 238 Girls All girls are maxed out in affection showing all poses and I've got all but the 5 latest new girls maxed out in level too! So because I've passed player level 350 and since last time I shared my progress I had 99 girls less at the moment of this writing. Previous times that I updated this thread I only posted the newly added girls in my harem, my thought process was at the time that once I've got a girl maxed out in affection to show all poses that's all I need to show to prove that I really maxed out all my girls however it
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