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  1. That's messed up. I'll mention it to the tech mods for you.
  2. It probably depends on your team and bracket. I'd agree that'd be my assumption, if not for the new booster sims. Half & Half chlorella (2) and cordyceps (2), plus an LM, is currently suggested to be the best option for me, if they're boosted. 4 chlorella plus an LM is best if they're unboosted. Whether or not they're using reflect on defense, makes a big difference. Using cords in that scenario just hurts yourself more. I'm using a 40% shield.
  3. It's confirmed to be possible to see ME HA girls in the SM. Made me wonder if it'd be worthwhile to get the HA cards now, to add Fae Finalmecia to the pool. Reality is that I'd only gain 66 sapphires, bringing my total to 106, which would only be enough for 20 shards. Therefore, it's not worth getting the cards yet. Also, they'd just give 132 CP. Same situation for me in PSH.
  4. I recruited Ephelia w/ 52 drops, from 390 CP, at an above avg 13.3% drop rate. Also, got every other girl to at least 40 shards, for the SM pool. Had Lexie prior, from getting the SE cards last Summer. If I used some free regen CP, then it cost barely anything to reach my 40% goals. In general, it took about 200 CP to get 40 shards from scratch. Access to the Pantheon's new higher floors (2,000+), granted some extra free CP. I don't think it's worth getting angry or sad over. It's just a parody. The original still exists. There are more important things going on in the world atm, to be concerned about. If the scenes, aren't great, then I'll just save my affection items for other girls, until she actually becomes relevant one week due to blessings.
  5. Thief Rosy 🔵 - a parody of Ann Takamaki from Persona 5. "Thanks for the free stuff."
  6. White Rabbit Hari ⚪ (30 DMs) Carnival Gossy ⚫ (Ninja Spy) Lilith 🟣 (Gruntt) Elrian 🔴 (Edwarda) Lives 🔴 (Donatien) Fuckland Gwenaelle 🔵 (Silvanus) Sporty Jeanne 🟣 (Bremen) Benji & Carrie 🟠 (Finalmecia) Spirit Talker Carlita 🟣 (Roko Sensei) Alisandra 🟢 (Karole) Fuckland Fanny & Fione ⚪ (Jackson's Crew) Carnival Bimbette 🔴 (Champion Romero) Ronda ⚫ (Champion Whaty) Dusty ⚫ (Champion Matsuda)
  7. Valiant 🟠 (10 DMs) Rival 🟣 (Grey Golem) Era Flush 🟣 (Nymph) Stardust 🔵 (Pomelo) Undercover Megane 🟣 (Night Club) Dauntless ⚪ (Night Club) Teartalon ⚫ (Night Club) Hearty Hellion 🟢 (Night Club) Nemesis ⚫ (Champion Cobalt Crawler) Elegans 🟣 (Champion Teutates) Farrah Ferocious 🟣 Spider Lily 🟣
  8. Here's the results of the survey, if it wasn't already mentioned yet. Link to that message on CxH's Discord.
  9. Rotation #1040 (11/03/2023 7:00 EST): Kinky Hanna ⚪ (December) Joyce 🟡 (EP) Bastet ⚫ (May) Rotation #1041 (11/04/2023 7:00 EST): Dark Leeditt 🟣 (June) Anita 🟡 (May) Easter Lapsey 🟣 (EP) Rotation #1042 (11/05/2023 7:00 EST): Bunny's Mother in skis 🟢 (January) Cora 🔴 (March) Kameyala 🟣 (January) Rotation #1043 (11/06/2023 7:00 EST): Alura 🟢 (EP) Hariki 🟡 (July) Baroness Samedi ⚫ (EP) Rotation #1044 (11/07/2023 7:00 EST): Chill Albane ⚪ (EP) Lilith 🟣 (November) Hope 🟠 (EP) Rotation #1045 (11/08/2023 7:00 EST): Morgan 🟠 (October) Cop Nika ⚪ (EP) Nori ⚪ (December) Rotation #1046 (11/09/2023 7:00 EST): Santana ⚫ (December) Design School Lopussy 🟢 (EP) Lopussy 🔴 (March) Rotation #1047 (11/10/2023 7:00 EST): Jolly Pelagie 🟣 (December) Sanita 🔵 (October) Avery 🟢 (April) Rotation #1048 (11/11/2023 7:00 EST): Nara 🔴 (EP) Val Jennie 🟠 (February) Fae Marjoa 🔴 (December) Rotation #1049 (11/12/2023 7:00 EST): Festival Titania 🔴 (May) Kuchi 🟠 (April) Festival Regine 🟡 (May) Rotation #1050 (11/13/2023 7:00 EST): Winter Kimie ⚪ (January) Sorority Sister Mavin 🟣 (September) Nika ⚫ (June) Thanks @bolitho76. I didn't play yesterday, so I didn't know which girls appeared.
  10. I have 53% for Ephelia atm. I'll probably try to get her, despite not being familiar w/ her parody. I think her art is pretty high quality. She's a Dom, and that's always useful, even though there aren't many strong girls w/ the golden eyed tier 3 trait. I had Lexie already. She's definitely worth it. Has some of the best art in the game imo, including 3 different cosplay variants in her poses. Sorry for procrastinating on creating this thread. I usually only get serious about LDs on the last day.
  11. Ephelia ⚫ - a parody of Kafka from Honkai: Star Rail. Lexie 🟢 - a parody of Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling. Position: Missionary Hair: Blue Eyes: Golden Zodiac: Taurus Tier 3: Golden Eyes (2 M6s & 3 L5s) Tier 5: Stun (28% chance)
  12. Nightshade 🟠 (Mimic) - a parody of Shado (DC) Madame Demise ⚫ (Grey Golem) - a parody of Lady Death (Coffin Comics) CxH: Girl and Wiki Data Spreadsheet
  13. There's a thread about the CxH patch notes, survey, art nerfs, etc. I moved some comments over to it. Please post about it there, instead. Makes sense to keep it all in one place.
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