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  1. Checked how 3x Cordyceps works, one last time, using my main account, instead of the test server, b/c it's the day before blessings change. It works the same as previously concluded. A 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3 multiplier on Atk. If I input it into my universal Atk formula, then it becomes simpler, b/c there's no ginseng, so the club bonus is included. Both the Cordyceps and Ginseng bonuses are added together, then multiplied within the formula. Neither are multiplicative, like blessings. Ginseng isn't multiplied by the total Charm stat (primary stat), it ignores the club bonus, which is
  2. Thanks. (no sarcasm) Golden Hari moved up a day earlier thanks to this.
  3. Looks good. I think it's possible too. It does require spending some extra kobans. I've forgotten about Bunny's Mom, she basically doesn't exist to me. I'm not even thinking about getting her. If/when I get Lyka, I'll begin storing CP again for the MDR. Hopefully, there's a nice new L5 for the LD, and an old L5 I'm missing shards for, so I'll have an excuse to use more CP.
  4. Hopefully, b/c a 2nd MDR isn't on August's calendar, but it's not like July's calendar listed it either. If it's just Lupa, I'll use 1 SP, have a sigh of relief, and keep saving for Sept. 3rd's MD, and Arcana. That was my plan for July.
  5. The GA ends on the 19th. If I wanna try to get Lyka, I can't save any of the 6k kos card's CP. That CP won't get used for the MDR on the 23rd, but there's a lot of time between then and now, to save up enough kobans. I expected Golden Lupa for last month's MDR, and High Mage Arcana for August's MDR. Bunna & Titania in July, were both unexpected. That changed everything. Can't predict the future ones, so all there is to do is save up enough resources (10-20k kos), and stock 5-10 SP.
  6. It might be possible to get Lyka as F2P. I have 5.4k Xtals so far, and didn't buy the 6k kos cards yet. Making me ~700 Xtals, & ~5 days ahead of schedule. I think if I buy the 6k kos cards, during the LD/KC, & do some extra fights, it might eat away at the 1.8k Xtal gap between the F2P 11.7k Xtals, & Lyka's 13.5k Xtals. Some players that pursued Elder Magus Bianca, might already be 700-800 Xtals ahead of me (700+800=1.5k Xtals ahead). That would leave just a 300 Xtal gap to Lyka. 10th is Boss Bang (monthly) and Legendary Days (bimonthly). Perfect time to buy 6k kos ca
  7. I had all 3 girls available, but only 71 MPx1s left, after spending 222x MPx1s on Fri. for 2 girls. I spent 29x MPx1s, and got Ticket Inspector Kalissa. I think that's pretty cheap for the MP. She's my 101st exhibitionist girl. *Sigh* So I no longer have the, "it increased my passive" excuse. Decided to stop there, and save the rest of the 42 orbs for CbC #26 day 1. I have Pearl, but I could use some extra GXP.
  8. Hey! You know what I mean, lol. Substitute CH for KH or HC. It is additive, 6%, 12%, & 18%, but it excludes the club bonus, which is added again later.
  9. Fuck yeah! I feel like this is a gift, just for me! I remember they once asked in a survey, which pose we'd prefer was animated. I always thought it was weird just being the 0-star pose, the least revealing, for most girls. Nikki Benz and Ombresse were exceptions. Now Bunna has all of them animated.
  10. You already showed here that the headband just multiplied your atk by 1.25. 120k to 150k. Such nice round numbers. Thanks. Nice. I didn't know it lasted like 3 months. That makes the 450 kos price seem reasonable. I'll think about getting one if I have kos to spare next time.
  11. Checked my own stats gradually, while applying 3x ginseng. I made some extreme changes, like full mono gear, and a team of 7 dominatrix, so the differences are magnified. I wouldn't actually use this team in leagues or the pantheon, unless those 7 girls were all blessed, or L5/M6s. Despite just being a 128.8k team, its 113k Atk matched my best 169k power team. The Dom passive made up for less total power. I changed the Atk formula a bit, to become more universal: Atk = ((CH - CB) * Gin Boost + CB + (Total Power / 4)) * Dom Passive * Elemental * Cordyceps * (AME or Headband) I a
  12. Confirmed. SP is magic. It doubles what's meant to be scarce, w/o making it more scarce.
  13. Yeah, I glanced at Slynia's handbook, for the general idea. It helped mostly w/ "primary stat + total power/4." I didn't know that before. It doesn't really mention how ginseng actually works. The wiki is useless, it literally admits it's outdated, and a work in progress, lol. Thanks. There's no rush, so use the AME when you normally would. There's also no way to mess that up, since you can only equip 1 AME at a time. Which means, it most likely does just multiply everything by 1.15. Once all of this stuff is confirmed, then I can literally just imagine any combination of (gear + gin
  14. I'll experiment w/ it later. Might find some strange results, b/c the ginseng effect is multiplied by cordyceps.
  15. Yeah, club bonus = (Level based + Market bought + Equipment) * 0.1. It's ignored by the +6%-18% ginseng boost, then added in again, so it's included for the cordyceps boost, b/c that's applied afterwards. Atk = ((((KH - (KH * 10%)) * Gin Boost) + (KH * 10%)) + (1/4 Total Power)) * Dom Passive * Elemental * Cordyceps * (AME or Headband)
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