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  1. None, 10% attack will not give you the full 25 pts
  2. Yeah, I have 80 shards of Donatella because I saved it till day 3 incase of a girl contest, then forgot to claim her
  3. 99 fights to go 98 fights to go 97 fights to go 96 fights to go 95 fights to go 94 fights to go ...
  4. Depends, the problem is if you are a certain element people can counter your element for 10% Damage and Ego. So maybe if you have several sensual defensive gear, Sensual is blessed and there is no good playful girls availible? For a defensive team, the optimal seems to be having a full set of rainbow/defensive gear. As for the calculations, while I am no expert; I believe it should be the same as attacking, only that if people have the mythical pvp booster enabled, they will get that bonus when attacking you, while they do not get it when you attack them.
  5. Every year, railroads save consumers billions of dollars while reducing energy consumption and pollution, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, cutting highway gridlock and reducing the high costs to taxpayers of highway construction and maintenance. More jobs and a stronger economy.
  6. He is deffinetly a Know-how tho, and defence. unlike some previous president who managed to get Ego bonuses in both class and element ;)
  7. Pretty sure someone said the same thing about dating tokens
  8. I did the revival for Claudia, so I got some points there
  9. 5.841 orbs atm, that's with the free card only. Aiming for 6.250 for the mythic gear.
  10. Yeah I don't spin if there are no girls. No point using orbs for another hc hat that I am never going to use.
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