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  1. Looked over the data on Voyeur, found something interesting. First off, the mana is indeed transferred to the Voyeur girl, and she gets to keep it. Secondary, the drain in all the data I looked at was the correct %. Thirdly, the drain skill will not do anything if the target does not have any mana. Fourthly; the skill WILL drain mana from the opponent if they have mana, even if tired. Here you can see several opponent girls with negative ego, defeated by normal damage, and girls with 0 ego that are taken out by the "finish move" relic. Skill is still draining mana. One of the problems with this skill is the enemy mana regen, they will use mana skills faster and more often, and even if you drain them, its not going to do much of anything since they will regain 30-40 mana each turn anyhow. And even if you get some good drains off, like I have a round here where I get 30 mana back, nice... I spent 100 mana to get 30 mana with no other benefits. As of now, I don't see any scenarios where this will be useful, Avoid.
  2. The testing on dominatrix was done before we started using the Json to check accurate numbers. The % modifier are from the description of the skill itself, and all the testing I've done on it have been visually. It is affected by defence, as the skill does a lot less damage against higher def opponents. I assume its just taking the value that is listed as "damage" adding in the % from skill, then subtracting enemy def. My laby is on cooldown, so I cannot check it today. Edit: Considering "not so serious spank" from skill less girls is using 50% attack value - enemy def, it would make sense for Spank to add the skill damage before subtracting enemy def. As for Voyeur, I've saved the JSON from 5 battles (hard floor1 and each boss from floor1 to 4) I'll look at the data when I get time and see what I can find there. They would have to do changes to green, like giving it another ability completely. I just think regardless what I find testing of Voyeur, in its current form Voyeur is completely useless.
  3. With no defensive relics that does not seem thar far fetched. Here is an opponent girl from the 5th floor boss attacking me and scoring a critical. I had a total of 58% protective bubble (46.94% effective damage reduction) I did the calculations here too, you see that his total damage of 132.012 is the same in my calculations. (it is 2 pts off, due to rounding, I didn't bother going and adding rounding to all the values in the spreadsheet) If you look at the top4 rows in the damage table I made, without any protective bubble, he would have critted me for 248.796. Getting critted for over 200k from the 5th floor boss is not uncommon.
  4. I completely forgot to check for this in todays run. I does look from your picture there that she is getting the mana, that was not the case on release, and must have been added later, and since the skill is pretty bad, no one did more testing on it. So the voyeur skill drains mana on each cast, and that mana is then turned into mana for the girl. So it turns a 5 turn drain skill into a 4 turn drain skill... in the best scenario where they have mana. Against opponents with low mana, its going to give you 1-2 from each girl... yay? If you get less then 20 mana from a drain, you'll still be on a 5 turn drain. The skill is not going to have much effect at all, in a fringe scenario you might delay the opponents cast one turn, but considering the later boss have so much starting mana (60-80) and gainst like 40 each turn, it will have Zero effect. The only way this skill could work is if it gave the drained mana to ALL girls.
  5. I have not used the skill in ages, even if the girl keeps the mana, I am not sure its worth it since it drains so little. Should be easy to see if she keeps the mana tho, if she has any mana left after using her skill. I'll check it tomorrow if I do remember to.
  6. Is probably a combination of blessings and subpar relics. Since the opponents are based on your top7 girls, blessings can make the laby harder. We had one week where mythics were blessed, I did two hard laby runs that week, The first I lost my primary team on the 3rd floor boss and the second run I lost it to the 4th floor boss. Both runs I had to use revive stones to make it to the final boss, and ofcource was unable to complete the run in full. For the rest of that week I went back to normal mode. Yeah, a shieldgirl on the boss is very detrimental, I had one run where I checked the JSON data, the one opponent shield girls effectively doubled the ego of the opponent team. Over the battle she added 7 million shields to the 6 million ego the opponent team had combined. This week I have 2 opponents with Girlskills, and no easy way to remove either of them. One of them is in the enemy frontline, so that helps a lot.
  7. I did my run today with the team i setup yesterday, kept the same team till the final boss where I wiped, I guess since I never finished a fight down a girl (when i did the entire team was killed, and was auto filled immidiatly) I never encountered the bug
  8. Ilike to use both. I have 2 submissive girls, their manaskill heals all girls, it also scales by % ego, so even if your girls gets huge ego increases from relics they will still heal the same %. I am running 2 fluffers, the target healing they provide each turn can be crucial to keep the girls alive until the manaskill for the submissive girls becomes availible. In addition to healing, my fluffers are both sensual, casting shields that if cast on the correct targets is one more layer of protection for the girls. I would probably rank submissive above fluffers, as their healing is % based and hits all girls.
  9. I like "Finish move" its a really strong relic, most of my damage on the 5th floor boss comes from Eccentric. If one gets 40% finish move, 2 eccentric casts can get the opponent down to finish move range; 3x10% x2 cast = 60%. Compare this to where you need a total of 4 casts to take them out with Eccentric alone, 3x10% * 4cast = 120% (3 casts only gets you 90%) Also if it turns into a damage race, where you have to send team after team just to try to finish off the boss before you run out of girls, Finish move will be really helpful. But yes, it has a terrible interaction with Fluffer right now; so while I will still grab finish move, I might stop after say 20% instead of going for 40%, depending on relic offers of cource. As I said, it has been reported and forwarded. I think this would be high on their priority list, as all instances of labyrinth should have this issue, including MangaRpg. @bohammettuz You are right tho, if you are able to out damage the enemy and beat them down normally, then yes; Finish move is a "win more" relic. And time does not really matter when the "skip" button exists.
  10. Phoenix Piper get; Average drop of 6.42% is the exact current droprate for all mythic girls, nice! 779 fights compared to 798 average, she came out 19 fights under average. The 8.640 koban cost (with june seasonal event cards) puts her around average in total cost. Pretty much average across the board. The only thing that is not average is the art, based on the first pose alone, I would say this is above average. Glad to see. I have not decided on the movie yet, does not seem worth it to me.
  11. So we've had several instances lately where we've found relics interacting with Fluffers. In the july 4th run I found yet another interaction, this interaction however is not helpful for the player. I was doing another hard labyrinth and I got several "finish move" relics in this run. I got a total of 46%. We've been told by the devs that the cap is 40%, but I still wanted to check if this is correct. When batteling the 5th floor boss I made sure to save the Json, so I could check the data after the battle. When checking the Json after the battle tho, I found two instances of "Finish move" triggering on my own girls. Mechanically Fluffer-ing is treated as a normal attack, it just targets a player girl, and converts damage to healing. "Finish move" triggers on attack, and only checks current ego, compared to finish move %. As this was the 5th floor boss, my frontline was taking heavy damage, dropping both girl low on ego. Then the turn came around to my fluffers, as stated above, fluffer is just an attack, game see low ego, and instead of healing, sent the girl to the shadow realm. This happened to both of my frontline girls. Mechanically this makes total sense, this is however highly detrimental to the player, and obviously should not be in the game. This bug has been reported and hopefully will be sorted out quickly. I've included Json information here from both girls, along with explanation on what each section refers to. I can provide the Json if anyone wants to check for themselves.
  12. You are correct, I could have removed Sake's equipment, as she is not part of my "league defensive team" Therefore it would not have affected my pvp/league team at all. That would have easily dropped her below the top7 for sure. I did not think of this at the time. With just level 1 equipment I would not be able to move other girls up, since a full legend set gives 4.000 ish "power" As you can see Silver Lupa with a full set was not able to pass Sake, and the girls further down have less power then Silver Lupa.
  13. Two Gs5 girls in my top 7 girls. (Sake and High mage Arcana) Putting level 1 legend girl equip on Silver Lupa (8th) and Donatella (7th) A Full level 1 legend set gave the girls 4.087 and 4.088 more "power" and pushed High mage Arcana to 8th. I now have opponents with 1 less Gs5 skill in the labyrinth. With minimal effort I was able to make the labyrinth easier. I was not able to get Sake out of top7, that would require using several equipment that is higher then level 1. I did not have any spare level 2+ equip, but it could be worth leveling if one wants to avoid GS5, and especially if the equip is something one wants to use later. EDIT: Made a small adjustment, giving Donatella 5/6 legend equip. This dropped her power below that of Sake's, putting Sake in the 4th slot. This is great because this ensures that the opponents Gs5 skill is now in the frontline, and can be taken out a lot easier.
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