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  1. Having checked them out, yeah they are pretty good. I do prefer the old art for most poses tho, apart from Juliette, the new one is better there, so I do like that they gave us the originals too
  2. Yeah I saw, It seems the new art is allready in; as I have the old girls fully upgraded with the new art. I assume this will be fixed at the reset tho Edit - Thanks for the link btw, interesting reading
  3. Does the "improved affection scenes" mean the zoom treatment?
  4. I am at 16.070 points atm, might get some more; depending on what I think about the art on the next mythic. I've been in the top 5% every three day cycle, but usually only getting top 1000 in the top rankings. I might have placed in the higher tier once during one of the mythic days, but as @garadron mentioned in his post earlier, I've also placed outside the top 1000 in the last couple rounds. Speaking of Mythic days; I did both the regular one and the revival one, spending 17.500 kobans just in refills to get those two girls; now It has to be noted that I would have spent that even if this was not an event. (those two mythic days combined gave me 1.620 points, 1 point per combat) I more of less just ignored this event, and only grabbed my rewards every three days. As I am standing right now, I am still 11k away from the second girl, with this upcoming mythic day; It'll still only be at best/worst another 1000 points. This is based on the last revival; Jezebel, she had bad droprate at 5.24% and I had to use 920 fights to get her. It should also be noted that I've done excessive champion fights; well as excessive as one can get being f2p. Champions have been fought whenever possible; again f2p, so cooldowns being the main issue. If I bought all 3 Event deals for 25, 15 and 3 Euro; total 48; It would only give me another 3100, leaving me 7000 short. I don't know what the most cost effective way to spend kobans for shards are; but if I would get these 7000 points with combativity I would need 7000 fights (1 fight per shard) resulting in the disgusting figure of 75.600 kobans. (7000/20 = 350 refills, 216 per refill = 216*350=75.600) And of cource then you would have to throw in another 15.600 to unlock the second path. Is it possible to do this as a f2p? I suppose, but If i were to pay 90.000 kobans and 50 euros for two girls they would have to be mighty special. I don't know something like Double blessed rainbow element with dual item slots and allways blessed or something Ignore that last sentence, better not give KK any ideas. Uuh.. what was the question I was replying to again?
  5. Since the points you get from each 3 day period is added to the next one, it gets really hard to catch up if you get behind. So if you miss a 3-4 day period, suddenly you need to make up an extra 400-800 points just to get back into the top5% When you have an event that is allready unpopular; I am not sure putting in stuff like this that hurts the player that either cannot play daily, or have work or other things come up that disrupts regular gameplay. During this event I was lucky enough to be in a position where I was able to log in daily, but last month I would not have; there was a 5 day period where I was unavailable; and It would probably place me in the same situation as MrXY here.
  6. Well unfortunaly since KK has spent all the goodwill they saved up, and changes I take with a big grain of salt. When I try to log on and see the "We're updating the game, back in a bit" message, Instead of going "oh cool new update" I am going; Ah great, what kind of bullshit are we getting hit with now. But hey, this could be a really great update, maybe its LABYRINTH? I jest of cource, but I am not holding my breath, waiting for the "good" update. It's like with aliens, or god, I don't believe it before I see it.
  7. Yes lightbulb filter would be excellent, I also forget what girls I've improved. Are you talking about basegame or Liliats script? if its the latter, its no longer being updated and unless Liliat comes back, or someone else makes a version based on the script; its probably not going to happen. As for the default harem screen, I have no used that in years, so I am unfamiliar how it works, maybe someone else can answer your question better
  8. 1000 datingtokens for 69th place would make the contests interesting...
  9. I made this comment some years ago when they made changes to the girls and team setups. It seems like nothing much has changed
  10. Well... nuclear power is clean power, and it is relatively safe, aslong as you don't turn off all your safety systems and cooling, exposing the core, leading to a nuclear meltdown. As for the hulk and chlorella, I do not have knowledge of the lore behind any of them
  11. I still use the script. even tho it does not take into account the latest stuff, the harem screen is superior to the default one. The main thing for me tho is the girl equipment screen; as seen in the screenshot a couple posts above, having everything on one screen and able to easily see where they would be best utilized is just too convenient.
  12. Small update on my equipment drops. Data of just over 300orbs, percentages has not changed much at all. They all seems to hover around my initial number, within a 1% variance Finally got some mythics dropping; currently 0.82%, seems inline with the reported 1% drop/
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