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  1. I can only speak for normal mode, as I don't play hard mode. Certain relics are just going to be better then others, that's a given. Now I can on normal, make a really strong tank without dodge that can survive the entire run and perform well, the problem is that in order to achieve the same affect as having 1-2 dodge relics, I would need to invest in a lot of relics, depending on rarity, 10+ relics, in some combination of "egoist", "defender haremverse" "protective bubble" "rejuvenation" would be sufficient for me to feel "safe" It's just not efficient to use 10+ relics where you could use 1-2. And this is talking about normal mode, if you have a decent setup, you'll loose at most 1-2 girls in a battle. On hard mode, you can wipe, meaning any relics that targets a certain girl (that is not dodge) is a liability, a possible wasted relic pickup. Maybe instead of having single target relics, they could lean more into buffing "frontline", "midline" or "backline". We have some already, but say have dodge relics that gives frontline more dodge, instead of having to Rng lottery ticket the dodge relic to hit one of the two girls you want it on. That would also make sure that no relics are "wasted" if the girl tires out.
  2. Not so serious spank (no bulbs) Does low damage against a random opponent. Damage is 50% of girl attack, minus targets defence. Will often miss in the labyrinth due to opponents high defence. Addendum to shields ; Shield amount cannot exceed max ego value.
  3. Hmm, turns out that checking older JSON's is not as easy as I thought, as it does not show what skills your girls have, and all the older JSON's I looked at I put girls with mana skills in the frontrow aswell. I'll do a run today, and run some girls with no manaskills in the first battle or two, and check the results @bolitho76 EDIT: Figured out how "not so serious spank" works. I did two green battles in the labyrinth with a team of 3 girls that had no manaskills. After spending some time looking at the data, I figured out how damage is calculated. It simply takes half the damage of the girl and subtracts the manaskill's target defence. That is why the "not so serious spank" misses in the later floors, the enemy defence is too high. EDIT2: Damage is base girl attack value + all other basic % increases (impactful, attack from back, element power), but NOT Vigorous Motivation and Berserk, as they are added in "Total Damage" You can actually see an example of this in the 2nd battle, as I picked up relics that gave damage increases to all of the girls (this was not intentional) Demi and Filya got 6% each and Taria got 3%
  4. That's a good question; Its low damage, something like 10% of attack damage? Seens to be affected by defence, as it usually gets dodged by opponents. I'll try to look thru some of my older JSON'S tomorrow to see if I can find something.
  5. Grabbed a couple of Ego Rebounds this labyrinth run, unfortunaly I was not able to get two on the same girl, so could not check for stacking, the one girl who was damaged did heal for the correct amount from her ego rebound tho. The last battle against the boss on floor 4 (normal) had over 39.000 defence on the girls, so it took quite some time for me to finish him, and with three shield girls on my team, I was able to stack a lot of shields. I took a look at the response after finishing that battle, and three of my girls had the same amount of shielding as total ego. It would seem you can only have as much shielding as your max ego, no unlimited shield stacking.
  6. The 25% increase is by looking at the other mana skills, since all of the other skills follows the rule, it would make sense for Stun to do the same. Going over the data I have seems to indicate that this is the case, but its just that, an indication. It might be that I am just being unlucky and getting lower then expected stun successes. More testing will yield better results, and I'll keep one stun girl in my team at all times. My stun girl of choice is VR Neono, I don't think there would be different stun chances for different girls, that just seems like a lot of extra work to code.
  7. So I've been doing testing on stun for the last couple of months, to try figure out what % chance the GS5 stun skill (yellow) have to trigger, as the tool tip in the labyrinth is less then helpful, and only says 2% no matter how many bulbs you put in. Now we know how the GS5 skill works in terms of upgrades. The first bulb gives you a base number, and then each additional bulb gives it 25% more effect. Thank you to @Basniowy to pointing this out to me, I was not aware of this. This is true for all skills; It's easy to see it on the Spank skill (black) where it goes 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%. Healing (white) 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40% and Defence (orange) 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%. This is my latest stun testing data, about the same number of instances tested on both Legend (4) and Mythic (5) bulbs. The difference between 4 and 5 so far is 3.46% Knowing how the GS5 skill work with the 25% increase per level, If I put this into a sequence that mirrors the test data the closest, this is what I came up with: 13.25% - 16.56% - 19.88% - 23.19% - 26.50% Each bulb adding 3.3125 to the skill. Now 13.25% seems like a strange starting number, a number like 12.5% or 15% would make more sense, if you started with 12.5, the final bulb would give 25% and if starting with 15%, the final would be 30%. Of course my testing numbers are subject to change, but based on this we've narrowed stun down to somewhere in between 12.5-15% start and 25-30% end.
  8. Undercover Valentina get; unfortunaly for me, she was on the same villain as one of the girls from the Legendary days event, more speicifically the one i hadn't used fights on, resulting in having to get through 100 legendary shards in addition the the 100 mythic ones. 710 fights / 7.04% Droprate / 8 Sandalwood and a total cost of 11.664. Getting her in only 710 fights makes her the second cheapest girl in terms of combativity to join my harem, only beaten by Moe Bunny Revival at 704 fights. Her average drop at 7.04% is also half a percent better then my total average at 6.48%. The only extra cost was a couple extra refills and 3 more Sandalwood boosters. She is my 3rd most expensive girl, at 11.664, tied with Bianca, but behind Nike and Jezebel.
  9. After getting runs with one and two tired girls, I've finally managed to get a 0 tired run, and this is a proper 0 tired run, no revives. Alltho if we look at the relics I was given this run... anything else then 0 tired would have been a disgrace. Started out decent, some early damage in double attack for Sake, that also makes her heal faster, some critical damage is always nice. Some defences in protective bubble and some low rarity Ego and Defence. Choose Sweet harmony over Duck master at 6, reasoning being I would need another defensive relic to make VR Neono viable in the frontline, as she is Know-how and have lower defences. Everything changed after the first boss, the run was in the bag at that point, tried looking for some more defensive relics for a secondary frontline girl, but instead got more damage, including another double attack, Zazie this time, meaning chance for more shields. Then the second boss happened, a secondary mythic dodge relic, and the rest of the relic choices in the run became somewhat redundant At 18 I chose Sweet harmony, my thinking being that the only thing that can stop me now is several criticals in a row, and the extra defence would probably not give too much defence for my know-how girl. Then again i skip more defence more critical damage later, but again, the chance of defeat at this point is very low. 8% Protective Bubble and 3% Finish move, not great tho I look forward to the next run, where I might actually have to make some harder choices.
  10. Do what you feel is best, while I am semi-decent at collecting data, writing the report is not my forte. Oh and thanks for doing this btw, having all the information in one place, where it does not get bogged down by pages of other posts, is really great. Oh, and one suggestion, probably a good idea to have a seperate section for bugs/bugged relics. I think I mentioned the bugs under the affected relics themselves, but one would probably not easily find that when looking thru the list of relics. The only one bug that I am aware of atm is that "Defeat Medication" does not trigger if an opponent is taken out by "Finish Move" Considering that Finish Move is one of the strongest relics in the labyrinth, it makes Defeat medication really lackluster and downright useless if one obtains several finish move relics. There has been no mention of it being fixed in the patch notes, so I assume its still bugged.
  11. This is why I didnt want to make the post, I am terrible at making posts looks good and presentable :p My posts usually just devolve into walls of text with badly centered screenshots :O
  12. Hopefully we can get a new locked thread with all relevant information going soon. I just made the spreadsheet to keep track of the different values, now I've kind of memorized them. But sure, that is something we could look into to have in the new thread. Finish move stacks additively (up to 40%) Actually, let me just put in all the notes I have on the relics and skills, so I can get some feedback if I have something wrong, or my information is outdated. Relics: Attack from the back Gives backline girls increased damage Stacks additively Berserk Multiplies with final attack number (after all other sources are added), but only when girl is under 50% ego. Stacks additively with itself. Critical Expectations Adds base critical number after Harmony calculations. Stacks additively Critical Thinking (all and target) Increases critical damage Stacks additively Curse Random opponent girl takes % more damage Each instance of Curse is induvidual, using several copies can hit the same girl, and in that instance they stack additively. Defeat Medication Defeating opponent girl restores % ego. Stacks additively, does not currently trigger when if opponent is taken out by "Finish Move". Defender of the Haremverse (all and target) Increases Defence by % Stacks additively Double Attack Gives % Chance of double attack against the same target, giving double damage and double mana. Each attack are individual and one or both can crit. Stacks additively (assumed; not tested myself) Duck Master Gives % chance to dodge oppononent normal attack. Will dodge all normal attacks if value exceeds 100% Stacks additively Egoist (all and target) Increases Ego by % Stacks additively Ego Rebound Recover % Ego based on attack damage Healing seems to be correct. Stacking not tested Finish Move After each attack, defeat and opponent girl, if they are below % max ego Reported by devs to stack up to 40%, highest value i've reached is 38% and confirmed working up to 37.45% ego. Currently does not work with "Defeat Medication" Stacks additively Front Defender Frontline girls gets increased % defence Stacks additively Harmony in the middle Midline girls gets increased harmony Stacks additively Impactful (all and target) Increases damage by % Stacks additively Protective Bubble Reduces damage by %, each additional relic have reduced effective protection Stacks Consecutively, highest rarity first Protection Assist Gives % shield to a random girl on your team based on her max ego. Each instance of the relic is induvidual, can hit any of your girls, can hit the same girl, in that case the effect stacks additively. Rejuvenation Restores % of missing ego on start of girls turn, each additional relic have reduced effective healing. Stacks Consecutively, highest rarity first Sweet harmony (all and target) Increases harmony by % Stacks additively Vigorous Motivation Multiplies with final attack number (after all other sources are added), but only when girl is above 50% ego. Stacks additively with itself. Element Powers Increases element damage for girls of coresponding color Stacks additively ------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: Submissive (white) 20% - 25% - 30% - 35% - 40% Heals all girls for a percentage of their total ego. Really strong effect, having 1-2 submissive girls on a team is highly recommended. Sensual (blue) 16% - 20% - 24% - 28% - 32% Shield three random girls on your team for a percentage of their total ego. Strong effect, preventing damage is helpful, If using 2 or more shield girls, you will most likely hit a girl that needs shields, but there is a chance to miss. Exhibitionist (green) 24% - 30% - 36% - 42% - 48% Give mana to two random girls on your team. Strong effect, can reduce casting times on skills by several turns. Physical (orange) 4% - 5% - 6% - 7% - 8% Increases defence on all your girls for four rounds. More defence means taking less damage, does not absorb damage like shields do; but will hit all girl. Dominatrix (black) 100% - 125% - 150% - 175% - 200% Deal % attack damage to a random opponent. Basically 1 extra attack each mana skill usage, normal hit for 1 bulb and 5 gives you a critical. Voyeur (purple) 4% - 5% - 6% - 7% - 8% Drains mana from all opponent girls. Wery weak effect, the effect even on 5 bulbs is neglible; if the stars align you MIGHT set the enemy back one turn. You don't even get to keep the drained mana. Spend your bulbs elsewhere Eccentric (red) 5% - 6.25% - 7.50% - 8.75% - 10% Casts a damage over time effect on two random opponents, ignoring defence. Strong against high defence opponents, somewhat slow, takes three turns to do full damage. Stacks consecutively, if hit by several burnouts, they will take effect in the order casted. Playful (yellow) ? - ? - ? - ? - ? Chance to stun two random opponent girls for two rounds. Tooltip does not show correct chance, Strong effect, but unreliable, tests points to 25-30% at 5 bulbs. Techically Stacks consecutively, going in order of cast, but can be counted as additively, as its just more instances of stun.
  13. I am not good at writeups, If someone steps up, I can forward all the information I have, and that person can hopefully take the data and turn it into a presentable form. I have also made a spreadsheet of all the relics, this one is now updated with all the latest relic balance. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rdqShf9G3FQ0P_cOWh8e8r3Ylb-MDK_VdIwCXfvlwiw/edit?usp=sharing
  14. it would make sense to get the relevant information in one place for sure, its fine when a thread is 2-3 pages, not so much with 30+ All relics works as intended (as far as I know), the only bug that I know is that "Defeat Medication" does not trigger when an opponent girl is taken out with "Finish Move" As for stacking, @jelom was looking into that; I am not sure if he is still working on it, but I'll link the latest information from the forum that he made (that I could find)
  15. Unfortunately the girls speed are NOT increased by girl harmony, only HERO harmony, and girls KNOW-HOW. So picking up harmony relics will only affect the girls critical chances. However if you have girls at the EXACT same speed, you can affect what order they have their turn, by placing them accordingly. You can also equip some girl equipment on the girls, since equipment will increase their know-how skill, this will give them slightly more speed, and you could also remove some equipment on other already equipped girls if you want them to be slower.
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