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  1. This update is absolutely terrible. I don't think I'll bother giving Kinkoid time to fix this, I quit.
  2. This is an English only forum. Please use English if you wish to post.
  3. Yeah, all 3 of those are legendary days events. They all work the same way, with a roughly 10% drop rate, with shards between 1 and 3. So on average, you only end up around 40. Stop wasting a handful of gold on them.
  4. The patch notes are up and dated for today And say awakenings are coming in after the league ends. yes
  5. Even in a 9 day event? Are you spending all your combativity every day, not letting it cap? I've managed to get 2 off natural regen in each of those events iirc (maybe a small amount of claimed combativity rewards), and while it's not impossible for someone to have bad luck and not get one, doing that multiple times seems...strange.
  6. Legendary Days is the only event on Comix Harem that isn't completable for the average player. It requires on average 500 combativity, and 4 days gives roughly 200 in natural regen. Legendary Contests vary a bit based on player level, and not everyone can complete it, based on how the event is structured, but if you plan ahead it can be done. As for the first event of each month, it depends what you mean by "complete". If you mean getting all 6 girls, that's whale territory at this stage in the game. Too many pachinko girls to guarantee you get the exclusive pachinko only girls. I personally just aim for getting the ones on the bosses and the mission girl. Anything else, that's just extra.
  7. Yes, that's literally what you've been told, and what has been posted in this thread multiple times. The item is changed on the test server:
  8. No, you could have asked if they were the same. There's been no change in ymen value from bosses on the test server. They're a new user who was revealing ignorance of how the game functions in the post you're referring to, so you should have questioned it rather than assuming all relevant info would be provided. But I guess you forgot that.
  9. You appear to have forgotten that the ymen reward is based on the level of the boss. Likely that they don't have the boss on the test server at the same level.
  10. You're free to have whatever feelings you like, just don't state them as facts without evidence to back it up. I don't work for Kinkoid, I'm just another random player who has some power to keep the forum clean. I'm never happy when there's someone posting baseless made up information (yes, this means I'm basically never happy). Your initial forum actions have not been good, please don't make them worse by refusing to accept being corrected.
  11. @dgxg Unfortunately, you've misunderstood how drops work in this game. Not every item has an equal drop chance. Imagine it more like a 6 sided dice. If you roll a 1, 2, 3 or 4, you get money. If you roll a 5, you get a ticket. If you roll a 6, you get girl shards. When they add in gems, it'll replace the result for 3 and 4. You'll get shards the same amount of times you did before, but less money, because those drops are replaced. Now I also do not know this to be fact, hence my request for you to have data. It might reduce them, it might not. At this point in time, noone has provided any evidence either way (understandable since people are busy doing other prep/testing work). I figure people will start a new measurement in the drop rates once this patch becomes live, but it'll likely still take a couple of months to get enough data for various event types (and/or regular boss girls).
  12. Mod Hat: Please provide proof of this. Adding extra rewards doesn't mean that the shard drops have to reduce. Please don't state something like this without hard data.
  13. Someone posted a screenshot of this in discord before, but I think it was so small that many didn't notice the tiny detail changes. I've also edited it into the original post (replacing the now outdated one) so that people can reference back to it more easily. Biggest change that hasn't been pointed out clearly (although shal mentioned the level 700 threshold) is the increased number of girls to breech each level cap. That'll increase the gem cost greatly.
  14. They are the one misinformed. They've indicated that girls current level will not be reduced. There's an argument that they *should* be for balance's sake, but I don't think Kinkoid can be bothered.
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