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About Me

  1. Hi, Can someone jog my memory as to whether the daily "Contests" include a category of "Give girls Affection" in the list? I'm sitting on a Mythic that needs leveling up AND have a stockpile of Gifts. If there is such a contest, I'll wait before powering her up, but if not, I may as well go straight ahead. Not the Daily Missions, which I know has them, but Contests. Thanks!
  2. The market feature is really left unchanged for a long time. I believe if you analyze people's inventory you may reach the same verdict. When I want to earn money, I don;t collect Harem money, I use pachinkon 10 games play and do it 10 times, then I come to Market and sell all the junk it have given me. Having that in mind I believe two changes helps people like me a lot. 1. Sell all Rare and epic items button in inventory. 2. Add a button to fully level up a girl in affection or experience with items at hand. Sometimes I have to shove 80 items in her. 3. Change the stupid pachinko 10 game mode to give more books and gifts instead of 9 trousers! who the f** needs so many trousers? And then you may also seperate the shop from inventory so you can cure the iPhone bug a little. (The market page crashes everytime we enter books or gifts page) Gosh I just want to buy the books right now and for this matter I have to sit by my pc eveytimre. That is all. Thank you for listening I think others may have the same idea
  3. One thing the introduction of the Mythic items first introduction into the Market did was force players in this club to think outside of the box. For example:
  4. There is quite a big problem with gifts. High levels (400+) have a lot but it's not really useful because we can't do anything. When someone has a Mythic girl it can be even bigger problem. We have lot of girls, we have money but we are missing gifts to upgrade our girls. There should be better way how to get more affection items or add in game mythic items. For example it's nice I have 10G of money... But how can I use it if there is nothing I can buy? I have many girls who need upgrade but even if I am stacking up affection items for months, it still wouldn't be enough to upgrade a mythic girl to full. If someone wants to upgrade everything, it's daily grind of buying all affection items in shop, like this it's for months and it's still not enough.
  5. I discovered this chart on the French HH wiki page and thought I would share it with the English speaking world. Commune should be "Common" but Google doesn't understand what we are asking for. 🤣
  6. Hi all. I am a level 115 KH player. (21 girls). My core team is Alpha: 5 Star Red Battler (KH, starting), Beta: 2 Star Michaela (KH, legendary), Omega: 4 Star Princess Agathe (KH, common). Currently i have 6.34M Ymen. I am in Rank 20 of seasons. I wanted to know if it is worth raising the affection of Michaela (5 star Legendary), for the extra stat boost, as the resources required at this moment are insane. (My approx. collection from Harem is 50k in 6 hours) Or whether i should level up multiple common girls to 3 stars affection, and then level up Michaela after maybe 1-2 months? Being a newbie, I am not yet aware of the importance of additional stats in League and Seasons. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I spent 42k in the gacha and I won Sister Lily + 1.5k of affection, I spent those 1.5k on Sister Lily and after that I continued playing, a minute passed and the game show me a screen saying that it lost the connection with the server, I refresh the page, and then when the game start again I lost all the affection used, is there any way to get it back?
  8. English Epic Girls 5 stars of affection Someone else has noticed that until relatively recently there was only 1 Epic girl with 5 stars of affection, that is, there was only 1 and it was of the "Know-How" class, it was "Traveler Gwenaelle" that appeared for the first time in August of 2017 during the event of "Sexy Journey!", then relatively recently in July to be more exact during the event of "Summer Life" they took out the second epic girl of 5 stars, this time of the class "Charm" it is about of "Summer Geeketta", they are the only 2 existing girls Epic of 5 stars of Affection, because they have not taken the girl of class "Hardcore" yet? And I also noticed that there is no Epic bunny, this is the common one (5 stars), 2 rare (both 3 stars) and 2 legendary (3 and 5 stars respectively), they could take advantage and get 2 Epics, one of 3 stars and another of 5 stars of affection respectively, also make an update and one of the rare bunnies make it a 5 stars, so the bunny who is the main girl of the Hero's Harem would be complete in all facets. and taking advantage!, in the events of "Epic Days" they should give epic girls of 5 stars, as well as in the events of "Legendary Days" they give Legendary girls of 5 stars, do not misinterpret me I am not complaining that they give us Girls Legendary 3 stars, but lately they give them very often, and if they give so many they stop being rare and therefore special, it is my humble opinion, they should give more epic girls and definitely get an epic girl from the 5 stars "Hardcore" class and in subsequent "Epic Days" events give best epic girls and get 1 out of 5 stars of new affection per event, that will make it more interesting and increase the purchasing value of the girls. By Google Translate
  9. I was trying to explain that whenever I give a girl max affection that her income will change, I first thought it was double but the last girl I did now has 5 times as much income. There are people who say it stays the same and I find this very confusing because there's also an hourly rate which makes it even worse for me to wrap my mind around this thing. I made screenshots to show what I mean and can someone please clear it up for me so I understand what the difference is, the girl does give more income when you max her affection right? Here I have this girl at maximum level but not yet upgraded to max affection. Here I have her maxed out with affection and you can see what changed
  10. So i was really really excited to upgrade soi fon/xia but damn, why is the art so bad now The art looks very distorted and looks like it was drawn by chalk, I dunno now, but did they ever change/improved an affection scene for a girl? Im sad for soi fon xd
  11. Should i start buying gifts? At what level does gifts drop like rain? I keep seeing people, saying they have so much gifts they can max like 60 girls in an instant or something The damn arena only gives like 4 lmao, i need 20k to 4 star a legendary girl lol Help
  12. Am I the only one who can't make the challenges when girls are full in affection ? It's not for just one girl, all girls can't be upgraded because of that... Help me if you had this bug and you managed to debug it 😭
  13. Found another bug after the event started. The daily 200 affection that you can get from the forge by resetting is not becoming available after the counter resets It's been two days after the countdown reachs zero, that the affections still shows "200/200"... and resetting don't get you any affection nonetheless.
  14. So i just realized how expensive affections are, how do you guys deal with it?
  15. Bonjours, je voudrait essayer de trouver de nouvel méthode pour avancer dans l'affection des filles. Il est toujours difficile d'avoir certaine filles dans les events, du genre les journées épiques, légendaires, les events de fin de mois et les filles qui ne sont disponible qu'au Pachinko pendant les events (les autre étant toujours disponible). Ces pourquoi j'aimerait proposer une idée pour facilité l'obtention de fragment de d'affection de ces filles puisque qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de manière d'en obtenir. Les missions que l'on fait tout les jours dans la section activité serait, selon moi, une bonne idée. Certaine mission nous laisse penser que nous pourrions rencontrer des fille que nous pourrions tenter de charmer comme avec la mission (Une nouvelle boîte en ville) ou il est dit que (tout les fille en ville seront la se soir). Dans le jeu, il doit y avoir bien 10 missions qui rentrerait dans des critèrer assez simple: Un endroit ou l'on peu se faire voir (un plateau de télé, par exemple) ou un lieux public bonder et possibilité de voir une fille ou qu'elle entende parler du héro. L'obtention des fragment d'affection ne serait pas très élever (max 6) et ne se ferait pas gratuitement. Une augmentation du temps nécessaire (1 heure) viendrait rendre le truc plus dure et il faudrait que ses quête soit plus rare. Si il y en a d'autre qui voudrait donner leur idée, sa pourrait aider a ce que ce genre d'idée soit plus vue.
  16. Bonjour, Sous Windows 10 famille, avec Firefox 66.0. - Dans le harem, je sélectionne une fille: Asta Borghild - Je sélectionne le bouton "+" d'affection, qui me fait accéder au marché - Depuis ma liste de cadeaux, j'offre 3 cadeaux successivement pour un total de plus de 2000 points d'affection. - La valeur d'affection pour la fille reste inchangée J'ai essayé ensuite sur une autre fille, l'affection est modifiée comme normalement.
  17. 1. Are the girls going to have more upgrade from 3-star to 5-star? 2. Will every girl gonna get an upgrade to 5-star in the future? 3. Is there a plan to change girls' money income to match their rarity in the future?
  18. Bon je viens d'atteindre l'orgasme total avec Karole: niveau 310.! C'est une chic fille et je l'aurais préféré comme fille de Harem (comme Finalmecia d'ailleurs) mais elle n'est pas assez affectueuse. Voici le peu d'affection que j'ai eu à date depuis la journée après l'ajout du système d'affection (le premier jour on obtenait des récompenses vides) jusqu'à son potentiel maximum (niveau 310). Même pas l'équivalent d'une fille...72/200. C'est vraiment trop peu!
  19. I've just sold three violet gifts by mistake. And it happened previously. I think the game should confirm the selling of such important gifts. Now I'll have to wait several days to see them again and have the money to buy them.
  20. Ben ouaip, c'est bizarre... J'ai remarqué un truc étrange... Même quand tu as plein d'objects d'affection en stock, voire beaucoup plein plein, ben, c'est presque impossible de résister à la tentation d'en acheter toujours plus... (comme les livres, d'ailleurs) Ca vous fait ça aussi ?... On est donc vraiment tous des lemmings de Pavlov ?... PS : ce message ne s'adresse qu'aux joueurs sérieux, ceux qui ont des objets d'affection dans leurs placards... vous autres, les pauvres, commencez à économiser avant de lire ce sujet incroyablement essentiel !... PPS : toute trace d'humour qui se serait glissée dans ce message devra être signalée aux modérateurs qui interviendront sous 24 heures...
  21. At the Tower of Fame there is section called Affection.....Sounds weeird since i am actually playing the game since Half a year now but WHAT EXACTLY is ment by that(Aff.)? Its the only Stat that doesnt really Change for some kind of reason. Thanks in advance!
  22. No matter how many times I do the math, it's always 417 cash per 1 affection point at the market. So do the different tiers (legendary, epic, etc) matter for affection items? Shouldn't higher tiers (which are rarer) be a better deal? Otherwise, why buy in bulk?
  23. I'm lv 23 and still new to the game but i have realized that u want to save resources for contests so u can make the most out of them. I have been saving affection items and not giving them to my girls so that i could be ready for when a contest comes around that requires them. I have been waiting for a couple weeks now and not seeing any contests like that. Now im wondering are there any contests that want you to use those affection items or should i just use them on my girls whenever i can so i can make more money?
  24. Bonjour, hier j'avais réussi a remplir la jauge d'affection du dernier niveau de bunny. il fallait par la suite 900k pour completer, il me fallais donc attendre un peu. Ce matin en me connectant a nouveau, je me rend compte que la jauge est vide et que l'upgrade n'as pas ete prise en compte. Serait il possible de corriger ceci ?
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