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  1. Hey, Wildman, You have until March 18th to get the sexy Brook Daze for your Harem! Gather your best team for this hard task and win over this super hot superheroine. Brook Daze 🧡Physical/Orange🧡🟠 Rule #63 Luke Cage??? Zoopokemon's spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g-5kmvlHhA728yTF7xMdKfWuMe9-SqxW-QDdjc26J6I/edit#gid=505705965
  2. A place to speculate about future events. Gaze into my giant crystal balls 🔮🔮, and peer into the future! Which mythic girl is getting revived next? What's the next PoV theme? When can I recruit that old L5 from PoG? Is there a BB or DP this month? What happens when the DD overlaps w/ the LC and CbC? Huge scores. Can I prepare for it? Not really, besides saving orbs. All those questions answered here, and more! First of all, here's a list of recurring events, their abbreviations, and a short description: CE: Classic Event (1st, 9 days, monthly) - new themed 3 star girls. DD: Double Date pachinko event. Get up to 20 girls w/ orbs instead of 10. It's unpredictable and has occurred so far on Dec 1st, Jan 14th, and Feb 20th. MD: Mythic Days (3rd, 3 days, monthly) - new M6 mythic girls. Save 10k kos & 5 SP for it. CbC: Cumback Contest (Weekly from Mon to Wed) - Old PoA/Season girls. PoV: Path of Valor (every 2 weeks) - 6 types, and 2 new L3 girls. Premium side costs 3.6k kos. BB: Boss Bang (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ DP) - A new L5 girl (easy for veterans). Use sensual 🔵 girls if struggling. DP: Double Penetration (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ BB). Two L5s, and costs 7.2k kos for the premium path. Don't collect daily missions/goals, until there's a task. LD: Legendary Days (10th, 4 days, monthly) - 1 new & 1 old L5 LD girl, now revived in order so it's predictable, but it used to be random. OD: Orgy Days (14th, 5 days, monthly) - 1 new girl & old CE/MP Girls, based on their month. SM: Sultry Mysteries (14th, 4 days, monthly). You get sultry coins (SC) from using CP, that can be used to recruit girls w/ 40%+ every 12 hrs, except mythics. KC: Kinky Cumpetition (Thursday, prob 16th, 2 Days, monthly) Has old/unreleased Hentai Clicker L3 Girls. Need ~200 kisses. LC: Legendary Contests (19th, monthly) - a new L5 girl. Save PXP, Orbs, Tickets, & GXP for it. They end up in the PoG later. KV: Kinkversary - July OD girls/MP Girls. Has a ton of girls available in the pachinko, and w/ villains. The last one was July 11-19, 2022. MDR: Mythic Days Revival (23rd, 2 days, monthly) - Old MD girls revived in order of release. Shards are scarce, so save more than an MD, and expect to use 50x CP skips. PoA: Path of Attraction (6 day event 'til the end of month, monthly) - 4 new themed L3 girls. The two premium girls cost 7.2k kos, and get revived later via CbCs. PoG: Path of Glory (35 days) - old LC (L5) girls. Premium side costs 5.4k kos. SE: Seasonal Event. It previously took place during Summer, Halloween and Winter. Costs 6k kos for 2 koban cards, that usually let you recruit the 2nd or 3rd L5 girl. Mythic Days Revival (MDR): they get revived in order. Here's the MD wiki. Cumback Contests (CbCs): PoA and Season girls. Boss Bang (BB) or Double Penetration (DP) on the 10th? Legendary Days Revival Order: since December 10th, they've been reviving in order from Nero, the first LD L5 girl not added to the MP pool. PoV Order: There's 6 types and they occur in the same sequence, so it's predictable. PoG Schedule: they're all former LC girls and revive in order. Most veterans have them, so they mostly matter for newer players. Now, let's combine everything we can predict, and see if there's any interesting overlaps in March: I highlighted similar events in green. There's a nice overlap w/ the CP PoV and the new MD. Also, makes sense to save kisses for the 2nd day of the KC, or wait to use league refills until then, to make more progress on the new PvP PoV. Looks like there's gonna be a double pachinko overlap, w/ the CbC and LC day 2, on March 20th. This info can help plan when to spend resources, which gem types to save, when to recruit girls, & when to not use AMEs, etc. It's speculation, and bound to change, but at least educated guesses based on the past.
  3. Roux Louka? Is she in HH anywhere?
  4. Hi ! I finished last season on tier 50-51, but i don't have the second girl in my harem (must have forgoten to claim her). I would like to open a ticket, but there is no support button in my settings : Can you help ?
  5. Did I miss something? I see no announcement for the new club champion (Ezekiel) or who his girl is. Who's the girl?
  6. Today with 6 Epic games and 1 10-game Epic game, I finally managed to seduce Skytte Isvelimit. I don't know why this girl eluded me for so long, but I am happy she will no longer show up in the unrecruited Harem girl list.
  7. I don't know if it happened to someone else but I claimed the girl And he didn't give me the girl! In the rose season I completed the first 10 stages, the first girl won, I claimed her, I went to the market to raise the level and the attraction and I did not find her, then I went to the Harem and in the search engine it appears as "Not Recruited" could you do something about it? thank you in advance!
  8. I would like to open thred and to keep it simple so it could be easily found later and check whats going on in haremverses clickergame I know we have here some hardcore gamers that have nice information,and real grinders and raiders who get their hands on the job quite fast and deep. Very basic categories:idle,click,reward (boss and non-boss to each type) when we agree we got those basic things right,lets add info from leftover types(hc,kh and charm) Thing is,its useless to chat about what is best team,since someone playes more idlegame and other likes clickgame,some maybe focus on reward.. SO,what are the best girls from thei type????? if i remember right, lusamine,lyka longteeth and queen titania WERE best idle/click/reward girls yours:ted (i will be updating info here time to time)
  9. I finished event and it show me visit event girl, but suddenly log me out. when I login the event girl is not in my assigned girls and the last puzzle is re started.
  10. I just played HentaiClicker and it gives me the ability to have Zuki join my harem on HentaiHeroes but he doesn't show up.
  11. As per patch noted suggested i have joined iamlive , It's more than 12 hour.LuxuriousBody is not yest added to my harem
  12. What's the name of the glasses girl? And is there a chance for ninja agate and tachibana to comeback?
  13. What was the free noro everyone was talking about, did that legendary girl have a 12 shard drop? Mission girl? Or was she put in an early boss? Cause damn, nier is sexy, i hope she'll back on an early boss
  14. used two epic xp items on a girl but she didn't gained any xp.
  15. So, a couple of months ago I've had "the worst luck ever" or, at least, I thought so. 180+ battles with a boss without a single attraction point received. But this week, I've had the exact opposite. Two days in a row I've received a 100 attraction points at once! I didn't make a screenshot for the first time (a girl went from a 0 to a 100 attraction), but I did for today's one. This is not a complaint or anything near that sort. I just wanted to share a bit of joy that was bestowed upon me.
  16. I am currently attempting to win Hiri from Dark Lord in the Gems Kingdom. I had previously received 59 attraction points for her. Since then I had dueled Dark Lord around 136 battles (17 charges, around 8 times) and had not gotten a single attraction point. Is there an issue with the attraction system, is Hiri bugged out, or am I just really unlucky with the drop chances?
  17. 1. Are the girls going to have more upgrade from 3-star to 5-star? 2. Will every girl gonna get an upgrade to 5-star in the future? 3. Is there a plan to change girls' money income to match their rarity in the future?
  18. The new legendary girl was supposed to be available til the 23rd and it's only the 21st. Where is she?
  19. I finished 12/14 missions about Animoid Kingdom and didn't get girl.
  20. Hi, i will ask you why i don't win girls in the battles anymore. So like the girls from the story also the spezial girls like halloween or something. I win only money. No stuff , no girls. 🤔 why? And my opinion is always leveled up and by the next battle i win more money. I wish i would win stuff and girls. Please help.
  21. hi everyone I've been fighting the boss so I can get the girl over the hour alone I've spent over 13k kobans yet still no girl
  22. hi can someone answer this plz when fighting the boss does it really Mathers what gift the troll stops on?
  23. Can I get a girl if I do a 10 times battle? Or I have to kill the boss again and again to get the new legendary?
  24. Is this some ind of an error? I don't think she is availble right?
  25. I saved up affection and gave it all to a single girl 'juliette' but something went wrong. Now 1) girl level did not increase 2) affection 'left' is 2214 instead of 0 or the next level value 3) all the stuff i used to give the affection is missing --
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