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About Me

  1. Okay, @Ravi-Sama, how do you do it? Figure out how & when girls return? Narkisha Onix was originally in the Back to School event, when i got 25💖s for her, then i think Nite Club gave me another 25💖s for her, but do you have any clue when she, an E3, will Return & how/what kind of event? Boss Bang? DP? PoV/PoG? I watch for her every SM & DD. i'm having to make this post because idiots & fucking trolls are trying hard to cancel AHSoKA, & parodies might be all i get... (me searching using every 🔮 i can get...)
  2. A place to speculate about future events. Gaze into my giant crystal balls 🔮🔮, and peer into the future! Which mythic girl is getting revived next? What's the next PoV theme? When can I recruit that old L5 from PoG? Is there a BB or DP this month? What happens when the DD overlaps w/ the LC and CbC? Huge scores. Can I prepare for it? Not really, besides saving orbs. All those questions answered here, and more! First of all, here's a list of recurring events, their abbreviations, and a short description: CE: Classic Event (1st, 9 days, monthly) - new themed 3 star girls. DD: Double Date pachinko event. Get up to 20 girls w/ orbs instead of 10. It's unpredictable and has occurred so far on Dec 1st, Jan 14th, and Feb 20th. MD: Mythic Days (3rd, 3 days, monthly) - new M6 mythic girls. Save 10k kos & 5 SP for it. CbC: Cumback Contest (Weekly from Mon to Wed) - Old PoA/Season girls. PoV: Path of Valor (every 2 weeks) - 6 types, and 2 new L3 girls. Premium side costs 3.6k kos. BB: Boss Bang (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ DP) - A new L5 girl (easy for veterans). Use sensual 🔵 girls if struggling. DP: Double Penetration (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ BB). Two L5s, and costs 7.2k kos for the premium path. Don't collect daily missions/goals, until there's a task. LD: Legendary Days (10th, 4 days, monthly) - 1 new & 1 old L5 LD girl, now revived in order so it's predictable, but it used to be random. OD: Orgy Days (14th, 5 days, monthly) - 1 new girl & old CE/MP Girls, based on their month. SM: Sultry Mysteries (14th, 4 days, monthly). You get sultry coins (SC) from using CP, that can be used to recruit girls w/ 40%+ every 12 hrs, except mythics. KC: Kinky Cumpetition (Thursday, prob 16th, 2 Days, monthly) Has old/unreleased Hentai Clicker L3 Girls. Need ~200 kisses. LC: Legendary Contests (19th, monthly) - a new L5 girl. Save PXP, Orbs, Tickets, & GXP for it. They end up in the PoG later. KV: Kinkversary - July OD girls/MP Girls. Has a ton of girls available in the pachinko, and w/ villains. The last one was July 11-19, 2022. MDR: Mythic Days Revival (23rd, 2 days, monthly) - Old MD girls revived in order of release. Shards are scarce, so save more than an MD, and expect to use 50x CP skips. PoA: Path of Attraction (6 day event 'til the end of month, monthly) - 4 new themed L3 girls. The two premium girls cost 7.2k kos, and get revived later via CbCs. PoG: Path of Glory (35 days) - old LC (L5) girls. Premium side costs 5.4k kos. SE: Seasonal Event. It previously took place during Summer, Halloween and Winter. Costs 6k kos for 2 koban cards, that usually let you recruit the 2nd or 3rd L5 girl. Mythic Days Revival (MDR): they get revived in order. Here's the MD wiki. Cumback Contests (CbCs): PoA and Season girls. Boss Bang (BB) or Double Penetration (DP) on the 10th? Legendary Days Revival Order: since December 10th, they've been reviving in order from Nero, the first LD L5 girl not added to the MP pool. PoV Order: There's 6 types and they occur in the same sequence, so it's predictable. PoG Schedule: they're all former LC girls and revive in order. Most veterans have them, so they mostly matter for newer players. Now, let's combine everything we can predict, and see if there's any interesting overlaps in March: I highlighted similar events in green. There's a nice overlap w/ the CP PoV and the new MD. Also, makes sense to save kisses for the 2nd day of the KC, or wait to use league refills until then, to make more progress on the new PvP PoV. Looks like there's gonna be a double pachinko overlap, w/ the CbC and LC day 2, on March 20th. This info can help plan when to spend resources, which gem types to save, when to recruit girls, & when to not use AMEs, etc. It's speculation, and bound to change, but at least educated guesses based on the past.
  3. i know we have Princess Agate (Zelda) & Titania (Great Fairy) in HH, but do we have parodies of Midna, Urbosa, Twinrova, or other Legend of Zelda characters? Also, how many girls are in HH now? Is it updated on the wiki?
  4. "Bitch" has got to GO! These characters need to have their NAMES CHANGED! "Bitch" is an INSULT in American culture; it is Demeaning, Derogatory & just plain RUDE. I am shocked & appalled this hasn't been fixed; it should have never happened, let alone been allowed to persist for so long. Here are my suggestions & i invite community members to submit their suggestions in replies. When i have enough i'll make a POLL for the community to vote on. Skoll and Hati, Wolves from Norse myth In HH Bitch => Skoll Sassy Bitch => Sassy Skoll Bitch => Hati Sassy Bitch => Sassy Hati
  5. Can there be a constant pinned thread, where everyone can post girl photos and ask who they are? I'll start, I like her avatar picture, but I don't know her name.
  6. There are some girls that only had one iteration, and would deserve to get another version with more stars, like Tantalising Moon and Tora. Do the developers and creative team get the suggestions from here and reflect upon them?
  7. I've seen some common girls wich stats add to more stats than the Legendaries. I do know about Blessings and such, but then what's the reason one is Common and the other Legendary, even tough her stats are worse? Edit: I've also noticed some girls seem to really underperform stat wise, like Gork's stats adding up to very very inferior amount when fully leveled compared to someone like Bunny. What's the reason for girls that are lacking in stats, aka Gork or Cheerleader Alana? Do they have a specific use, should I not level/affection them...?
  8. Hi, I want to compare random girls: Can a 1 star level 700 common girl w blessings be stronger than a legendary girl with 3-5 stars at level 1? This is more for fun 🙂 Can a 3 stars legendary with 25%-80% blessing be stronger than 5 stars legendary without blessing? this is more interesting regarding gameplay for mid-players. How can I compare those?
  9. Who's the hot girl which is shown when you're changing team? She's holding a shield, with a reddish hair... Can we get her in our harems?
  10. I can't claim the girls after I completed all missions, Darling from Super Sweet and Lovestruck Ankyo from Lustful Valentine.
  11. Custom Girls: Hey, it's me again, I was having a cake today when I started to think ... What if you could customize a harem girl? I mean, that girl you like appears in your harem or that famous actress ... I already clarify the idea: I don't know if you know Picrew's page but it is practically a page where you do your OC for free, it works with the engine of choosing certain basic aspects and combining them to your liking such as hair color, eye shape, clothes ... Anyway, I recognize that it would be cool if for free or at some event or something like that they gave you the opportunity to create a girl from scratch, I don't know if it would also apply to sexual scenes but that depends on how much the developers like the idea . The trick would be to choose: Hair styles, hair and eye color, skin color, size of busts and the body in general, the clothes of girls that are already in the game or "basic" clothes such as a dress or Google jacket, it would also work that in the sex scenes apply the same engine, that you can select certain scenes with the positions determined in the battles of the champions (tender lover, bridge, puppy ...) but with the same engine to place the customeable, of course the latter would be the most optional and difficult to do, but it would be a great idea, don't you think? Oh, and in terms of its rarity it could be close to legendary or even equal so that you can use it in fights. Players' creativity can be exploited here.
  12. Hi, i dont claim girls that i unlocked during Spy Season. Is there any chance to get them? Please Help.
  13. I discovered this chart on the French HH wiki page and thought I would share it with the English speaking world. Commune should be "Common" but Google doesn't understand what we are asking for. 🤣
  14. Here are the shard drop ranges that I am fairly confident about. - Bosses Tier 2 : 1-4 - Classic Event : 2-8 - Orgy Days : 1-12 - Epic Days : 1-5 - Legendary Days : 1-3 - Mythic Days : 1
  15. Hentai Heroes is a visual game yet try as I might, I couldn't find a chart for the Haremettes favorite sex positions by class. So I created this chart to help figure out which positions are in which class. Each class of girls has a "favorite position" which is one of the following: The judges have been retired so I have removed the info that applied to them.
  16. Please create a girl who comes with animations, it doesn't have to be long animations, just a wink a sit on the protagonist and that's it spanish:por favor creen una chica que venga con animaciones, no tiene que ser animaciones largas, solo un guiño un sentarse en el protagonista y ya
  17. I maxed out every girl in my harem to see how it would look. Gotta say it looks pretty cool. This is with 288 girls in the harem. Now my goal is to reach 300 harem girls.
  18. Greeting! Now the forum is calm, so in order to activate people a little (although I'm not sure if this will work 😁), I decided to discuss a topic that I hadn't paid attention to before. Guys, I want to discuss a few questions with you. 1. Which equipment is better and in what proportions (multi or mono)? 2. Which class is better? 3. Which girl should be alpha? Which has a higher value of your class characteristic, or which has a higher sum of all characteristics? For example Shtupra has 6750 charm at level 500, and her stats sum is 11875. Filya has 6625 charm at level 500, and her stats sum is 12,250. So which one is better? 4. Is it better if all 3 girls on the team have the same spec as you? I just saw that some players use girls of three specialties in the same team. I think that's all for now. What do you think, maybe I should change something: equipment or class, for example? Some information about me (I'm not sure if there is a spoiler here, but I will use hide to shorten the post length.):
  19. Hello I wanted know if there will be other chances to get the girls from the Legendary Contests
  20. what is maximum level of player, girls, and other things which are involved in game all players want to know to work hard to level up if anyone know then answer.
  21. Karole is nearly to level 300, and I've barely made it half way to even getting one girl from her. While I sort of like the attraction system, the amount currently given out for Karole is just too little. Needs to be bumped up quite a bit. To make things worse, since the attraction is given out more or less randomly, Karole will be roughly level 900 before getting the last girl. Oh, and she gives no money, either.... And 50 days later, here's my progress. Only another 40-50 days and I might actually get a girl from Karole. Needless to say, I'm in the camp that thinks Karole's drop rate needs to be upped by a fact or 4 or 5. It really sucks the fun out of the game. Strangely enough Rin won the shard race. She dropped on 5/30. Roughly 95 days to get one drop under the new system. While I do like the shard system, the drop rate for Karole (and I assume the boss after her) is much much too low for fun gameplay.
  22. So i was lurking around Nutaku when i noticed this banner for Hentai Heroes (Harem on Nutaku). Is this an existing girl? Cause if it is i never noticed it. Or Could it be that Nutaku already semi spoiled an upcoming girl for August first event?
  23. Does the upgrades and/or the level of the girl impact their stats and income? For example, does Bunny have better stats if she and/or give more income; if she has the same level as the player and/or if she has the maximum upgrade available? Thanks in advance for your answer!
  24. Hey,I started this topic initally to say that lately the game is getting more and more impressive. New fetishes,fantasies...tentacles. So why don't expand a little bit and ask to my dear perverted conrades what they think?
  25. What's up people , I reached Sacred ninja lands in the adventure, and unlike previous adventures where you get cash after you fight a villain and that amount keeps increasing as the villain get stronger in the ninja lands you get affection item and the rewards never gets better no matter how far you go, Also is it normal getting the girl from tier 2 and tier 3 before tier 1, the drop rate for 1st tier became so low that I don't even try, if the adventure end I move on to the next villain. Does anyone else have the same experience or I'm just not that lucky?
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