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  1. yeAh, sorry, i wAs too effed up to do this right... i hope All o' y'All hAd better luck thAn me!
  2. A place to speculate about future events. Gaze into my giant crystal balls 🔮🔮, and peer into the future! Which mythic girl is getting revived next? What's the next PoV theme? When can I recruit that old L5 from PoG? Is there a BB or DP this month? What happens when the DD overlaps w/ the LC and CbC? Huge scores. Can I prepare for it? Not really, besides saving orbs. All those questions answered here, and more! First of all, here's a list of recurring events, their abbreviations, and a short description: CE: Classic Event (1st, 9 days, monthly) - new themed 3 star girls. DD: Double Date pachinko event. Get up to 20 girls w/ orbs instead of 10. It's unpredictable and has occurred so far on Dec 1st, Jan 14th, and Feb 20th. MD: Mythic Days (3rd, 3 days, monthly) - new M6 mythic girls. Save 10k kos & 5 SP for it. CbC: Cumback Contest (Weekly from Mon to Wed) - Old PoA/Season girls. PoV: Path of Valor (every 2 weeks) - 6 types, and 2 new L3 girls. Premium side costs 3.6k kos. BB: Boss Bang (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ DP) - A new L5 girl (easy for veterans). Use sensual 🔵 girls if struggling. DP: Double Penetration (10th, 4 days, alternates bimonthly w/ BB). Two L5s, and costs 7.2k kos for the premium path. Don't collect daily missions/goals, until there's a task. LD: Legendary Days (10th, 4 days, monthly) - 1 new & 1 old L5 LD girl, now revived in order so it's predictable, but it used to be random. OD: Orgy Days (14th, 5 days, monthly) - 1 new girl & old CE/MP Girls, based on their month. SM: Sultry Mysteries (14th, 4 days, monthly). You get sultry coins (SC) from using CP, that can be used to recruit girls w/ 40%+ every 12 hrs, except mythics. KC: Kinky Cumpetition (Thursday, prob 16th, 2 Days, monthly) Has old/unreleased Hentai Clicker L3 Girls. Need ~200 kisses. LC: Legendary Contests (19th, monthly) - a new L5 girl. Save PXP, Orbs, Tickets, & GXP for it. They end up in the PoG later. KV: Kinkversary - July OD girls/MP Girls. Has a ton of girls available in the pachinko, and w/ villains. The last one was July 11-19, 2022. MDR: Mythic Days Revival (23rd, 2 days, monthly) - Old MD girls revived in order of release. Shards are scarce, so save more than an MD, and expect to use 50x CP skips. PoA: Path of Attraction (6 day event 'til the end of month, monthly) - 4 new themed L3 girls. The two premium girls cost 7.2k kos, and get revived later via CbCs. PoG: Path of Glory (35 days) - old LC (L5) girls. Premium side costs 5.4k kos. SE: Seasonal Event. It previously took place during Summer, Halloween and Winter. Costs 6k kos for 2 koban cards, that usually let you recruit the 2nd or 3rd L5 girl. Mythic Days Revival (MDR): they get revived in order. Here's the MD wiki. Cumback Contests (CbCs): PoA and Season girls. Boss Bang (BB) or Double Penetration (DP) on the 10th? Legendary Days Revival Order: since December 10th, they've been reviving in order from Nero, the first LD L5 girl not added to the MP pool. PoV Order: There's 6 types and they occur in the same sequence, so it's predictable. PoG Schedule: they're all former LC girls and revive in order. Most veterans have them, so they mostly matter for newer players. Now, let's combine everything we can predict, and see if there's any interesting overlaps in March: I highlighted similar events in green. There's a nice overlap w/ the CP PoV and the new MD. Also, makes sense to save kisses for the 2nd day of the KC, or wait to use league refills until then, to make more progress on the new PvP PoV. Looks like there's gonna be a double pachinko overlap, w/ the CbC and LC day 2, on March 20th. This info can help plan when to spend resources, which gem types to save, when to recruit girls, & when to not use AMEs, etc. It's speculation, and bound to change, but at least educated guesses based on the past.
  3. Wildman, Have you heard the tales of Atlantits? You have until the 31st of December to impress four super-sexy superheroines and get them to join your Harem. Queen Sirena and Nautica will be yours if you complete all tasks. If you want WaveWarden and Hydrolass to join you, you’ll have to double your efforts. Dive deep and give them your boost! ✮✮✮ Free Path: Queen Sirena and Nautica ♡Submissive/White♡⚪ 🖤Dominatrix/Black🖤⚫ Bonus Path: WaveWarden and Hydrolass 💙Sensual/Blue🔵 💛Playful/Yellow🟡💛 ((Anyone know the CXH PoA#? Thx Much!))
  4. Wildman, You have until the 1st of December to impress four extra(spicy) terrestrials and get them to join your Harem. Khyrn and Elrys Qorina will be yours if you complete all tasks. If you want Sokyn Whet and Myn Holey to join you, you’ll have to double your efforts. If you wanna run away with them, they know a galaxy. FREE PATH Khyrn Elrys Qorina BONUS REWARDS Sokyn Whet and Myn Holey Zoopokemon's spreadsheet *Speculative* Khyrn (Rule#63 Thrawn) Elrys Qorina (Hera Syndulla) Sokyn Whet (Sabine Wren) Myn Holey (Rule#63 Ezra Bridger)
  5. Elysen 🔵 (Free) - a parody of Charlotte Elbourne from Vampire Hunter D. Pandora 🔴 (Premium) - a parody of Caroline from Vampire Hunter D. Nerezza ⚫ (Free) - a parody of Countess Carmilla Elizabeth Bathory from Vampire Hunter D. Amarissa 🟠 (Premium) - a parody of Leila Marcus from Vampire Hunter D. #CumHunters -> 10 Omni-Gems
  6. Slidemeon ⚪ (free) - a parody of Sylveon from Pokémon X and Y. Marowank 🟠 (free) - a parody of Marowak from Pokémon Red and Blue. Arcanali 🔴 (premium) - a parody of Arcanine from Pokémon Red and Blue. Cumporeon 🔵 (premium) - a parody of Vaporeon from Pokémon Red and Blue. Art by Ryushin, Emukon, Emukon, & Enmanuelart.
  7. Left to right: Sophronia (free), Phoebe (premium), Malai (premium), & Cordelia (free). Wiki Page Cordelia 🔵 (free) - a parody of Lunafreya "Luna" Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy XV Malai 🟣 (premium) - a parody of Gentiana from Final Fantasy XV Sophronia 🟠 (free) - a parody of Aranea Highwind from Final Fantasy XV Phoebe 🟡 (premium) - a parody of Iris Amicitia from Final Fantasy XV Art by Liang Xing, Olivia730, Cherry-Gig, & Ilya Kuvshinov.
  8. Path of Attraction #39: Midsummer's Wet Dream My hero, Are you ready for a magical Midsummer's wet dream? You have until the 1st of July to complete all tasks and Midsummer Livia/Beauty will join your Harem. If you're insatiable and want Midsummer Soifa/Venus, you'll need to double your efforts (pay 7.2k kos). Go and get the lustful babes of your dreams. Midsummer Livia 🔵 (Free) - a parody of Megaera from Hades. Midsummer Beauty 🟢 (Free) - a parody of Aphrodite from Record of Ragnarok. Midsummer Sofia 🟡 (Premium) - a parody of Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus. Midsummer Venus 🔴 (Premium) - a parody of Aphrodite from Hades.
  9. Wiki Link Irena ⚫ Lust Update Norou 🟡 Delta 🟢 Lust Update Sheba 🟠 Apparently, there was a visual bug w/ the count of the PoA progress, but it was fixed.
  10. 🕸[2023-05-25] Arachnid Alliance [[WIP]]🕸 Wildman, Starting today and ending on the 31st of May, you have the chance to impress four super sexy, web-shooting superheroines and get them to join your Harem. Tarantulet and Silk Slinger will be yours if you complete all tasks. If you want Rose Recluse and Webmistress to join you, you’ll have to double your efforts. Let’s hope you are not afraid of spiders! 🕷 FREE TRACK 🕷 🕸Tarantulet🕸 and 🕸Silk Slinger🕸 🟡YELLOW/PLAYFUL💛 🔴RED/ECCENTRIC❤ 🕷 BONUS TRACK 🕷 🕸Rose Recluse🕸 and 🕸Webmistress🕸 ??? ???
  11. Left to right: Sage, Leilani, Alyssa, & Belladonna. Wiki Link Free Belladonna 🟣 - Rose from The Legend of Dragoon Leilani 🟡 - Meru from The Legend of Dragoon Premium Alyssa 🔵 - Miranda from The Legend of Dragoon Sage ⚪ - Shana from The Legend of Dragoon
  12. Left to right: Billie, Haru, Yuja, & Ellery. Free: Billie ⚪ Yuja 🔵 Premium: Ellery 🔴 Haru 🟡
  13. Hi, I just completed the Path of Attraction: Slumber Party event and made it all the way to the end, but I guess I somehow forgot to claim Cutiepie Cori at the end of the event and now I don't have her. I was wondering, is this an intentional game design to not give the unclaimed rewards to the player at the end of the event, or did I experience a bug? Thanks in advance.
  14. With the new arena, getting all the 110 pvp wins is super difficult (compared to every other task AND individually). I know it counts wins on tower of fame too but still. It should be reduced to half of that (aka 55 wins) to be more balanced (yes, i know this is a suggestion).
  15. The new path of attraction girls just look... bad. Its been a recent trend with this weird new glossy art style that completely contrasts with the older girls and looks like dead wax figurines compared to the old ones. And even though it doesnt always ruin it (the sexy seasons PoA was good) here they all just look kinda uninspired and terrible. Definetly gonna hold my kobans in hope the next one is any good.
  16. TIP FOR POA Even if you have finished all currently available scrolls of the Adventure Mode, you can always spend energy on Champion Tickets at the Reception Desk! Main menu -> Champions -> Reception Desk -> Buy 1 Ticket for 60 Energy Image courtesy of Patch Notes Week #39.
  17. << Previous Event Next Event >> LVL * 10'000 LVL * 30'000 LVL * 60'000
  18. I was disappointed to find that today's survey re: the (2nd) Path of Attraction event did not include a general feedback/further comments section as I would have liked to have commented on the ethics of allowing very new players to pay 7200 Kobans (which, as very new players, they would almost certainly have bought via an in-game-purchase) for a second/bonus pathway in an event which you either knew, or at the very least should have known, that they would not only be unable to complete but, due to the time needed to complete the 'do [X] champions performances' tasks, may even struggle to gain a single girl/haremette from. You were, once the issue had been raised (& I know full well that one of the forum moderators had very promptly raised the issue with you), at best displaying a contemptuous attitude towards these new players - whose money you had, ostensibly, taken - & at worst you were deliberately exploiting their naivety in order to swindle them.
  19. Did not receive the Level 9 reward even though completed.
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