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I have got 3 girls on level 600. As it takes more gems to let them grow - is it worth to stop spending gems in 1 and 3 star girls, contest, daily missions to rach the maximum girls level quicker?


advantage: stronger girls for leagues, seaons

disadvantage: lots of waek girls in champion fights, cause a lot  stay at level 250, slower growth of harem level, less won missions in daily missions, no chances in championships where gems are spend


So I am unsure,  which way is better.





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I'd definitely not spend any gems in 3* girls until you unlocked level 750 for your relevant L5/M6 girls and got the bulk of them there. As of the required amount of maxed girls to unlock the next awakening, I'd max only common girls (aside of the L5/M6 of course), as they do not cost many gems: all C5 and C3, and then the needed amount of C1 to unlock the next stage.

I combine awakening/levelling L5/M6 and common girls with contests (CbC day 2 is the only one with gems objective) and daily goals: I awaken L5/M6 only on Tuesdays (CbC day 2), aside of rare exceptions when a particular girl helps me very much in league. And I level L5/M6 only during "Give XP to girls" contests, especially 22nd - 23rd (LC day 4), similarly with rare exceptions. For daily goals I awaken the anyway needed common girls and level new 1 - 250 ones, to not waste much gems and GXP. But IMO the DG chests and PoG rewards are sufficiently high to always finish all daily goals (except "Restock market").

In the past I did sometimes level 3* girls when they stuck in my champion drafts up to 250, but I stopped doing this and would not do it again in the first place: Especially since the added bulb rewards, winning against champs has become very unimportant, even nearly a negative thing, if they do not currently drop girl shards: Wins do not drop bulbs, and as the champ becomes stronger, it takes longer to win against him when needed e.g. during CE or OD, when they actually do drop girl shards on wins.

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19 minutes ago, Valiant said:

So I am unsure,  which way is better.

For the record, your 1-star girls are not in the pool you can draft from for Champions so it doesn't matter if they stay at level 250 forever. 3-stars show up but eventually you'll have enough battle-ready girls to pick from, even with the 3-stars in the way.

To unlock all the girl level caps you need to have a total of 100 girls at level 700 at the end of the day. The fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve this is by awakening ONLY two types of girls:

A/ Mythics and L5s, who are useful in battle and you'll want to level up to the max sooner or later (even if they're more expensive in gems and books).

B/ Starters and Commons. They all cost the same in gems, so start with any and all 5-star girls from this category. You'll need more "fodder" to reach the caps, so you can also level up a certain number of 3-stars, but might as well start with those who can be useful in battle sometimes.

There are also the 2 E5s and the dozen of R5s to consider, as you'll want them maxed out too eventually. However it will be a bit slower than using strictly commons as fodder (but on the flip side you'll have more useful girls once you unlock level 750).

Other than that, please read the guide:


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