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  1. Find the bug 🧐. Note: Of course I did not buy any potions for kobans.
  2. Okay, I was more referring to the (mis)use of the bug reports forum, this very topic here was about. So you refer to moving individual posts around. Yeah, this is probably a double-edged sword. On the one hand, for those which were participating in the very topic or even writing the very posts which are then moved elsewhere, it can be distracting/confusing/annoying, and while moving things around, indeed sometimes mistakes happen, posts can be lost etc. On the other hand, if it is done well, it can be a benefit for other readers, who find all relevant information regarding a specific topic more streamlined in one thread, instead of scattered in multiple threads and in case with cross-references back and forth. Or one saves time by not reading posts which are too much off-topic in a thread (because they were moved elsewhere). There are also these extreme cases with endless threads, where everything is on-topic, but it is just too much for anyone to read through, like the Labyrinth thread, where I wished someone would find time to extract the relevant finds and information into separate topics, or one well sorted FAQ. As if it wasn't bad already, there is a second Labyrinth thread, without any other topic, just in Q/A, so that one needs to remember where which info was posted, searching through many pages in both topics to find something particular posted earlier 😄. Nobody is perfect, and some threads just organically grow into monsters, without anyone doing anything particularly wrong. So yeah, while I usually agree to better leave things as they are, unless one really sees a split/move/merge of posts as real benefit, there are also cases where some pro-active action can be beneficial, channelling relevant information into some separate better sorted place, better earlier than when its too late to have any chance.
  3. It does not only cause efforts to mods, but also costs additional time for other forum users, at least active ones: I (try to) have a close eye on the bug report forum, to catch bugs which may be important to me or my guild as well. And when it is spammed with non-bugs, dupes, questions, etc, it costs me additional time. And when I am a longer time not on the forum, and have no time to go through all unread posts, I am very happy when the bug reports forum really only contains real bugs, and 2nd best is well moderated, i.e. irrelevant topics closed etc. Also, for casual forum users, who just want to check whether others face the same issue they have, it is very beneficial if they can quickly see this on the first page of topics on this sub forum, instead of having to navigate or search through lots of pages of non-bugs, dupes etc. Is it really that hard and uncommon to read an FAQ one single time, when you enter a new community, before doing a post? It costs you time one time, and saves many others time regularly, when everyone behaved like this. While this fits for KK and the games, it does not fit for the community mods. Overall, moderation saves time (in average per community members incl. mods, my honest opinion), and mods are not "paid", but minimally compensated with ingame currency.
  4. Jep, now I see it for my LD as well. Tomorrow I wanted to claim LD day 1, pressing thumbs.
  5. 58 here. Good point that this basically rules out that the hard difficulty suites me. At least unless all the relic and stats bugs are solved. This is definitely the case. I never watched a backline girl being brought down to 0 ego in any of my runs, neither mine, nor opponent ones. In the easier fights, GS5 skills are rarely used, in the harder fights, the skill damage at this stage of the battle is not sufficient enough to bring them down before front and mid line fall. Gold card villain x10/x50 during MD/MDR/LD, platinum card champ x10, and diamond card CC x10 are the only relevant time savers, but they are real. If season x10 was not such a crappy algorithm, doing the worst possible choices instead of the best, then it would be quite a time saver as well after reward track events end and during KC. I have a gold card now, but the low quality of the game forbids to pay for platinum or diamond card IMO. If Labyrinth and league were free of bugs, GUI better and art on a consistently high level, I might even consider (platinum max, diamond is above my budged), but I do not want to overpay KK for crap. However, even with all those time savers, the game has become much too time consuming. Dumb click work is the one thing, but the other thing is the time it takes to plan participating the events, when to do what, to benefit most from certain rewards, in contests etc, choosing the weekly B.D.S.M. team(s) with all the parameters that have been added recently, which girls to skill, which GG to level etc. And with the Labyrinth difficulties, more time for strategies and tactical decisions is required to get the best out of it, which no time saver can prevent you from. Like you, I am not really able to play semi-active. At the same time all the bugs dropped my motivation to an all-time depth. Seeing the Laby difficulties around the corner, while still NOT A SINGLE Labyrinth bug has been fixed, I see this being a horror show, where the whole strategy is about cycling around the bugged relics, picking the ones we have proven positively function here, if you are lucky they appear, and for some hope that they have a (positive) effect. I usually like to dive deep into mechanics and figuring out how to manage things best, but I have zero fun when it is only about avoiding to tap into bugs, when I have zero trust that anything works as expected for good reasons (unless proven here), and none of the shiny numbers shown on the screen do anything close to what they are stating. I'm exaggerating a bit, as around 40% of the relics do what they are supposed to do, you know what I mean ...
  6. Do you mean the CCbC girl, of the LD girl? One of my club mates has the issue with the LD girl: Not all shards, but today only orbs were offered. But probably he mixed it up and it was CCbC.
  7. Who else was (closely) able to stay in top 5% without the event cards? I now remember from last HA the collective vicious circle, that some people buy them early, making it harder for some to stay in top 5%, so that they buy cards as well, making it harder for more others etc etc until it is impossible to stay in top 5% without the cards. I managed to do it last period only by spending some kobans into Pantheon worship refills, which was okay also as I needed to break stage 2300 and wanted to do this outside of MDR. Next period is MDR, where the cards give much more benefit. But on the other hand, they might not be required when MDR gives enough Xtals. The period ends 24, so probably I manage to survive it without a card thanks to MDR. But then the period afterwards I guess this won't work anymore. So I could keep Lunar Bunny's Mom at sufficient low shards to fully benefit from one of the cards, to bring me through period 24th - 27th. Then we have Radka MDR (hopefully not delayed again or skipped), which might again secure the last 27th - 1st period's top 5%, without a card. Hence it would be possible to buy the 2nd card on 3rd for MD, where it gives most benefit. So in theory there is an MD/R in every of the last HA ranking periods which usually help you stay in top 5%, as long as you still need that girl, of course. But if the Radka MDR for some reason does not happen as now re-scheduled, I will need to use a card outside of a good event. Well, PoA benefits a little from it, but I am usually able to finish without any additional CP, especially now with Laby. I could of course use both cards next MDR, to rule out this risk, but then more of their daily CP are waste. What is your plan regarding this, if you have one?
  8. Or "Ich versteh' nur Bahnhof." (I only understand "train station"). I need to laugh while writing, as it reads so dumb in English 😂.
  9. This is what the previous "world bundles" with a themed legendary hero gear and stuff have become, after GG was introduced. So everyone gets such when entering any new world, just with raising values and price with every world.
  10. In case probably the same as with ME progression: It is a bug, no matter what KK/support says, and a horrible one. The bigger problem is, that actually there was even a patch notes entry that this was fixed for DP. So we would have another case where things are reported as fixed, which are not: https://blog.kinkoid.com/patchnotes/patch-notes-hentai-heroes/
  11. Enter/Return key does not work anymore for a lot of Ok buttons where it previously worked: DMs, DGs, PoPs, Pachinko (where indeed it would need to be decided whether it does reroll or exit/Ok) and some B.D.S.M. battles. An I heard for for season rewards, it does/did claim the wrong reward.
  12. I could have done a little better, did some minor mistakes, and intentionally fought some opponents boosted for DD objections 🙈, as my top 4 looked save and top 1 unreachable. Congrats to @XXDongXX, who was clear top 1 right from the start.
  13. Got Lilyn with 696 CP, but as I did not use SPs, brought Balista (tier 2 from Jackson's Crew) to 92 shards in the same turn. 50 LD drops vs 32 tier 2 drops, btw, i.e. permanent villain girls drop much worse 😉. I also just started to buy refills at the end, but more than 120 CP, I guess, probably 200 or so. Luckily, I got Kira via a 100 shards drop after 90 CP 🙂.
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