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  1. The GPx1 orbs went missing as PoP reward as of today reset time/today. Test server as well.
  2. & (not sure about any canceling, GH wiki seems to have the "until yesterday state" https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Gay-Harem/GH:Tower-of-Fame)
  3. season stops giving xp to girls - for yet unknown reason. while +1XP is still shown, it simply gives nothing. team is 6 girls and 0star lvl1 only. getting 1 more girl did not help -.- older account gets XP as written. this new account was affected by the recent "no fight bug". it is no glitch as harem info shows unchanged girl XP values. Giving books in shop still works as known. PS: this account also is in no club because to few girls. I just find no reason.
  4. @Karma-FatSex sorry to read. I have no solution just hope that it might get fixed as of tomorrow because Wednesday is usual patch day and on test server it seems fixed.
  5. on test server it seems fixed. can battle again.
  6. nope, not that high this time: HeH (9000 each 2 hours): HaH/nutaku (6000 each 2 hours):
  7. my observations: wasting combativity and fighting Dark Lord only for his balls made me get through that hurdle. Yet using all remaining combativity creates the problem again. No more Season fights, no more troll fights... Well yeah, I have only 4 girls so far. So you say with getting 7+ girls you could avoid this bug? It seems stay even if the girl number got achieved.
  8. Looks like the problem got "imported" from test server.
  9. yes it does. I ran through the story as well, did 5 fights, and after that "uupsi duupsi".
  10. That is why I find this an awesome update/feature. For villains as well. Just the team counter is limited^^
  11. As far as I understood only if I put also weak equipment on. And boosters effect all teams as well. I assumed that my league team is visible all the time I fight with my "need XP" team in season (as long as I have my league team selected in league) Is it otherwise? Do I have to switch back and forth all day long to be "strong" in league?
  12. More specifics. And I did not even start with booster and fight values yet. (Might be that all gets fine while only Endurance & Ego is "beyond my reach") E.g. I have a lvl68 CH account, harem endurance 1103. Club bonus is 0% HC, 0% CH, 1% KH, 5% endurance, 4% harmony. Equipment sums up to these values: 2155 HC, 2096 CH, 2124 KH, 2160 endurance, 2890 harmony. with club bonus this is (2155) HC, (2096) CH, (2145) KH. Buying all stats on market sums up to these values: 2516 (2516) HC, 2652 (2652) CH, 2380 (2403) KH. Market shows me these values: 4671 HC, 47
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