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  1. Towards the end of the cut-off time (Friday, 26.02.2021, 1 pm UTC+ 1), I ended up being just 350 Ryos short of the 42000 needed for the guaranteed drop.
  2. @sozan Small question. The Blog post mentions, "your current Harem will be moved to Hentai/Harem Heroes. ... We will export the list of girls every player has and whenever a girl becomes available in HH, you will get her automatically in your Harem." How exactly is "current" defined here? Is it today, or on "Friday, 26.02.2021, 1 pm UTC+ 1"? Or will this continue to get updated? In other words, as the players continue to get new individuals in the HCL harem, will they continue to get automatically included (when available) to the HH harem? Or is there a cut-off date for this lis
  3. Is this possible? How can a player never having reached top 15 in D2, have a ranking in D3? I suppose it is somewhat possible, if the player had reached D3 months ago, the time before these results started getting recorded and displayed, however, it is unlikely since they are presently at level 409 so they shouldn't have reached D3 all those months back, and if they were the kind who prematurely force themselves into the higher tier, they would've done so again and have had already reached top 15 in D2. It's possible, but, unless I'm missing something, unlikely and therefore kind of weird
  4. So they went through with the criticized longer 12 hours recharge period. Up is down, left is right and this is an update players should be thankful about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. 150 Mythic orbs. Exactly 75 legendary things and 75 avatars. The next free spin resulted in a drop.
  6. For reaching the top in a category at least once.
  7. 🤦‍♂️ Obviously, in this case pretty much anyone who went through the extensive effort to reach the top position in this category wouldn't be doing it for the rewards.
  8. Looks like I was luckier than others.
  9. The Stylus one was by @TimKruz, mine used uBlock Origin.
  10. I don't have access to the Nutaku version, so can't make the workaround on my own. If you can share the page source (opened through the right-click menu or by pressing Ctrl+U) of the Activities page on something like pastebin, then I might be able to create the right filters.
  11. If this version gets accepted, I think this would make it the strongest move towards a pay-to-win feature yet. However, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad, if in parallel there are other normal methods of obtaining the drop too and the contests are just an additional way.
  12. This is for those who prefer the presence of colored backgrounds for missions in the Activities page. If you're using uBlock Origin, include the following custom filters: www.hentaiheroes.com##div.common.mission_entry.mission_object:style(background: #ffffff20) www.hentaiheroes.com##div.rare.mission_entry.mission_object:style(background: #32bc4f30) www.hentaiheroes.com##div.epic.mission_entry.mission_object:style(background: #ffb24440) www.hentaiheroes.com##div.legendary.mission_entry.mission_object:style(background: #6ebeff40) The background colors are lighter shades of the mission tit
  13. By an unexpected coincidence, a particular drop came up again in this rotation. By another unexpected coincidence, this happened when that drop was also available on a boss. Through further coincidence, that drop is the only droppable one in this rotation. And through even more coincidence, my expected fights at the moment for that drop are uncharacteristically high at ~592 (worth ~6,400 Kobans). And yet, even in this rarest of scenarios, using Mythic Pachinko's 6 games option (costing ~7,920 Kobans in total) still doesn't make any sense.
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