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  1. Oh right, tbf I only clicked on Anat before asking this question. Even considering what we had in the past ME markets, I pretty much gave it for granted for all the four girls of a specific past mega event to appear there at the same time, so I didn't check Hayden and, more importantly, Empress Avaritia. My bad. Apparently I still have to learn to never make assumptions based on logic, when it comes to KK.
  2. Given this premise, am I right in saying we should expect in the next Mega event market the 4 girls from the infamous first Lusty Race, aka Mounther Cumbath, so Rubinn, Hayden, Empress Avaritia and Anat?
  3. Seeing that mine were correctly lined up I had a little hope my hypothesis could be correct, but it clearly is not 🙃
  4. Thank God. Honestly looking at the first survey they made about roles I'd probably prefer for that feature to never see the light, even in labyrinth, but it very clear it will hit us like a truck no matter what. At the very least the PvP is spared from the super bug fiesta those roles will bring upon us. Mod-Edit: Content moved to "New Feature: The Labyrinth..." Thread.
  5. Oh, so they could very well be february, march and april MDRs. OK, so data suggests we officially restarted the cycle of revivals, with no Bunny's Mom revival in the foresseable fututre, at least until we won't reach again her turn in ~20 MDRs or so (unless unpredictable chaos is the path KK chose, which wouldn't surprise me that much, to be fair, especially after they chose to stop publishing those lovely calendars), and no Red, too. Have I understood that right?
  6. Data wizards (@430i and @Yamiray and anyone else that fits the description), has something changed in the matter of the second Mythic revival of this month? I read that the in game data of the revival of Lunar Bunny's Mom kind of vanished, and that next month we should expect Nike and Radka. Should we expect a seocnd MDR this month, but with Level up Red instead of LBM? Or is there still no trace to be seen of a second MDR for this month?
  7. I suppose it was more a guess than actual knowledge, since they are both 31 days months. As far as I'm aware, the calendar got discontinued, after all.
  8. In the premium path there are 3x 1000 xtals rewards (well, there are 4, but the 4th is given out at the same milestone of the second "free" girl, so uber whales only) that basically make the two premium girl I'd say kind of easily accessible for any active player. That said, a 15,6k price tag to unlock the possibilty of claiming two L5 girls is.... well, kind of meh, even considered their good quality and the other side rewards Undoubtedly, they improved the lusty race format a lot. The sad part is that the starting point was so low that it still is *by far* the worst ME format of all, a giant whale race that really just push me a step closer to the thought of quitting this game once and for all
  9. Sweety's perfectly layered coat is the kinkoid way to wish us a happy new year. By the way, happy new year, my dear fellow forum dwellers!
  10. "I LOVE this event format. Its randomness doesn't drive me crazy at all! I'm as fresh as a daisy, completely stress free! When the same task continues presenting itself back to back is lovely indeed, it definitely doesn't make me want to unalive myself! Oh? You added an extra step? For only other 1000 points? That is so, so, SO nice of you! So generous! You really didn't have to! I'll try my best to get there babysitting the game for these next 4 days!" - Antimon, 30 y.o., stucked at 165 points until tomorrow's daily reset
  11. Maybe someone of you already said that and I missed it. In the squad selection menu, the only way the deselect girls once you clicked on auto assign is by clicking on auto assign a second time. It deselect all the 70 girls, though.
  12. To be completely honest, I do not feel it does really matter whether they fucked up the last question or not. The last time I did a similar survey was ~two years ago, in the survey in which they firstly announced the labyrinth, as well as mythic equipments, girls equipment and girls skill (and other things I do not recall). These last three were all voted as less desired than the Labyrinth, iirc, and they were all pushed out anyways and well before the Labyrinth. I do not think we should expect anything different, this time: those are features they already planned to add to the game, and they'll probably see the light whenever kk feels they are sufficiently ready, no matter what we say.
  13. We should have learnt by now that the fact that it makes only sense for something to happen (in this case, for sapphires to be forever in the currencies group, hence permanent and stackable mega event after mega event) is neither a good reason nor a safe assurance that KK will actually make it happen in that way. That said, thank you for clarifying that as of now the GD department has no intention to change the sapphire status in the future, and I stand corrected. On my part, sadly, I'm still unable to completely ignore the Damocles' sword Rosso personally hanged
  14. According to KK Big Boss, it was their half intention to make sapphires expire from the get go. I'm not doomposting it like "look, they are somewhat an upgrade/sidegrade of dating tokens, they will be for sure wiped out of existence". The actual Boss of kinkoid actually said sapphires are going to be made expirable.
  15. Objectively speaking, hot assembly was probably a little too generous of a format (I got 2 full girls, 80+80 shards ofthe other two, and brought fae finalmecia to 40 shards, as a f2p, buying only the two cards). Sapphires are a great feature, which is already destined to be significantly downgraded (Rosso actually said it's their intention to make them be resetted to 0 after every ME. There will come a day in which we won't be able to save them anymore). Putting 60 of them reacheable by f2ps (60 sapphires means you can buy 10 shards of a ME girl), 80 for dedicated f2ps (so they can buy 20 shards of a ME girl instead of 10), and ammassing the greatest part of them in the super paywalled group of rewards is kind of a mockery. Big whales that will actually be able to get those sapphires do not actually need them to unlock girls (well, new whales do, I guess), and the other rewards they can get with sapphires are simply risible (they could buy all of those rewards directly for far cheaper). Letting free players getting enough for 20 shards only of a girl is kind of a bad joke, since the girl is still completely out of reach (you need at least 40 shards to make any girl appear in the SM shop) and who knows when she'll be back again in those shops (if she'll ever be back in those shops) Giving out to f2p enough sapphires to let unlock 40 shards of a single past ME girl would be fair and not gamebraking: 1) You don't make 240 sultry coins that fast to say you can get 60 shards of a legendary girl every month; 2) To buy a specific girl with 40+ shards, she has to actually pop out in the SM shop (the last time I saw a L5 in mine was months ago, July IIRC, and I have now 11 eligible L5 girls, 8 before hot assbly ended, out of 44 girls sitting at 40+ shards); 3) A dedicated f2p will still very likely miss two out of four new seasonal ME girls (and we do not know if they intend to put in the sapphire shop lusty race MR girls, where a dedicated free player will be able to get only 1 girl out of 4, 2 if he, like, LOVES the first girl locked behind the 15,6 kobans premium path), so even with that kind of generosity, a f2p would still be falling far behind.
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