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  1. Tomorrow this current PoV will end, and I'm forgetting to claim the last two rewards. I'll tell you if they will compensate that terrible loss with boosters. I'm forgetting to claim 20 energy from the golden anniversary special event, too, so, we'll see on saturday, too, I guess... Are you perhaps implying that August 17 is not in the first part of the year anymore? 🙃 Thank you for the page refresh thing in PoV/PoG, by the way, a very much appreciated update. For the PoA new 5 additional steps, I can't hide the fact that I'm extremely scared
  2. We are now at this point. Can't wait to see what they planned for the last two days. Will we reach the perfect balance with other 20 crystals for HH/GH and 200 for CxH/PsH? Will they give 180 crystals to the second group of games only? Will they stop here? Or will they surprise us all giving out something more (in our dreams)?
  3. Hi there, I'm Antimon and I'm trying to get used to the weaken for seasons thing. On my last log out this night I forgot to switch to my weak team. On my log in now I opened the season tab, noticed I had 10/10 kisses, so I switched my teams, and went on my 10 fights. I lost all of them, cursing on unfortunate crit streaks all my opponents had in battles I should have won for sure. Then I switched again my team, finally realizing how stupid I have been.
  4. (That condoms do not completely prevent the transmission of monkey pox is a fact)
  5. My current team is 52.5 in total power, you peasant, I WIN. Jokes aside, this is honestly a brilliant idea, for always, not just for the golden anniversary trainwre*cough* event. I'm sorry I did not thought of it earlier
  6. Antimon

    Chat room

    That is exactly what I thought after every single argument of ours 🤣
  7. Antimon

    Chat room

    Me and the club leader are just two persons with polar opposite point of views on a vast range of subjects, and irl we would probably avoid each other as much as possible 😂 Apparently/Fortunately, we are both mature enough to understand that our bickering is far from being worthy of a report to the big shots to request an intervention. And I'd dare to say that maybe my inconsistency and absence helped in this matter, too 😂 (inconsitency that is not because of him, I feel like I might specify this) The club Id is 1204, "Impero dei durissimi", and I must say it's pretty functional, eve
  8. One thing this anniversary special event did, was putting us (me, at least) in a mind-set of "let's hope it doesn't go too well with this other event combativity refills".... And I hate it! Thanks Kiknkoid, you definitely didn't have to 😄 That said, today again 10vs100 crystals free bundles, so we are now at 1160 crystals in HH/GH vs 800 crystals in CxH/PsH, with the next free bundles with crystals in them expected on August 14
  9. Antimon

    Chat room

    ... Am I the bone of contetion, here? I'm not sure I'm understanding this right 😅 I'm not the club leader, and to be entirely honest, except for exactly one person I'd be sorry to leave behind, I'm not particularly fond of my club mates. This is especially true speaking of the club leader, person with whom I quarreled... let's say more than a few times, both for in-games and for irl matters 😅 I'm still there simply because, despite this incompatibility of ours and my inconsistent in-game presence of this last two years (it happened I wasn't able to log in at all for three months
  10. Antimon

    Chat room

    Exactly as@DvDivXXX said, yes. My ingame name is Antimon, and I have the same Dezy's avatar propic as this one I use in the forum 😁 I'm curious on where you found me, though. Due to some inconsistency in my game for this past two years I think I should be quite far from your overall level in both leagues and seasons 🙃
  11. Don't forget the chlorellas! If in the next few days useful informations in this matter does not come out from Discord, I suppose that forgetting to claim something like the last 2 CPs and 3 kisses from the PoV that ends in 8 days could be an acceptable unbearable loss that I hope it will be at least compensated with cordyceps (and chlorellas)
  12. Do we know what is considered as a missed/unclaimed reward from past events? 'cause I got, like, quite a bit of boosters thanks to this, I'm talking about like 20-ish x2 boosters. I mean, I'm not complaing of these free cordyceps (and chlorellas) I got, but I do not remember I actually missed to claim all these girls/rewards. Maybe if we consider each and every single PoVs' ulocked but unclaimed reward as a missed one that has to be compensated I think I could get there (I know I missed to collect something in Exotic Summer's PoV) but still I don't recall having lost that many rewards 😅 A
  13. So 1150 crystals in HH/GH vs 700 crystals in CxH/PsH, with next bundle expected on August 11.
  14. Apparently, yes. I double checked trying and using one of my GPx1 orb, the pop up message showed up, notifying +1 for my PoV points
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