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  1. Just to be sure, how should we take this horrible little thing? Is this something we should not worry about, since it is a mock up and it won't be like that (but even in a "mock up, not indicative of the final product" scenery, why is like that?), or should we actually prepare for the worse?. I'm honestly (and with an incredible amount of fear) expecting a rise of the restock cost, since it is SOOOO much more convenient restocking than buying those mythic books and gifts at their current prices. But this thing seems a bit too much...? I'm afraid. Please tell me that I don't hav
  2. this could be actually nice, but this sends shivers down my spine, tbh, since it kind of gives "shards on stage completion" vibes. And in this case, if we are talking of actual "shards", and not a full x100 on completion, It could be a whole new layer of nightmares. It must be said that, even in the worst case, it wouldn't be that much different from the current situation, with three girls locked in pachinko, but we'll have a chance of getting one from another source and, however little it may be, a chance is still better than none, I guess. I can't help looking at my Visor s
  3. I'm late to the party, but really I do not understand the dating tokens part. I mean, while I appreciate the "honesty" of the answer, I find it really hard to believe it can be true up to the lamented point. Do any of you actually abused of the dating tokens mechanics during this year anniversary? 'cause I was exactly in the situation depicted by blaa: with the vast majority of girls available at villains already in my harem and some I was interested in locked in the pachinko, without any possibility of obtaining shards and get them with tokens. But even more in general, outside o
  4. Antimon


    well, it never hurts to try, I guess? 🤣 If flooding kinkoid's HQ with tit-shaped cheese and foods from all over the world can contribute in saving the game balance, I'm more than ready to do my part 💪 Oh, you're welcome 😄 It's more a specialty of the southern regions of Italy (it should be typical of Puglia, if I remember correctly), and so it not as a common treat in the pastry shops of the northern areas, but if you happen to find them, they're definetely worth a taste
  5. Antimon


    That's actually supercool ahahah 😂 In Italy, too, we have a tit shaped (and named) cheese: a giant mozzarella that's called "Zizzona di Battipaglia" (Big boob of Battipaglia) (and a dessert, too, named "tette delle monache", that's "Nuns' tits" in English 😂) In the end, boobs are what brings the whole world together, who would have ever imagined that, right? 😂
  6. Antimon


    I'm here today, resuscitating this long-time-dead topic, to cry in mourning. The customer care of my trusted online deli shop called me this morning, and said to me that their supplier of this beauty, because of covid, has gone bankrupt (that's honestly sad, jokes aside), and since they don't even have a single little piece left in stock, they cannot fulfill my order. Apparently, it was the same supplier of another couple of online deli shop I found. A great cheese was the last thing I could have expected to found out about on a hentai game forum, and the least expected th
  7. Considering 5 minutes for every and each tasks that hollymolly counted as "no time needed" (which, given the premises, is more than enough) we obtain a total of 45 min of time needed, which isn't exactly no time, true, BUT it corresponds to 0,75 hours, that brings the 211,5 hours/8,8125 days hollymolly estimated to 212,25 hours/8,84375 days. Considering that, in the end, he rounded up to 9 days of time needed in ideal conditions, I believe we can agree on the fact that it doesn't matter if we consider or not those 5 minutes per task
  8. Honestly, I'm at a loss, here. Ludicrous, that's what these tasks are
  9. Of course. I have never even taken in consideration the possibility of them reducing the lower rarity girls' upgrade rewards. That said, I don't feel like this format is particularly friendly towards new players. At least, this batch of tasks doesn't feel easily approachable by a new-ish player. My opinion could be biased by the fact that my test server account is extremely low and neglected, I must say. BUT, in order to obtain all the shards for the girl(s), you have to collect 2100 potions of lust. Considering that awakenings start to give out points from lvl 200 milestone (that is
  10. Exactly this. the affection part of this group of tasks screams for some kind of rebalancing. Upgrading one star common girls takes 180 affection points, that gives out 4 potions of lust. Upgrading a common girl from her 4th to her 5th star cost 4500 affection points, and that still gives out 4 potions of lust. The same cost (4500) lets you upgrade a mythic girl from 0 to her first star, and gives you 12 potions of lust. Upgrading again that mythic girl will cost you 11250/28125/56250/112500/225000 affection points, and all of these come with the same 12 potions of lust.
  11. Yeah, my discomfort about having random girls locked at different milestones obliterate from my memory what is the very cherry on top of this marvelous new mechanic. When I wrote my post I had already faced one of those restrictions (35 girls at level 400). I think my brain chose to forget that 😅 Also Thank you for this information
  12. With this new (and, may I say, questionable) awakening thing, one of the biggest let down for me is that virtually it is not possible anymore to level up (over lvl 250) the girls in order as they appear in our harems (and market pages), due to an inevitable difference in availability of different types of gems. I already have several girls locked at different milestones 'cause I do not have enough gems to awaken them, the risk of forgetting/missing some of them while scrolling the harem in the future will only grow bigger. In hindsight, I should have focused on one girl per type and brin
  13. God, thanks for the forum specific log in page. I have not been able to log in here for months, 'cause trying to do so constantly redirected me to hh game page, and no matter if I was already logged in there or not, returning to the forum via the in game menu wouldn't make me logged in in the forum, too. That was kind of frustrating. Do we have any information on the future of unspent dating tokens when (and if) they will be reintroduced in game? At the moment there's no girl that I can complete using the amount of tokens I have (500). If I'll have them back in a not-better-defined futur
  14. How much easier would it be if they just told us what the drop rate is (just like they did for club champions possible rewards)? Oof, let's start again
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