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  1. Only 1 mythic Left to grab 37 of 38 done. Mdnoria 42 Mythics when there is currently only 38 mythics in the game is impressive indeed. How does it feel to live in the Future🤣
  2. Goal achieved i just unlocked the only free path girl i will most Likely Not go for the paid Mega pass not worth it in my opinion since I will probably Need to sacrifice the Next New mythic girl koban wise to do that😩
  3. Did my 10xbattles as usual today and got happily surprised with my first 100 drop of the Year😃
  4. Have kinkoid fixed Protection assist so it works as intended? Or does it still make you take extra damage?
  5. i use both auto assign and auto Claim all the time the kobans spent are worth it in my oppinion since it helps me maintain more of my sanity intact🙃🤪 Not that there is much of it to begin with😂
  6. Yea i know Kinkoid says that she will still be available after the 60days that doesnt fill me with confidence that it will remain true though since Kinkoid have gone back on their words and promises way to many times in the Past for me to treat them as a trust worthy Company if a dude tells you he will not smack you in the head and then continues to smack you in the head would you still believe Him? Trust is not something i take too Lightly for me it takes years for me to decide if i fully trust someone
  7. My main Issue with the Labyrinth is not the Gameplay as a whole its somewhat intriguing and interesting its the fact that there is NO Logical sense in the rewards if this is to become a semi decent way to get missed girls which is what I think many people hoped it would be it needs some sort of rebalance of the rewards for example how does it make any sense that a Common 5 star costs the same amount of Coins as a Legendary 5 star girl and 10% extra coins isnt as good selling point as Kinkoid might assume if the Coin amount you get is abyssmal enough to begin with i dont consider 1 Girl a month for 15-25Min extra Playing on average each day to be anything Crazy as a semi Decent Reward and increasing the Reward might actually be a Good thing in the Long run because if a Player is happy with the game they are Playing they are more Likely to support that game in the Long run and Happy customers are way better for a company than pissed of eventually Leaving customers thats just a Fact Hope Kinkoid balance it eventually Like they did with Girl equipment will try to stay more positive for the Love Labyrinth because I really Like the idea of the Concept i just think it needs some adjustments to be a more Liked hopefully permanent feature of the Game🙏
  8. whats next improvement to the Labyrinth going to be 1Coin each two days and Price increase of 1Gazillion Labyrinth coins for each Girl i think Kinkoid Should consider that most times when a gaming Developer gets to stingy on the rewards it will most times Lead to their Playerbase/ Customers being more stingy with their wallets which can sometimes Lead to bankruptcy for most business if a gaming developer cant understand the reason for why most gamers play Games that means they dont understand their Customers needs and wants and honestly if you dont understand your Customers you are just a failure as a company thats just basic Facts😒
  9. honestly Fuck 48h cycles for Labyrinth i already thought 33days constant playing for 1 single L5 girl was a bad joke of a reward now with 48h each run and Barelly 2k coins each two days you will now need 66 days to complete 1 Girl within a time frame of 60Days that makes it go from doable but super grindy with possibillity of some side rewards to straight up impossible sadd to say i feel no Love for this Love Labyrinth any more my reaction right now is why should i even bother with wasting my time on a Pointless task if its straight up impossible to get the girl anyway now?
  10. there was actually a daily with champion fights coinciding with the get points from Contest player Xp Lc the first Day also as you will noitice once you get there Lc contests are brutal once you are high enough Player Level to be in the bracket of Death which is the word most forum regulars use for the highest contest brackets and yes i also did it partly for extra Bulbs some nice extra points in Pov i also dont have extra Pxp to claim since i dont bother With Koban paid parts of Pov or pog path of glory is extra much not worth it for me since i already have most girls in it😉
  11. sorry just estimated roughly 2k champion Fights i aint that good at math i still got 9799tickets Left i think i might manage somehow just considered it a good opportunity to both win the LC since i placed top 6 the first day and also get some better ranking in the Traveler’s Tales of Tits event also felt a Little spitefull after wasting 1.5kobans on champion fights to just get sniped by two people the first day😄 might get worried about my ticket count if kinkoid does to much of these events😨
  12. Cheap Lc contest win considering i for some reason got the free 3-4 days platinum card from kinkoid for some reason thanks kinkoid btw i dont get why nobody contested me it was only 2k something champion fights after all🤣
  13. i have only used 1 LME so i have been kinda chilling best i can get with 3 fights Left is 7539 but thats seems unlikely since my Last opponent is kinda high Leveled i also think i could have done better if i fully commited to using 4xChlorellia all the time since i use the shield Skill right now there is only two boosters that makes sense in my opinion when using that since its based on your ego making your shield stronger only ginseng and Chlorelila affect your total ego since cordys dont boost your ego i consider using 4xcordys in in combination with Shield skill to be Less effective
  14. First cumback contest win in a while wish i could say it wasnt Hard won after investing 45k gems i thought to my self NO way anybody is going to contest me now boy was i wrong all it took to win was close to 75k gems and awakening basicly my entire harem so i will probably not compete this way in cumback contest for a while🤪😭🙂
  15. Some of us it cost more than a kinkycummpetion placing some me for example got my top 4 placing wrecked because I fought two of these cheating 530 and yes I am pretty sure those two used the pachinko thing since both hit for 150k on regular hits unboosted i might add and with 1.1M Ego without boosters not even 4cordys LME could have saved me in that fight getting top 6 because of cheaters after using 3xLME all week sucks
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