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  1. While it does have to link to the source of the parody in some way, the designs of the girls have always been flexible appearance wise. As long as you can see the source of the inspiration from somewhere it's enough (The Zero Two and Akeno parodies having much different hairstyles for example). Her outfit seems like a combination of her default outfit since Tekken 5 and her "Wrestling Outfit" from Death By Degrees. She has two more outfits based on past games.
  2. Loving Hawkling here and am very glad to get her. Only one thing though: Please tell me we'll get her sisters eventually.
  3. Yes, right now the Power Puss variant is my favorite one so glad I managed to get her quickly. I was debating about bringing this up but am I the only one that is bothered by the inconsistency of skin tone. If it was something like a tan it would be one thing, but when it basically makes the character looks like someone else it becomes quite jarring. First Wing Gal, now Alpha Luna. EDIT: I guess now this game is at a point where variants are now a common occurrence. Not that I mind...
  4. I was in the same boat as you so I googled it: Aftercare is a way of showing kindness and caring to your partner. Physical intimacy is one way of you feeling special and appreciated. Aftercare helps create this feeling of closeness and intimacy. It helps people feel like what they just did was special. On the subject, it turns out that I went through the process too quickly as I basically just thought about it when I was done (It was where you list whatever kink you like that wasn't listed. But ah well... It was probably too niche anyway.
  5. A pox on you Kinkoid for forcing me to go on the paid path while trying to save money for a potential Mythic by knowingly placing a variant of one my favorite girls there. Still, good to see Tachibana get some love, finally.
  6. Don't really care that much about the theme (No love or hate, just "...Yeahokay"), but so far I've been lucky enough to obtain all of the girls save for the mission girl (Got really lucky with Pachinko). Can't help but feel that it's fate's way of compensating me early considering the possibility that the Mythic Girl may be someone I actually want while I'm trying to save resources. At any case, they way they went about making one of the girls drop at a champion. Beside the fact that you won't be able to get the set drops without using Kobans (20 per each round, for four rounds, and even
  7. I've grown disillusioned with this game to the point where I nearly forget to complete the special even daily missions (Not helping that I already have the girl obtainable from completing all of said missions). When I first started two years ago, I was intrigued and became hooked on this game and managed to obtain a good amount of girls even enough mystics to make a single team with them alone believe it or not. I've already started to dial back due to other games coming out taking my time and the only thing keeping me here is the possibilities of girls that parody my favorite waifus appear
  8. Well this was a welcome surprise: Two girls that I've been after for a long time being available at once (Tachibana and Val Red Battler). Luckily I had enough orbs to get them both so it's been a good day so far.
  9. I enjoyed Digisekai, but now I'm ready to get "back to normal" for lack of a better term. I'll admit, I was interested in the HC girls migrating over. Hell, I was excited until it turned out it was basically a copy/paste job with the girls. Talk about cutting corners. Am I the only one who's surprised that we haven't had a tournament arc, yet?
  10. If the girl is who I think it is, in hindsight, it could've been seen as a bit of a foreshadowing in a "One of these things is not like the others" kind of way.
  11. I'm guessing the free daily rewards are among the bundles? And is that a holiday Housemaid I see in the patch notes? Please don't have her be a Pachinko exclusive.
  12. Just went into the pachinko and found that the jewels were now a part of it. Meaning that no only do I have to worry about not getting the girl that I want (If she even appears), but also getting something that is part of a mechanic that I hardly (if at all) have any use for, thus lowering my chances even more. Yeah, not liking this at all... EDIT: And now it seems that any new girl I get will be capped to 50 regardless if I'm already past that level so using the jewels are now a must? This keeps getting worse and worse...
  13. Ironically, we have an event that is based on "Alice in Wonderland" yet we don't even have a girl who is the stand-in or Alice (Or the Queen of Hearts for that matter). Nor is the girl whose actually named "Alice" has any part in this event.
  14. My favorites are Gems Kingdom, Invaded Kingdom, Digisekai, and Stairway to Heaven (Minus the ending). Speaking of worlds, I'm surprised that there hasn't yet been world based on a tournament or games.
  15. I mean just interact with the game. The first time I tried, nothing occurred so it may have to take multiple tries/refreshes.
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