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  1. This week, I went back to a cheap Top 15: 3x Gin, no AM, and a single refill (185 Kobans) after BC. Top 4 was out of reach, so I tried to get a nice score suite instead. Spoiler alert: it didn't work Final results: (I didn't finish my last 6 fights because I didn't care, and was busy sniping 1st place in DC 😛 )
  2. Mythic Equipment is not related to girls class; it is related to your own player class (visible on your profile). Choosing an equipment of a different class will not affect your stats, even if it matches some of your girls' stats class.
  3. Thanks! This is now fixed in 0.11.0: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LiliatHH/haremplusplus/main/release/haremplusplus.user.js
  4. With today's patch, there is a bug in the harem script: it can't find the amount of money the player currently owns, and will thus refuse to upgrade any girl (Because it assumes you have 0 cash, I suppose). I will fix it ASAP (In the evening at best, or maybe tomorrow). In the meantime, you can easily work around this issue by either: - Using the original harem (There's a link when you select any girl), or - Use Ctrl + Click on the upgrade button or give gifts button to open the link in a new page. This will lead you to the original girl's page, where you can spend gift and upgr
  5. I'm sure one of our awesome script wizards will (soon™) add an option to use "Compact styling for the resources page" 😛
  6. That's... Not how it works. Girl classes are 100% irrelevant for PvP, since the introduction of B.D.S.M. battle system, 1.5 years ago. What defines the girl's contribution to your team is the sum of her stats (and her element). Replacing a Charm Green girl with 25 base stats with a Knowhow Green girl with 25 base stats is strictly equivalent. The only case where girl classes matter is against Champions (Only the girl's main stat is taken into account) and Places of Power (Only the girl's stat corresponding to the selected PoP is taken into account).
  7. Very nice! This was a long-time request from players
  8. No. Since girl classes are barely relevant anymore, this didn't seem too useful to add. Is that something you need?
  9. May I suggest you read this post? Especially the part about the "Shards pool" might be relevant in your case
  10. Did we finally get an official statement on this? Based on collected numbers, I'm still hesitating between 6.5, 6.75 and 7.0% (It's most definitely in this range though).
  11. A simple rule: Lenaëlle is one of the best Mythic girls out there. Double hair color (higher chance of being blessed), Blue element (Best or second best element, depending on situation). More generally, you want: - A bit of everything. Mythic girls have the highest base stats, so they're good when you need to do elemental teams. Even unblessed, mythic girls guarantee a minimal amount of power. - Double-color (For hair/eyes) or rare blessings: higher chance of being blessed, or stronger blessings overall - Strong elements: Dark or Blue, then Orange/Red, Green/White, then the rest
  12. Hmmm. I tried to add some breakpoints to move the Market to full screen for smaller screens, but there are still some issues for some specific resolutions (Not big enough to render the small popup, but too large to go full screen). I'll see if I can make it more reliable. In the meantime, you can use Ctrl + Click on "Give gifts/Give books", to open the link in a new tab. This will actually open the original girl page, which should work just fine.
  13. Sur la page du club, dans la liste des members, le leader a une couronne à côté de son nom
  14. Si ton leader de club est actif : il peut utiliser le menu "..." à côté du nom du joueur pour l'exclure Si c'est ton leader qui est inactif et que vous voulez remplacer : il faut organiser un vote pour un nouveau leader dans le chat du club, prendre un screenshot du résultat, et envoyer une demande au support du jeu pour changer le leader
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