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  1. I'm usually much further away on the last day: Of course, I didn't expect this to hold, considering I only had 15 fights left, against the Top 6 players of the group. I still kept an eye on the Top 15 to see if it would be worth a last minute refill (It wasn't ) Final rank is still my best so far, with a 19.33 average (Up from 18.52) with 294/297 fights done: Top 10:
  2. Well, that's the definition of a "Max level", isn't it? XP is still useful for contests. Also, I believe you keep accumulating XP, so if/when level 600 is released, you'll immediately gain additional levels.
  3. Ah, I just broke 1200 with 3 crits vs 1 (My 5% chance)! Now I just have enough time to reach Floor 1300 before the end of next week's great blessings. I won't be able to make much use of it, though. I'm curious to see if Wall 2000 will break next week, for the few players stuck there.
  4. Right. It's all about these opportunities Third win in a row (for this specific Gems contest) for me, even cheaper than the first 2 occurrences (I overspent a bit to be on the safe side): I love seeing the contests page like this (Unfortunately it doesn't happen too often 😆 ) :
  5. You will get 1 EPx1 instead of shards, for each reward
  6. Ah, I see. I guess when I'm a billion girls late anyway, and I barely upgrade any 3* girls at all, the concept of "new girls" is quite foreign to me ^^
  7. Sure; but let's not forget we can progress on all 3 PoP in parallel. I'm at 20% of Lolita myself. But I should finish Lolita before the next PoP girl is released, so I effectively always have 1-2 PoP girls active (and they don't conflict with each other). And in case of a very bad run for one of the PoP, we can still progress on 3 girls in parallel, still without any conflict.
  8. She should be on the 2nd PoP, but we'll have to wait until reset time to actually see her
  9. New patch: Nice! And it is indeed Legendary Contests girls, as expected. Really nice! The price for the bonus path didn't go down, though, so I'll still skip that. Always nice to see new girls. PoP girls are added at the right pace, IMO. It leaves just enough time to actually get them (and to catch up, for players who haven't completed PoP yet)
  10. That was a tough one. Not because of drop rates, but because of the shards pool: 200/4500 shards left 10 minutes after reset, 6 hours before the end of the event. Shards were still disappearing in 2~3 minutes 12 hours before the end. I managed to get her with only 641 Fights (7.8% drop rate): - 190 Free combativity - 456 Refills - 5 fights remaining after last refill - 5 SP Boosters - 4885 + 5x540 = 7585 Kobans That makes her my cheapest mythic revival girl, and my second highest drop rate ever.
  11. They last ~2 minutes, let's not exaggerate I'll have to start grinding, 20 fights at a time. With shards disappearing that quickly, you can't wait too long... Currently at 16%, I hope I'll be able to get her
  12. An unusual contest for me. I spent all my EP/GP orbs in the Legendary Contest, and didn't have any MP girl available, so I couldn't spend too many orbs. Moreover, I did my Pantheon fights 30 minutes too early, with the new blessing, so they didn't count for this contest. Too many mistakes for one day... I only had a few EP/GP orbs from 3 days of PoP. I guess it was enough? (I didn't notice the last-minute sniping; I was rank 10th 10 minutes before reset. That was close 😅) The new Pachinko rotation looks a lot more like the usual one:
  13. It works for me as well. I played this morning for CbC, but tried against with a GPx10 right now to be sure; it worked fine.
  14. J'ai du mal à comprendre quel est le problème. Chaque combat contre le champion te donne de l'affection supplémentaire (= fragments de la fille). Si tu fais 1%, tu as 1 fragment. Si tu fais 10%, tu as 10 fragments. Si tu fais 75%, tu as 75 fragments. Donc plus de participation = plus de fragments. Pour un joueur actif, ça donne assez facilement 1 fille 5 étoiles par mois, voire un peu plus. Qu'est-ce qui te gêne exactement dans ce système ?
  15. Des chiffres ? "Maximum", "Dérisoire" et "Un peu d'argent", c'est difficile à évaluer. La principale récompense du champion de club, c'est 1 Fille légendaire 5*. Une fois que tu as obtenu les 9 filles actuellement disponibles, le Champion de Club ne rapporte effectivement plus grand chose (Au même titre que les 6 Champions classiques ; en tout cas jusqu'à récemment)
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