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  1. I don't care about Norou anymore; I was only interested in her because I wanted to get all 5*+ girls (Well... Excluding SB ones, in the past year). What do you mean, that's not convincing?
  2. As Holy said, and I couldn't agree more: if that happened, the club would've died a slow and boring death 😛
  3. 73rd and final week in D3 for me. It went well, although it was a bit more expensive than expected, due to the unforeseen last-minute change to the boosters/levels. I was aiming for a Cheap Top 4, but it ended up as a slightly expensive Top 4, with 10 Cordys and 9 refills (Okay, not that expensive, but I couldn't resist throwing an extra 4x Cordy for the last 15 fights, even though 1st place was already way out of reach 😛 ) During these 73 weeks: - I started at lvl 383, finished at lvl 522 - I finished 46+ once, then at least Top 45 every time - I reached my first Top 30 at lvl 402 on Week 7 - I reached consistent Top 30 at lvl 416, starting from Week 13 - I reached my first Top 15 at lvl 435, on Week 21 - It took me a while to get consistent Top 15, but I managed to get it from lvl 462 on week 34 (This is also the moment I started using the HH++ script, all progress until this point was with vanilla game) - I reached my first Top 4 on week 46, at lvl 485. Unfortunately, I never managed to get consistent Top 4 (The fact that I've been aiming for cheap/free Top 15 most of the time didn't really help ) - I reached my first Top 1 on week 53, at lvl 495 Total Top 4 ranks: - 1st place: 4 times - 2nd place: 6 times - 3rd place: 4 times - 4th place: 4 times Overall, D3 was a pretty nice experience, with smooth progression on the long run. I had some frustrating losses (Missing the next bracket for just a couple of points more than once), some good wins, and some fun along the way But it was getting tedious in the end, especially because of the 8-hours energy bar that always required me to refill at some point. When the test server changed the league energy to 18/18, I hoped it would get better, but KK didn't fail to disappoint by making this a card-only feature. That's probably when league started becoming a chore, because at this point, I knew it wouldn't get any better (KK missed their chance to fix the main thing that was bothering me with the leagues). Congrats to everyone, and have fun! League is worth it, especially if you're F2P 😛
  4. You're totally correct of course. One could also assume the same for Eye or Hair color and every other attribute. The only reason we make this assumption is because, despite being an easy thing to fix, KK has been keeping the system the way it is since the introduction of BDSM a couple of years ago. So it just seems safer to assume new blessings would suffer from the same restrictions, rather than expecting KK to do something that makes sense Yes, and in many similar circumstances, this caused KK to either: - Change the girl's hair to double-color (One for each variant) - Change the girl's hair to unknown But it never caused them to add per-variant attributes, because technically, in the game code, physical attributes are shared by all variants, and KK is apparently not willing to change that. It's also not clear if they consider hair color as the "real, natural color" or if they include hair dye. Since it's a fully manual process, they probably decide on a case-by-case basis, usually when creating a new variant of a girl (as shown by the edit-war in the Content team that's been going on forever now).
  5. The script provides some tooltips for each filter: However, I didn't add any tooltip to the Sort options (Probably because the first ones were obvious and self-explanatory, and when I added more options down the road I didn't consider it). Looking at it again now, even the Filter tooltips do not really explain what Potential Power is. Since this script mostly targets veteran players, I assume they are familiar with the example values and will immediately understand what it means (25 and 28.56 are well-known values to describe girls power), and the rest can probably be understood with trial & error. Maybe. At least that was my assumption/hope 😛 Among my kilometer-long todo-list, I was considering adding proper documentation for the script, with examples and tips, but I never took the time to do it. Well, guess it's too late for that now
  6. Idk what you guys are doing with your Ymen. I started at around 500 Millions, I'm now at 10 Billions. Although it's probably worth noting I only participate in cheap spend-cash contests (200-300M), and I don't refresh the shop, so I'm limited in terms of girls to upgrade (and even when I refresh the shop, I focus on books and not gifts). Upgrading all girls is pretty expensive, but according to HH++, I could afford it and still have a few spare Billions, as it would cost me ~7B (And an infinity of Kobans in market refresh):
  7. Base Potential: Total power at lvl 1, max stars, no blessings Base Power: Total power at current level, current stars, no blessings If you want to focus upgrades, "Base Potential" is the value that matters, because it ignores the current state of the girl. Note: the Base Potential value is normalized to lvl 1 rather than max level (Lvl 750), but that doesn't really matter, if your goal is to compare them (The growth is linear between lvl 1 and 750)
  8. Regarding the 4 months: it's a joke, because I created my introduction post 4 months ago, just after a forum update that reset everyone to "Newbie" rank. I was a Newbie with 1900 posts back then. I've created my account in 2019, and started actively playing in 2021 Recent updates ("Chaos", really) made me decide it was time to quit. I initially intended to quit after the current events, in 2 or 3 weeks. Today's update made me realize there's really no reason to wait.
  9. A little over 4 months ago, I joined the game as a Newbie: Now that I'm a Mentor, it's finally time to quit! What did I achieve in this 4 months of playing the game? - I reached lvl 522 and and 1039 girls (+25 levels, +198 girls) - I reached the final chapter of the story (Not the last scroll though) - I won D3 a few more times - My Mythic harem grew a little larger, although Estelle, Matcha and Red are still missing: However, I'm barely making any progress with Legendary girls: Still, I got Stacy to join me; twice, so I guess that's progress: Unfortunately, Norou has been missing for so many years, she has to be presumed dead by now. Even these sweet, sweet orbs didn't make her come any closer: I also started buying clothes for my girls. They've been fully naked for 4.5 years and were feeling a bit cold. Nah, I'm kidding, I actually got all these clothes for free: Despite all these efforts, there are a few girls I wasn't able to meet: And even more I wasn't able to upgrade: Over the years, I hoarded a bunch of resources. They can just go to waste, now I still plan to stick around for a few days, and then I'll disappear. Enjoy the game!
  10. No need to assume: (Shit, I said I wouldn't participate in this topic. 😭 )
  11. Ah, if you're referring to this: You can ignore Holy, he's just trolling 😛 (Even when he's not trolling, it's safe to just ignore him. That means he's probably just talking about Rin or Norou anyway). For higher quality girls (5/6*), I would be surprised to see such differences in a single variant, as they are drawn by the same artist at the same time (Except maybe for old C5 girls? I think 4* and 5* were added later on? They still seem pretty consistent to me, but I'm no expert). It could probably happen for lower quality girls, but since there are a gazillion of them, I wouldn't check (I don't have the resources anyway ).
  12. Wrong. All variants share the same attributes, which is why some girls have "Unknown" attributes (e.g. Housemaid has different hair color in each variant, so she has an "Unknown" hair color). Pose and Element are different for each variant, so this isn't an issue. But physical attributes and lore are shared by all variants (Full name, description, birthday/zodiac, hobbies, colors, ...) OG Noemy, 3rd pose: Mythic Noemy, 3rd pose: Housemaid variants with different hair colors:
  13. I'll only make one comment on this: I love how KK always finds a new way to break the scrollbar, in every single screen. None of the scrollbars in this game works properly, but they all fail in a different way. Of course, this one is no exception: the scrollbar extends beyond the list to the right side, and once you scroll all the way there, the bar moves behind the Bunny pose. At this point, you can't grab the bar anymore, so you can't scroll back (unless you use your mouse wheel or other alternate ways of scrolling).
  14. The shop is not active on the test server, so you can't test paid passes. Some of the passes (For example Season pass) are sold for Kobans instead of real money; but it doesn't seem to be the case for the new Hero pass.
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