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  1. What I think/expect is Estelle in either late December or late January this year. The unexpected 2nd revival of Bunna kinda broke my plans of waiting for Bunna's 2nd revival, and taking that as a hint I should start saving for Estelle. We currently have 22 Mythic girls, so it will take until early November to see the 24th one. At which point I was expecting Bunna to return, end of November. But Bunna was revived early, so... 🤷‍♂️ In any case, I'm ready. I have a stash of Kobans and Boosters. I was caught off guard with Alexa; it won't happen again 😛
  2. I finished at 77/100. Typical KC. I could probably have finished her with my season kisses, but I'm almost at 100 Green girls, and I wasn't too interested in her otherwise; so I kept the kisses for next month.
  3. Yes No Except for the 2 new actions (Buy all / Max out) and the extra slot, the changes are really just cosmetic.
  4. IIRC, this was described on the event itself; not on the card. The event mentioned that the auto-claim feature of the card would work.
  5. Oh wow, I missed that. That's a HUGE drawback indeed.
  6. Clearly. And if you're worried about overspending, then you can simply use this for all stars/levels except the last one (which is the only one where overspent values are actually wasted). Then you get the best of both worlds: ability to consume hundreds of items in a click, and ability to finely control your spendings as to not overspend/waste anything. As I mentioned in my first post, it's a bit hidden, but it is absolutely possible. There are multiple tabs in the "Hero" section, including a "Boosters" tab where you can equip them. You need to go to Market > My He
  7. It's not like newer players can pick each mythic girl anyway. Probably only 1/2 or 1/3, maybe 1/4 for the more casual ones. Once they get up to speed, they'll be able to get up to 2 Mythic girls per month and slowly catch up. This isn't specific to Mythic Days, either. Some events are beginner-friendly, some aren't. It's just normal game progression.
  8. The math was only done with a single Classic Event girl (10% Drop rate, 2-8 shards). Not sure you'd get the same result with Villain girls (And you'd have to redo the math for each villain, because they get different drop rate/shards)
  9. Yeah. They should simply add one more tab ("Girls", below "Hero"), and have the girls there. Otherwise, how would players be able to take such amazing screenshots:
  10. They're still there though. They just take up the 9th slot instead of the 8th. Maybe you're too low level on Test (or don't have enough girls) to see them?
  11. Well, then players just have to buy 15000~30000 energy on top of the Mythic cost 😛
  12. En théorie, c'est corrigé depuis ce midi/début d'après-midi
  13. The biggest issue at the moment is the fact that you have to go back to the Harem to upgrade/level up the girls. With the 5~10 seconds it takes to load the harem, this can be really annoying. The "Max out" features are good, even though they're not 100% optimal (You can overspend). But at least there's a warning if this happens (here on a 1* girl) : I noticed a small bug: when you max out one stat in the market, all the buttons to increase the other stats become disabled as well. You need to close and reopen the market to increase the other stats (So you need to open/close the
  14. A good 7th place for the last day, pretty nice. Final result: - 1 Top 25 - 2x Top 10 (2 MPx3) - 1x Top 4
  15. Arcana is the last Mythic girl I had to skip on her first appearance, that hasn't been revived yet (Yes, that's a bit complicated ) Once I get her, I won't have to care about Mythic Revivals for a while (Until girls start showing up for a 2nd revival). I'm ready!
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