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  1. 'We are preparing more thrilling features and exciting events with exclusive girls. Having Dating Tokens as currency makes all girls obtainable and takes away the exclusivity and the thrill of the chase.' Translation: Fuck you guys give us more money, what did you want to collect girls in the waifu collector game!
  2. Dude just because you have a difference of opinion does not make it right for you to start insulting people for no reason. Don't know if you having a bad day or something but could you try to be less aggressive?
  3. I appreciate the sentiment and the desire to implement new things. However on the quality of the effort, I personally think the animations look bad and patched together. If the girls and their poses were created with animation in mind it may be better. For now they just look janky.
  4. damn, i thought them adding more girls to this was a one time thing, not a permanent change.
  5. Seems like this is a mistake as Taria is on Edwarda
  6. Having girls return in this event like this would be a good idea if you could select a girl so it only drops her shards until you switch in the event screen.
  7. This is stupid, i have yet to get a single girl from the Kinky cumpetition, best i can do is about 60 shards with natural regen. Now this one is saying its split between 4 girls. A better solution would be allowing you to select which girls shards you want to drop, rather than it be random.
  8. not sure if its bad luck but shard drop rates seem particularly bad, 50 combativity for 5 shards of anniversary Rabbi
  9. Hopefully they give out some free combativity as an apology.
  10. Norou is not showing up on donatien. Though in addition i hope this isn't it, as it just seems like a normal event, not very anniversary worthy.
  11. I'm surprised your doing more in club champs, I am doing about 1/3 my normal damage.
  12. This is cool and all but it does not change the fact that lots of people including myself sank a load of resources into the contest only for our strategies to get ruined by this maintenance. 150 kobans and a single orb feels inadequate.
  13. kind of annoyed, this update cost me top 4 in the last contest.
  14. is it their goal to make Club Champions an even worse experience every patch, if so they are succeeding.
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