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  1. It certainly feels less by the time you do a couple of 1x fights the shard pool is down to double-digits... sure you could do 10x or 50x fights, but this requires you to pay a lot more attention and a bit of careful planning not to waste any boosters, which is close to impossible given how fast the shards disappear. Alternatively you could arrange your life around being online every 2 hours to be able to sneak in a shard here and there, but it is very debatable, whether Nike is worth it. From a competitive point of view - it isnt, from pixel point of view - probably not as well (especial
  2. shards last less than a minute on main, so comparatively you have it easy
  3. Damn, those CmC brackets are such a hit and miss. You needed 150k for 15th in my bracket, which would have been almost enough for top4 in others.
  4. Besides money of course... is it applied to kobans, orbs and gems from PoP?
  5. With 5 minutes to go (my last snapshot), ciscotn was 4th with 6896 points
  6. I think you can only contact support if you have a verified email
  7. Your assumption is correct, the PoPs only reset after the 7 days are over.
  8. Hm, I am wondering where you lost so much time. I played fairly relaxed (a lost few hours here are there) and I was done with the villains task 13-14 hours before reset.
  9. Yeah sure, there are level 500 NPC players, but from my experience the majority of them have a very decent line-up and are no slouches. I ran a couple of queries for my past few leagues: 2022.03.10 - 2022.03.17: 6/10 in the top15, 7/10 in the top45 2022.03.17 - 2022.03.24: 5/9 in the top15, 8/9 in the top45 2022.03.24 - 2022.03.31: 7/10 in the top15, 10/10 in the top45 2022.03.31 - 2022.04.07: 7/8 in the top15, 8/8 in the top45 2022.04.07 - 2022.04.14: 5/11 in the top15, 9/11 in the top45 2022.04.14 - 2022.04.21: 2/8 in top15, 6/8 in the top45 2022.04.21 - 2022.04.28: 11/20 in
  10. Yeah I very much disagree with that. For reference, I am always in the top10-15 girl-power wise. I am on the cusp of unlocking 651+, which will make me even top5. However I am always the last or second to last player level wise, I havent hit level 400 yet and I struggle hard to stay in the top45 even with 10-12 kordy boosters. so the level still very much plays a significant role, at least on the main server. .
  11. What a garbage feature. I wonder which rewards are they gonna dilute. League? PoP? Pachinko?
  12. I phrased it incorrectly. What I meant was the separation between players that have the girl and the ones that do not. I have this funny feeling that the brackets from day2 onwards are mixed up and players that got the girl are competing against ones that do not.
  13. Yes, I'm still in the wrong bracket. I havent claimed the girl, so might be related to that. However I dont know if it is a visual issue only, or they switched it up and there are no post-girl brackets anymore (a la CC).
  14. I think something is wrong with the brackets. I placed top4 in the first day and now I am placed in a bracket that has the girl as a reward, and not one with orbs.
  15. How about some personal responsibility when you shit the bed?
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