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  1. However named the topic - your bias is showing, so reel it back in, would ya. I would consider a typo in the description a minor change. Given the new combat system, changes such as this one are anything but minor, especially to one of the top girls in this rotation (from what I gather).
  2. No you are not. Changing stuff is fine, but they should always announce it. That's what the release notes are for. Kinkoid and shitty communication - name a more iconic duo.
  3. I mean it's nice that we are getting a new feature, but I dont have high hopes - I think this will be yet another (probably short-term) money printing avenue. How about you focus on improving the existing functionality instead of saying "fuck it, this is lost, lets have something new". There are a number of features which will greatly improve the game experience for users, but I guess they dont make any money, so are put at the bottom of the backlog: - How about some new (personal) champions - this should be something fairly easy to do, but it would give a lot of players some additional s
  4. @blaaI think most of us would prefer an honest and direct communication style - somewhere along the lines: we reduced the drop rate because it is way too generous, people were hoarding thousands of orbs. Maybe even provide some stats about the distribution of hoarded orbs etc... Instead they go the pussy way and sneak-nerf stuff, hoping that none will notice. Or provide some bullshit PR statement like the case with the dating tokens.
  5. Even before the update the probabilities were never 50/50, but rather 40/60 and in case of the EP orbs - even 20/80 (80% garbage of course). But the probabilities for the new temporary PoP are utter garbage - you are correct.
  6. Nothing special on paper, that's right. But who knows how many undocumented changes have been made. Maybe they decided that the 10% MyP orb probability from PoP is way too high and have decreased it further.
  7. What exactly is meant by that? From what I can see the max stage is 501 (at least in the first two worlds). Or does that mean level 3000 for a single girl (before resetting)?
  8. Isn't the whole discussion a bit pointless tho? If you hold back and skip fights in an easier league you lose XP. If you promote to the next one and you are the bottom of the barrel you still lose XP. And by the way - you can buy XP with your credit card - I have 2 bundes in the shop for 300k XP right now.
  9. Speaking of the permanent PoPs, I have the gut feeling that the devs have tweaked the drop rates (by mistake of course). I have gotten an absurdly low amount of MP orbs in the last two weeks. Here is the 14-day moving average from all 3 PoPs (the date is the start date of the window, meaning all data after 08.09 will take less than 14 days into account). Here is the 21-day moving average from all 3 PoPs (the date is the start date of the window, meaning all data after 01.09 will take less than 21 days into account).
  10. Now that I have gotten the new PoPs, all I can say is - wow 🤦. I am not on discord, so can one of you please let the junior devs that the PoPs scale with the level. It's probably just an oversight, given that they don't even play the game.
  11. Wait, so you are saying you always get 1 gift/book/whatever and not 3-4-5 depending on your level? This will be very weird - even the valuable orbs scale with the level
  12. Has anyone gotten the new PoPs? Do you know how and if they scale?
  13. Wasnt there a message today saying that there is 15% off for combativity refills?
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