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  1. Many men are muscular type and young indeed. Twinks are more slenders with barely no muscles. I think what bothers you is the lack of facial/torso/pubic hairs. No? You can still enjoy the story and you can propose in this section=> https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/forum/68-ideas-and-suggestions/ what you want. You can put pictures, draw a sketch or a schema, modify it to point out the features you'd like to see. But a least put a lot in a description to so our content creators could find some inspiration
  2. It's weird, the bottom grey part (where you're suppose to write and send your message with the arrow) is the same when I'm offline.
  3. To my knowledge, it is not planed to translate the game in Portuguese. Hentai Heroes has a Spanish version that GH would disserve as well maybe things will change in the future but right now, there is no plan for your suggestion. I'm sorry
  4. Hello @pau13cm, Can you please put your post also in English. It's an English part of this forum and it needs to be moderated, therefore, it needs to be in English. I'm giving you 24h to proceed for the change or I'll delete your thread, thank you for understanding
  5. I'm fusing your subject @seraficio999 sicne it has already been answered. Subject closed again.
  6. Keep contacting him. Follow his instructions, it should be fine.
  7. I'm stuck at 900 too. It's not blue gems, it's "element sensual". You can use a team with 3 "playful" guys to gain 10% damage and 10% ego. But you'll need to have guys lvl 500-550 for a total of attaque power of 81k to hope beat this floor.
  8. They did make it clear twice on the patch note blog: https://blog.kinkoid.com/patchnotes/patch-notes-gay-harem/ and let us 20 days to spend it. On the October 23rd and 26th, we had a harem building contests which made it obvious we had to spend our Dating Tokens on those days so we could get some value out of it. But we're no longer on the initial subject. If it's going into more digressions from the initial subject, I'll close this thread.
  9. Go to GH discord and PM Neven. Hope your problem will be resolved soon
  10. Oh you're meaning his astro sign. Yeah that sucks x)
  11. It's not really worth and also, never go for the mythic guy on the 1st day. Wait the mid second to have the peace to get it
  12. What happened with your ticket? Is your situation fixed now?
  13. You need 4-5 sandalwood perfumes and around 9k kobans in troll refills to get a mythic. Without the perfumes, depending on your luck, it can go from 12k to 25k kobans, average is around 15k-17k You also lost 2 days of CP for the classic event
  14. You bought it? Wuy? o_o I though you just came here to report an in game error. Yes tickets are the best things you can do. I'm happy you found it. You should get refounded. I'm not sure about this but do not use what you got in the bundle, I'm pretty sure it would makes things easier for the refound
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