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  1. For what I know 1 ⭐ common characters were a way to test new artists, especially for HH. GH is getting their counters now. We're still missing a lot of alts. I remember last year when they made 100 girls going into the game. Was apic 😂 There are an nice way to get fast to the lvl 700 barrier and get your 7 strongest guys to max level for pvp. It's cheap but it's still wasted gems in the end cause they don't have much purpose...
  2. Hey guys! So there is the domination scheme with the elements things now. All your guys inside your teams do a little something to the other team base on their elements. Some can reduce defense for example or others are hidden. Then those numbers can be seen in the matchmaking and change from people to people. There is also the blessing changing every monday after reset that affects your guy's power. You need to update your teams every Mondays.
  3. Do you have enough guys to join the league? Can you share screenshots about that problem please?
  4. It's not an error. The image below belongs to HentaiHeroes. GH didn't get the counter image or it's broken for GH. Anyways, I'll forward this
  5. >.< I see what is that bug now. Thx for the vid. It has been reported already. Hope it's gonna get fixed soon...
  6. 👆 Clearing cache/cookies often helps
  7. I have it only on my phone and I haven't tested it. WIll check it later
  8. Just tested it and it seems to be working again.
  9. It's a known issue. The market is bugging. Let hope some fix soon.
  10. Good luck. Hope the guys won't interest you then :s
  11. Since classic and orgy guys on champions is a new thing, I don't think it has been updated so you can see it clearly in the event list 🤔 I'll share that on discord with the CM
  12. GH has a lot of issues in the market at the moment. Other players reported it. You can consult this blog to chek if your problem appears but CM told us mods that it is reported already. Thank you for reporting it too ❤️ https://blog.kinkoid.com/spotlight/known-and-fixed-issues/
  13. Salut @doll666 Il faut que tu nettoies tes caches et tes cookies
  14. Hello! Try to clear your caches and cookies (regularely). It should fix this problem.
  15. Hello! Try to clear your caches and cookies. It should help
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