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  1. Its a bug https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/23782-another-one-bit-of-what/&tab=comments#comment-268987
  2. I like that informative news, really! Which one past event? Or what does it mean in the past? What missions? Press the button and wait for X hours? How a player may miss that reward?! How it is theoretically possible while Claim Reward button available at least 30 days after the end of the event? What was the original reward and why it is replaced by some booster? I didn’t get 1st free bundle for Anniversary event. Is it in the past? Is it an event? Was it a missed reward? May I get a booster for it somewhere and somehow? What is the activity page? I have onl
  3. And did you get rid of this shit? I get it every time I visit https://www.gayharem.com/home.html and nothing helps (OK, close, relogin, clear cookies, etc.)
  4. I bet this time they leave it as is.
  5. Can somebody clarify please, what is it a new piece of extra-valuable shit and where is the asshole to push it in? 🙄
  6. We have this bug, we have smae bug in Harem window, we still have 'fixed' bug in the Shop... but instead we get new extra valuable 1* guys /sarcasm 🙄
  7. Bug report closed without any answer at all. That is how they treated customers.
  8. I wanted to get Sunday special offer (combativity + 1000 anniversary gems) right before the 24h timer will gone (~11:40) but get nothing! The offer was gone before end of the timer. 🥵 Thanks a lot for this 'gift'!
  9. It seems that code for tickets have unstated minimum level requirement 😠
  10. What is the code for tickets? I have only one code that didn't work.
  11. That I've missed while autoclose that nag screen with offers 😆
  12. No, it's not 🥵 Still selling irrelevant items.
  13. It seems to be fixed too.
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