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  1. Yes, this is important for Mother Angel's 'blessings', I guess, so we can make temporary changes to our orgy teams. Me, I can't be bothered. If they want to express their confusion by revising parameters they can knock themselves out as far as I'm concerned. I've long bitched about this on the basis of general accuracy. Those preparing the girls parameters (profiles) I swear they are colour blind. They especially have trouble with 'red', 'orange', blonde, or strawberry blonde. The haremette where they got the hair colour description exactly right was Alt Jingle whose hair is given as
  2. Yes. I'm wondering about the extra event mission too. For me they start around 10pm which means I may have to stay up all night when the longer missions kick in. As it is, being rather busy these days, it was a tight timeline to finish in time, even before this change. It's pushing me to consider the unthinkable - finally saying goodbye to the game so I can have my life back. Boohoo. Anyway, the girls... Oh yay! Vechta as a mission girl! Very generous. Now I can check out her affection scenes. Like Blue, I love kitty cats even more than I love pussies. Holly Heck! This looks l
  3. Thanx for all your comments. One question was answered... the x100 drops are still alive and well. So congrats to you all who got one. To Natstar... You were right not to give up. In Peregrine Took I eventually got her to x97 shards with a top-up recharge possible before the end of the event. So, given the pattern of drops, I rated my chances and I waited til the last 10 minutes. BIG MISTAKE....(!) God, you couldn't make this up! I woke up at 2am (my time) having fallen asleep with 1 hr 34 minutes left to go when I had last checked, only to learn, unsurprisingly, that the event had
  4. Great choice of thread, this, and the 'no spoilers' rule is acknowledged, but I may creep over the edge. Oops if I do. As members may have noted, I've been going right back through the world adventures when I've been bored. The outcome was really interesting for me. From Digisekai on (or maybe even the end of Splatters Archipelago) much was revealed about the Haremverse and our hero's somewhat accidental role it. The story ceased to be linear and took on an altogether more expansive multi-dimensional identity. Much has to do with characters' memories and how this has played into
  5. Trixie, with the pretty face and those wonderful 'thunder thighs' so alluringly clad in fine fishnets. Yes, we wants it, Precious, but she's playing too hard to get. Performance after performance I get the cash icon showing, or the occasional legendary gift item (or the useless champion ticket confetti). I worked out that I'd need 5,500 kobans to even have a slight chance of getting her, if the drop rate remains consistent. In my best account so far (Peregrine Took) she is on 52 shards, the next best (this one) 34. Clearly my dick isn't up to scratch. She might suddenly change he
  6. Tell me, has anyone got a x100 drop on Trixie yet? I think they must've removed these. I haven't actually had a single x100 drop since the last Orgy Days event,which (for 6 accounts) is very unusual for me. If they have gone (or the drop rate for them is dramatically reduced), this seems to be a pattern that has steadily crept into this game - right across the board with respect to drop rates. If members can reply that they have, indeed, gained Trixie with a x100 drop then I'll just put it down to my bad luck.
  7. These events are just a 'toe in the water' for me. I had some spare kobans in my Herbie Hynde account (also the account where she appeared in the thumbnail as obtainable). I gave it 40 tries and not a single shard. I understand getting a girl with 6 stars is a tough ask by definition, but over a short 3 days is an impossibility for someone in my 'financial' circumstances. Therefore, I've given up, for this and all subsequent events and I'm returning to the main event that Mythic Days always conflicts with. Hey, you might be able to answer this... Why doesn't she show up in all my acco
  8. Wow!! A truly hot version of Bonny. I always liked her bob hairstyle that always looks immaculately groomed, no matter how many asses she kicks (oh, except for her last two poses in her original variant where her hair was allowed to grow). I hope I manage to get her, but I don't like my chances. The drop rate from EP seems to be steadily falling away, but here's hoping. I appreciate Bonny's backstory too and I have developed a lot of sympathy for her past and how it made her loathe men. It makes her seem real somehow. Certainly Selena can appreciate her and the same backstory. I'd be i
  9. I searched for a thread on this topic, but I couldn't find it. So apologies if I have duplicated an existing topic. No doubt George or one of the other moderators will remove or move it if that's the case. The demise of the dating tokens "until further notice"... At least they still apply for the upcoming classic event (presumably from tonight - my time). HH argue it's to 'restore balance' and to maintain the 'rarity', (or exclusivity?), of girls. I was intending to use event tokens to get those girls available from Legendary Days or from Legendary Contests where I had missed out, bu
  10. dHarry. How can I top your last post? POA is always a love-hate with me when I don't have as much time as I used to. This time I Iooked at my koban bank in all accounts and thought, "Not a dog's show!". I was wrong. With over a day left, I managed to get both girls I could get in all but one account. Even in that account I'm just waiting for the Leagues and Seasons to refresh so I can get the last 20 points to get Nariko. I'm beginning to master the strategies and timing for playing this game. I even went to sleep and took long walks for some much needed sun and fresh air. Spring
  11. I have to stop doing this!! Oh yea of little faith! I managed to get her in this account (and in Herbie Hynde) at the end of the third day. First day 25 shards, second 50 shards and third 25. Bingo. My tactic was a surprise attack from behind... Umm. Had a bit of cash to spare on the donation contest and a ton of equipment to sell. Touch and go though since I almost ran out of both cash and goodies. I had an agonising wait to see if others would catch up waiting at 5th place on Day 2 for the last two hours. I dropped to 7th, but it was enough. Champion performances and defeat vi
  12. I think I'm stuffed in this contest. You guys are just too damned good! This is the only account where I might have a chance with 25 shards on the first day (I was... THIS close to getting 50 shards - one place off). I'm not trying too hard yet because I'm trying to run savvy race and come from behind. Will it work? Probably not, but it's worth a try. You're probably on to this already. Luckily for me I haven't had that pesky 500 Internal Server Error for a couple of days now. I've dramatically reduced how often I switch between server and test server and this seems to have fixe
  13. That's a good thought - kind of like a denial of service. I agree with the responsibility of Kinkoid to better explain the error to players. I do a lot of switching between the main and test servers. It happens to me about 5 times a day and lasts around 20min at a time. However, re. the IP, as an impromtu diagnostic I've tried logging in on my phone using mobile data at the same time. The IP address would be different under these circumstances, but the problem persists there too and at the same time (synchronised). This suggests it might be a wider problem of capacity and overloading of
  14. Oh dear... One after the other. Sorry. But I managed to snare Sailor Skytte in Peckerbird and I have to share. Choice affection scenes. Wonderful parody on the movie, Titanic. Since it was revealed that she operates in the Juy Sea, I wonder if this is where Skytte rescued our hero, after he was shot from a canon into the drink (the last quest in Invaded Kingdom). I first met Skytte really early on when she was tempting our hero to an exploration of other worlds, with a fucking good time on the way no doubt. Waiting beside her was an alluring Eugenie. Yes, I love going down memory l
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