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  1. I've just managed to secure the services of Minato and I have to say she's the cutest little violinist since Vanessa Mae. The only flaw is her final pose where her head is out of proportion to the rest of her body. Her third pose is a real stunner. She's not beautiful, but she's so damned cute that if she were real and she even so much as smiled at me with her pretty eyes my dick would go instantly rock hard and veins would explode to cause me serious blood loss. What an embarrassing way to find oneself in an ambulance that would be. Her other version is equally cute and in gorgeo
  2. Brassygirl! Hey, I thought you disappeared of the face of the earth. I'm so very glad you didn't. I won't say welcome back because for all I know you never left. You see, I don't go in the forum much these days so I've been missing all the goss. I've got into trouble quite a bit with the moderators for various sins and perhaps this will suffer the same fate. Anyway, you said we can post anything, within the rules of politeness. I'm assuming that things like spoilers are still out. It's about this point I wish to make a comment, and risk getting into to trouble again. The real h
  3. This is just a rort. It is very hard to get the first girl, let alone the higher tier girls. I believe the last two should be mythic girls to match their value to the effort required to get them. Needless to say, I had no luck at all, except in this account where I came very close. I would've had to battle villains a lot more than I was able to because of my koban deficit. As for leagues and seasons, I would have to have added buying boosters to the equation. I agree with some other members that performing against champions and pantheon's stairway should be added to the tasks.
  4. In my opinion the artwork is a bit odd in this event for Lion Cleo and Princess Atsuki. The same artist is responsible for both (and for many earlier characters like Magical Girl Lilly, Noelle, Exam Shina and E-girl Sabine). In each of these examples the girls' eyes are cloned as if the artist has done a forensic photofit on them. As such I much prefer the original version of Atsuki who, in the classic anime tradition, is very cute in a most unusual, but endearing, way (the way Nikita is). The other characters are much more endearing, in my view, especially that curvy wolf girl, Luna. To
  5. Yeah, the whole Champions thing has become a rort, in my opinion. I find it almost impossible to beat the higher order champions, whereas once it was very possible. Then again, this might be due to the fact that I avoid playing them if at all possible, hence I have accumulated around 12,000 tickets. When I do decide to play, all the impressions I get are set back to zero. It doesn't seem to matter if I waste my time to change teams as it still seems almost impossible for me to impress any of them. The plus side for me is that when playing PoA, I don't have to face winning when it's a disa
  6. I made no attempt to get the second girl, but am more than satisfied by Vana. How can such a woman, so attuned to extreme cold, be so hot!? Check out her third pose: the perfect ass, perfect boobs and alluringly wicked smile. She's so deliciously curvy, isn't she. And her affection scenes portray her as frighteningly physically powerful and dominant, but if it were me on the receiving end I'd have a hard-on that would be as if I took those hormones used in horse stud farms. Yes,... no trouble being warmed up in her presence. Just one thing, what is that black stripe across her nose? A t
  7. So this is the much-lauded replacement for the romance tokens (or whatever they were called. It refreshes new girls a bit too quickly. My question is: will this be a regular event, or will it be the one-off we already had? If it was a one-off, then it's a fraud.
  8. I answered my own question. I can refresh the grid without refreshing the rewards. I tried it in an account where the girl didn't matter. Silly me. I should've guessed. I assume this event will come around again once a month with a new girl randomly selected. I assume, too, that the girl selected has shards already on her. It was probably in the introductory explanation, but I didn't pick it up at first read. It's not a bad initiative and I'll be watching with interest to see how it goes. I hope it doesn't end up like the ill-fated romance token system.
  9. Mieko... That veil in her hair was a dead give away. I still need quite a few shards to get her, but I can now confidently assert that she's the girl who fucked our hero out of the contest for mayor of Begin City (Tano affection scenes). Man, she's damn gorgeous! It would make for an interesting council meeting if she communicates by batting her eyelids and winking.
  10. This sounds interesting, but the girl assigned appears to be random, not as is the case with the lamentable loss of the dating tokens. Currently, in all my accounts none of the current girls match the almost completed girls in my harem, like O'Malley (99 shards) and Caroline (86 shards). I'm very keen to recruit them, but the wait seems like it may be infinity. HH's answer to the loss of the dating token system is that the system should have been reserved for exclusive girls. If this new system is the answer it appears to be rather perverse. The devs should consider a career in politi
  11. I love those two werebunny cops. I was hoping and praying they would end up in a cameo event and my wish has been granted. The downside is that they're pachinko only which means they're unavailable to me. Jyna is particularly cute and sexy - and what a name; seems related to a particular part of the female anatomy. As for Benji and Carrie, it's so nice to learn their names from the time they first appeared as sleep-deprived prison guards who needed a good fuck to stay awake. They're much better drawn than the originals. Dame Charmante appears to be Matsuda's side-kick in Heroes U
  12. I'm assuming I'm allowed to comment on any of the girls on display on this thread. I want to comment on the two girls available in Seasons. With only two tiers to go in this account I'm on target to get Arachnicole - a very spidery name! That's okay cos I love spiders. I'd have to assess her affection scenes or later poses to judge, however. As for Spookylicious, she bears a striking resemblance to Pooky from a very early event, but much more gothic. Check her out and judge for yourselves. Regarding the PoV girls, I got them both, but it cost me quite a few kobans to do get Horn
  13. Oops! I've just been warned for 'topic bumping'. Presumably this related to my discussion of the lovely Jezebel. Okay, sorry. To comment on the fact that I just paid an arm and a leg to get her would require that I go back to whenever she first appeared in Legendary Contests. Alternatively, am I allowed to create a new topic so I can rave? I await the moderator's response. Anyway, about the Nymphobies event... What can I say? At the risk of sounding even more boring than I usually do, I can't rate these beauties. They're all gorgeous in my estimation and I generally agree with the
  14. I'm looking forward to Gaia in Seasons. She looks pretty hot - and pretty. I'll only succeed in one account, however. My girl's stats in other accounts are, frankly, awful because Mother Angel has not been kind with her blessings: two rotten pairing of choices in a row. I mean to say, eye colour black and Pisces together... ugh. Not one of my 5 star legendaries has this combination. I'm trying as much as I can to awaken the right girls (up to two weeks ahead), but I'm stalling at the moment. Black, blue and green gems are the hardest for me to get. There's no place to comment on th
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