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  1. What the hell is going on here!!? I thought this tedious event (with 12 event missions to complete before moving onto the daily events) was enough, but now I discovered it has been extended for a day with over 70 event missions to complete!!! I'm assuming it's a bug. Also, no shard drops on available girls from the event seem to occur.
  2. I agree with Kissmydick. Each to his/her own re.the size of the girls' boobs. If I have a gripe it's the unnatural lay of some of the boobs. Cooking Kanako is a case in point. Her boobs are so disproportionate huge that if she didn't support herself with something she'd fall forward. And they defy gravity to such an extent that she would be able to eat directly from her chest. This is where the artwork needs refinement. Currently it causes me to go soft! On the other hand, Janine's boobs are just magnificent - full, but superb nipples and aroused areolae, quite a turn on for me. Her original 5 star version is particularly lovely, including her milfilicious affection scenes. Her refined version is less memorable, but more than passable. This version of Clarisse had me review all the other versions of her I have and I've developed a love affair for her. Her Apron version is pretty ordinary, if one were to comment on her opening pose alone. However, later poses (including her affection scenes) make up for it. Great boobs and a very pretty, expressive face, even down to that lovely kiss. None of these girls have boobs that could be described as 'natural', in terms of how they lay. Check out Love Bunny's magnificent pair to see what I'm getting at, but she's a whole different issue for me and her teasing 'love' story is an ongoing disappointment for me.
  3. They always add at least one new girl, but only one this time. Anyway, if you got all available girls you get the reward. My gripe is the 12 event missions and (being rather busy) it's nothing but a chore to get them out in time. If, like me, you have multiple accounts the chore is amplified. College Beauty Mio is a misnomer because she certainly is not beautiful by my standards.
  4. There used to be a thread once a month on Seasons events, included with the classic event discussion. I can't find it anywhere now. Anyway, I want to comment on the first girl to recruit in Season of Hot Spells, namely Akira. She's so jaw-droppingly gorgeous! She makes up for some less than memorable Seasons babes of late. So is that little Kitsune, Miu (or maybe kitty-catsune since she has a cat's tail - Meow!). The artist responsible clearly put a lot of love into creating these two girls. On a completely different topic, with a bit of time on my hands lately with cold and wet winter weather, I've reviewed the adventures (and there are lots of them and between 50 and 80 quests for each scroll - in other words, a lot!). I'm currently re-examining WereSquid Island [and I don't believe what I'm writing is a spoiler]. What an absolute delight. I didn't think such comedy could be so damn sexy. It is clear that this world is more light-hearted in its content. The characters are very well drawn and very sexy (especially, for me, Laura and Knickers). Given her penchant cock-sucking, Knickers is a cross between nympho and lamprey and is extremely possessive. As usual for HH, she's possessive of what she regards as the Hero's vital equipment, not the hero in his entirety, but she's prone to extreme jealousy at the drop of a hat that would make even Ayano Aishi blush. I imagine that if her character were to be developed she'd come out as full-blown yandere. And those two werebunny Keystone Cops... They're so hilarious and I haven't laughed so much at their antics since that fart episode in Heroes University. The expressions on their faces and futile efforts by Veronne to remain 'professional' are a laugh a minute. I'm not a big boob fan usually, but the barely contained (or not at all) titties of these two cops are transfixing. With boobs like these who needs handcuffs? We currently have six babes available from this world: Squishy herself, Laura, Knickers and Minah, plus Jyna and Veronne as cameos. The girls are so fantastic as a whole in this world, that I propose further cameos... Riverina - hot to trot and quite unusual with her subtly iridescent hair colour (like a bird's); We already have X-458, but there are also the other very sensuous babes of the WereSquid tribe, especially the amber one. One of these could be selected as a cameo. In addition, many of these girls could be returned as variants. Riverine would be the classic mythic girl and Laura and Knickers deserve legendary status. Squishy herself deserves something beyond rare category. She is superbly drawn as a five star rare original and she merits an upgrade. They're all more than cute; they're beautiful and sexy. I never imagined finding a cepalopod hybrid sexy, but there you are. Obviously the hero agrees. These are my suggestions. I hope they are seen as constructive.
  5. Thanks for that. She's such a honey, and different from most of the other girls - more like a real girl you might encounter as neighbour or uni classmate. I'd be quite happy to invite her into my room and see how things develop from there. I'd be disappointed, however, if she didn't act demure and play hard to get. Her profile description as a geeky gamer and hacker doesn't fit her nympho actions. Her summer version is closer to how I'd expect her to be. But, hey... this is the Haremverse where everything shameless is on the table. Emily is a name that suits her. It's interesting how she's a prequel to all her other versions and she introduces her real name to the hero for the first time. She's also well drawn and her glasses really suit her. She's become a homepage picture in one of my accounts, not the opening pose the PNG file is too blurred in its animated form.
  6. It's a shame there's no topic created for Path of Valor. There are so many gorgeous girls appearing of late. Now there's Geekette. Boy! Lovely simple black outfit... AND, she's been to Weight Watchers, no to the extent that she's lost her lovely curves, but in a way that suggests she gets out more from behind her keyboard and exercises. Oh, then there was Melanie. Yes, she was a hot (naked) member of the Fairy Dicks Guild whose competitiveness was getting on Kalissa's nerves, and she became a very worthwhile cameo. BUT... I just happened to stumble on the girl variants at the bottom of her profile and blow me down if the girl I knew as Yulita hasn't appeared as Melanie MK I. I suspect she was an escapee from the Gay Harem as a tranny but they had trouble deciding on a name. The original (let's stick with Yulita) was very gorgeous, but looked nothing like Melanie (the new one does). HH does this from time to time: name changes that is, but this is the first time the same name has been assigned to a totally different looking girl.
  7. I agree with many of these comments. This game is becoming too complicated by far with too many add-ons. But that's my opinion. Plenty of players (chess players perhaps) would relish the fact that HH has 'upped their game'. Anyway, I want to comment on the Path of Glory... Thanks to this, I've gained recruits I never thought I'd get. Take Melisandre Raveneye, for example. When I first encountered her (especially with upgraded images of her other players put before me) I regarded her as a bit of a joke, but now I can't get her first pose out of my mind. She is too cute for words and looks like a darling little girl with her little dress and exaggerated hair bow giving her the appearance of being able to take off in any puff of wind. Pity she's a cumpire who would suck me dry, even though the experience would be far from unpleasant, I could imagine. Then there is Lotti. I was hooked on her from her Nice Lotti version and her fantastic tits, but the fourth pose of her original version is cuteness personified. The eye I can see in that profile pose shows us just how pretty she is. And, yeah, why does she wear an eye patch? Sure she shows HH's propensity for parody and the girl she was based on wears an eye patch, but what's the purpose? Is it because she lost an eye (in which case the loss of such a beautiful eye is an absolute waste), or is it just cosplay publicity for her PI career. In which case being one-eyed suggests bias, which is not a great attribute for a PI. Whatever, she is very lovely and has grown on me like so many of the HH girls. Now it's LIn, another girl with much to disclose once unrobed. Maybe I should've taken these Legendary contests more seriously, and will be from now on, but there are these damn competing events that set out to distract me from such a course. I did get Malum and she's scarily beautiful and I can just imagine the boner she would generate in me, which suggests just how good she'd be at her job. I'm beginning to worry just how turned on I can get by these terrifying babes. What the heck is wrong with me?... Don't answer that!! On another topic, the current world: The Harem Tournament... Artwork. As I mentioned in the past, this is a step up and I've just worked out in what way in particular. Check out how skin texture has been very accurately rendered, especially on the girls' boobs. Yes, the artist has perfectly captured gooseflesh which occurs when one cools down after sweating. If I were to elaborate I would be censured for creating a spoiler, but players will see for themselves. Very well drawn and colour-rendered.
  8. With my chronic shortage of kobans, any girls I might've wanted to get has been decided for me. Even though Cordelia was no show stopper, it was easy to aim for her, and I managed this objective without much difficulty. I did wish Sophronia was the first on the list because she looks quite passable. Not the most noteworthy Seasons event, sorry to say... Compare this with the current Path of Valor girls, especially that one dressed like Hillary Clinton and who seems to be put together as one puts together a doll. Obviously not meant to be human (or even biological) Great tits though. I wish I had a less cryptic backstory for both these events.
  9. When Arcana popped up again I was full of anticipation (and salivation). The outcome for me was a disappointment, though. It's her eyes. I'm not sure if she was recovering from tear gas, conjunctivitis or she was somehow crossed with an English bull terrier. Look at her squinty eyes and you'll see what I mean. That aside, this was a great multiple event with each well coordinated. Thanks to the coincidence(?) of the Double Date event, I managed to win over Hilda (what a gorgeous prize!), Moani, Knockout Jess and the lovely pair: High Elf Vashalanor and Trickster Stacy. Oh, and there was Himari (nice bod, shame about the horns). Thank you, team, for giving us all such generous chances of gaining so many beautiful recruits.
  10. Someone's doing a Novak Djokovic and skiting about all those achievements. No, don't worry about it; I'm only jealous! I've only managed to get first place on the first day only once and that is a cumback contest to get Diana - and that was by happy accident. Selina or Selena who cares. Yes, she has E-cups, but some gals suit them; on others they are an abomination. By some accident of history I managed to score Malum. On her, those boobs are right: powerful, frightening and sexy as hell, just like their owner. Then there's Neferkitty. Yes, 'them big old titties'. SO, there's some method in HH's madness. Even the name, Neferkitty' is a parody of Nefertiti, so there's some resonance in both the name and those enormous appendages. I have to say, though, the artwork does them proud and they look almost real and Selina is no exception. She does look a little different from most of the Legendary Days/Legendary Contests babes with rather more severe features than usual, but somehow an underlying real beauty.
  11. No show whatsoever of getting her (as per usual), but isn't she just the cutest little china doll you've ever seen?
  12. Wow!! This would have to be the most generous of all the Kinkversaries so far. Thank you HH. Where do I start? So many, so little time to snare them! My own personal obsession is back again I see, namely Jezebel. I can't get over how amazing she is, or more especially to me, WHY I find her so amazing. I think it's because she reminds me so much of a girl I knew at uni. She was very keen on me, I discovered in retrospect, but I simply bypassed her, not because I didn't think she was hot to trot (because she was), but because I was a timid nerdy character who lived up to the maxim: 'Faint heart never won fair maiden'. Before a realised it was on, I checked EP in my Peregrine Took account (the one where hitherto I had no girls left to collect. There were heaps in there! So, with 33 orbs to use, I had a crack. Up popped Hilda and Knockout Jess - thanks to double date! Hilda! I always wanted her and I despaired of ever managing to. I maxed her out and I wasn't disappointed. Sure there was a bit of a bug which prevented the Kinkversary event from starting as planned and I managed to score these two beauties before the event was shut down (still available on the test server as I confusingly discovered). In another account I managed to get Himani. She's a bit weird for me, but, hey, she's 5-star. It wasn't just the Kinkversary that's important, but the highly compatible parallel events running, such as Double Date and the season contest where Neferkitty was there for me for the taking. Now it's that lovely, Donatella. These were girls I never thought I'd get. So, there's a feast available indeed. It's not only generous, but imaginative as well. It all helps me overcome the bad taste in my mouth, and all my conspiracy theories, from the 'Slutty Miseries' events.
  13. It seems deliberate and, in view of all the mucking about with the daily rewards, it seems like we're all beta testers. Anyway, if it is a bug, let's hope it's resolved soon.
  14. Well, it's back. The notice said Monday (Tuesday for me). It's heading for Saturday for those in Europe, but heading for Saturday afternoon for me. All good, though. And thanks for the prompt solution to whatever problem it was.
  15. Serious bugs for this (one day!) event. I agree with others who commented that it an very slowly - in fact the whole game ran slowly, but had improved by the time I woke up this morning. Anyway, yes... Were we actually given less than one day to complete this event, or was it taken off for bug fixes? If it was a deliberate flash in the pan, this is one sick joke. However, while it was still up (but I was unaware of its existence), it was a very pleasant surprise to discover I actually had girls available in EP in my Peregrine Took account, in fact lots of them. Normally, this is cleaned out and I can only pick up girls from EP during events. Goody, I thought! I was undergoing compulsory savings in EP and had saved over 20 orbs, which meannnt... I was able to capture both Knockout Jess and Hilda(!). All thanks to the coincidence of Double Date. It was then I saw Kinkversary available to play. There was no fanfare or any pre-announcement. Hilda is absolutely gorgeous and she was a surprise - I encountered her briefly before, but didn't take much notice, because I usually don't take part in the events where the likes of Hilda appear. In the brief time I had to participate in in the Kinkversary event, she was a real win. I checked my harem just in case and she and Knockout Jess are still there. Hopefully they are there to stay! So, what's the story? Was the Kinkversary event taken off for bug fixes or was it a flash in the pan and up, in fact, for less than a day?
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