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About Me

  1. I forgot to claim rewards from path of valor. Is there a way to get them after? Or did they dissapear for good... If there is any answer inside forum please just give me the link and I will check this out. I couldn't find anything useful. Thanks!
  2. Just a curiosity if anyone knows, if I leave the contest rewards unclaimed when the contest's finished, is there any time limit for them as in will they ever just suddenly disappear or can they just be kept there unclaimed until I decide to claim it one day? (This includes time-specific contest rewards like Legendary Contest) Cheers~
  3. Lost many of the rewards from the last season because I save them for use as needed. However because the season ended on a holiday I never got to claim them all, including 2 girls. Can we get an auto-claim at the end of the season/major events?
  4. Grettings to all members, i was wondering about a particular matter regarding rewards. i was curious about the places of power section. i really was interested in getting the rewards for the large amounts of money. i currently have two of them that have a possibility of 2.5 million in reward. does anybody know how the criteria for the rewards in the places of power works? and in this case how do i can get, more efficiently,the money reward? my thanks in advance and all in good health
  5. Places of Power has both permanent and temporary groups. The top three have a girl as the ultimate reward. The bottom six have rewards which I think are based on the class of the girls used, but I am not sure about this part. Anyway, I was excited when this game feature came out because it totally solved my in game money problems. I don't know why, but I did expect to see a greater variety in the rewards for the "temporary places of power." Instead, what I see is the same reward set of orbs, money, kobans, and tickets with little to no varience regardless of class. Surley there must be other combinations of rewards that could be implemented that maintain game balance and still give a better variety for the temporary PoPs? A greater variety of rewards would make the game more interesting and give players something else they could brag about with each other. So, what else could be used? The four market items and the eight different game currencies provide for 32 combinations instead of the current 4. I feel this is something that should be explored as a positive game improvement. What do you guys think? What combinations would you like to see that don't show up now? Should the alternative rewards apply to only the temporary places of power or would you want to see them on the permanent side as well (once the girl has been obtained)?
  6. Case Study Villan Rewards I started to keep track and make notes for fighting the villans since there are 3 ways to play the game that have some influence on the timing that randomizes the rewards given out, thus to my opinion you'll get better or more randomized results if you play the game in the three different ways. From my opinion and looking at the data I'm convinced that the first two ways are better when you want to get the most amount of shards dropped and the most amount of tickets to fight against the champs, however there's no best way for everything because it depends on the goal you have and if you want to spend kobans or not. If you don't have enough kobans to spend for playing the fastest, then I think you're better off playing the slowest way because that gives the best rewards of the choice you have on how you can play the game, when you do have enough kobans you have the choice to do what you want, is your goal to get the most amount of money then play the fastest, the randomization for playing the fastest way is good enough, however I think that it's not the best way to get more shards dropped if you want a particular girl, I think that playing the slowest is better for getting more shards dropped, it's a 5% difference which is quite a lot. You can play the game like the following ways: Do one fight at a time, don't use the skip button at all and repeat, Do one fight at a time, use the skip button every time speeding things up and repeat, Do x10 fights at a time, costing you 12 kobans every time, have the fastest game play there is. I know that I don't have enough data yet to really convince anyone but I am playing it for about a year or so and everyone knows that there are things that stand out or in some way convince yourself to have an opinion on that what stands out right? Well, that's where we are now that I'm sharing the data below:
  7. Friends, I propose an idea to improve the rewards of the villains. First of all, my name is Alfie Salomons, I have been a constant player for 1 year. I have many proposals to improve the game, one of them is that the rewards gradually improve once the villains evolve, I explain: Karole, for example, gives common, rare, epic and legendary gifts (depending on the level) until she reaches level 310, when she reaches rank 2. I propose that when Karole reaches rank 2, she starts giving only rare, epic and legendary gifts, and when she reaches rank 3, only epic and legendary gifts. This way it becomes much more fun and worth investing battle points in this villain, which makes players spend more, not only on battle points but also on kobans, to get better rewards. I think this idea can also be applied to Jackson's crew. I'll say goodbye and thank you for your attention.
  8. I've completed the conditions of the tasks in sex friends section but I'm unable to redeem the rewards... I've reached to lvl. 3000 in the game hentai clicker and I've also registered with live.hentaiheroes.com but I'm still unable to redeem the rewards... Please help.
  9. So, today I didn't get the new contest. I was stashing the contest rewards from the previous days until I get 5 of them today. So, I just want a confirmation / explanation. Did this feature worked as intended? If you have 5 unclaimed rewards you won't get a new contest? Second question. What should I do now? Do I have to claim all the rewards in order to get the new contest tomorrow or I can claim only one (and stay with 4 unclaimed rewards) and will still get one tomorrow? Thanks.
  10. I thought it was a good idea to get 600 Kobans rewarded to me for taking action on an ad, I had to sign up for the 3D Sex Villa 2 game so I did because I wanted the 600 Kobans in the first place but the ad looked good and made me kind curious to see the game in action. I went through the whole registering new account and verifying thing and I even went so far to actually playing the game because I didn't get my 600 Kobans rewarded yet so maybe I needed to take it a step further, I checked in the meanwhile if I got the reward. Now a couple days later I still don't have my 600 Koban reward. Is there anyone having the same kind of issue and didn't get their reward please let me know by taking action on the poll, thanks in advance.
  11. I played "morning woodhouse" 4 times at all 5 stages but haven't got a girl as a reward yet. What did I do wrong?
  12. I've done a few missions that give this reward, it looks like some sort of stamp, but I have no idea what it does.
  13. Hello everyone! I have a simple question regarding the stats of the gear we get in the game. I have a set of legendary gear, all of them with multiple stats. Just now, however, I obtained a piece with a single higher stat, corresponding to my class (Charm). My question is, which kind of gear is better? Multiple balanced stats or higher single stat? Thank you so much in advance!
  14. Not sure if its a bug but it probably is. The boss for the newest world in the little window where you can see possible rewards scrolling by it shows green, gold, and because of the event purple affection stuff. When I fight I get greys, greens, and purple but no gold. Greys were not shown in the preview at all. Edit: I just got 1 gold but still the grey thing and how rare it is to get a gold I got more purples in my 20 plays
  15. Hey guys, I've had this popup today, and I've been wondering a few things about the reward on HH for trying out HC. Am I still eligible for it if I've already tried out Hentai Clicker before (which I did)? What's the reward? How and when will we get it (if we're eligible, which depends on question 1)? If anybody has any info, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  16. So far I did not receive the rewards for the last weekly ranking. It reset properly but nothing happened. ID 1050374. Already tried: deleting all cookies and restarting session. Furthermore I don't get proper Session data (already reported, got answer, waiting for fix), but since nobody else is reporting this, may I didn't get rewards because of the session data. Edit: Tried deleting cookies for new sessiondata and tested with no success on: - Ubuntu 16.04, Firefox - Windows 7, Firefox - Android, Chromium
  17. Hi all, I notice a litte problem in rewards for daily battle in arena; as swon in the screen the reward for the first step (I evidence it in blue) is not show, and i think that is correct. Instead, the rewards for next steps are shown; I think that this is an error. Server affected: Nutaku (both hentai e gay harem), Haremheroes, GayHarem, Eroges. Thanks.
  18. Purchased "City of Hamelin" bundle and the only thing I received was the "equipment" ... nothing else was given. Reset, logged out then back in ... nothing seems to have allowed to grant the rewards purchased. Not sure if this is an error or bug but this needs to be addressed.
  19. after the last quest on gems village the last reward was a ninja girl but i cant seem to see her in my harem, what do i do? can i get her back ?
  20. I made Domatien's level 130+ but I cant earn any girl or special prizes. I try a lot but isnt work. I think something is broken. (Sorry for my english)
  21. We’ve seen how passionate you are about your Harem! All the fights you had to do for your girls, all the stories you had to go through, just to save them from these evil villains, all the love you gave to them, all the ….. sweet, special moments you have with each one of them... We want to grant you for your motivation and support with a Multiple stages competition! First time ever!!! Oh...it’s going to be big! Even bigger than the …. Ok, ok… *All stages are full of fun and love, be sure ;)!* Our first one wants your voice to be heard! Yes.. exactly! We know that many of you are really active out here, but hey, it’s also many of you that are still silent. No reason to be shy anymore! This is the perfect opportunity to say ‘’Hello’’ to us! Write us a short story ( doesn’t have to be incredible ) and tell us about your history with Hentai Heroes: How did you find us in the first place? What do you like about us? What’s your favourite moment(s) in our game? Which is your favourite character and why? Would you recommend us to a friend? Rules: >Up to 500 words >Avoid vulgar sentences Dates: >Start: 06/11/2017 ; 00h00 UTC >End: 13/11/2017 ; 00h00 UTC The first stage will give you a pass to the second stage of this big contest. The rewards? Well…… our rewards are really cool actually. But… we are not going to give you the full list of rewards, before stage 2. Some frustration might keep you up… oh, our evil minds! Haaaa-HAaaa!!!! **Note: Don’t worry if ‘‘writing’’ is not one of your best skills, we are not looking for the most incredible letter, but for something that would touch us and make us smile!
  22. Despite finishing 7 of the 5 activities required to receive the reward, I did not receive it
  23. I worked hard on a contest which has a duration of 4 days and got 1st in it but the reward is just too disappointing, apart from the kobans and money the reward is just a flower of normal grade with +3 affection. When you work on it for 4 days putting all the time and effort and just got a worthless reward its just too disappointing and discourages me from ever trying to get more points in a contest. This isn't just a one time incident it has happened too many times before, I got 1st in several contests before but almost all of the rewards are actually not useful to me apart from the first few times where the rewards quite staggering the rest of the contest rewards which came after are quite disappointing.
  24. I don't know if i have the worst luck ever, or if the game is just being more troublesome than it was when i started playing. I've been doing so many of the battles against the Adventure bosses, and haven't managed to get a new girl in a good long while. I'm seeing that there's 3 available for beating Gruntt, but i just keep getting money from him. Is there ANY way to increase the odds of getting the girls from him as rewards? by the time you're topping the contests for weeks in a row, and still not getting them....... it's starting to get annoying.
  25. Guest

    Welcome Contest

    Hey, all! Happy new forum to us all! We don't want to lose time, we want to see the magic happen right away. Here is the first Contest of the many we are going to have here. > >>>Title: Story Board.<<< Rules: Create a discussion with a play of words. We really love stories, so write a word or a whole sentence which matches the previous one, and let's create an amazing story. Timing: 24 hours. Reward: First one hundred get 500 kobans on HentaiHeroes.com. Looking forward to reading your story. Jessie Chan
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