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  1. Don't you, guys, have phones kobans? XD Look, there are new shiny mythic books and affection items in the shop! 😉
  2. There were some attention to this particular script from the developers not so long ago and they approved that it doesn't violate any rules/ terms of use or whatever. So, to my understanding, it can be used without any fear to get a ban. Well, considering all the recent nerfs and additions to the game, if I'll get an ingame ban, I'll not be upset at all. On the contrary, I'll feel relief and freedom 😀 Our club leader @Karyia stopped playing the game because of all the recent changes. Some of our club members feel the same, so this "threat" of a ban is, actually, not a threat at all. 😀
  3. I have a question about new Elements thing. So we have 2 new domination schemes. The question is simple: what do you have to do to activate them? Now every girl has a new title/tag/badge (whatever) and we also have an "overall" title/tag/badge of the whole team. So, do we have to organise each of our girls in a certain way to match each of your opponent's girls to get domination in every "collide" of two girls or the only thing that matters is this overall team title/tag/badge and you can get the bonus from scheme only if your overall thing "beats" the overall thing of your opp
  4. @Bomba This thing might help you a bit. Apart from other great features (like league battle simulator) you also get this:
  5. Nah (very nice english word 😃), too much effort for no real benefit. It's even funnier that way, when the toes turned in the opposite direction or the leg looks like chicken leg 😀
  6. @Prime Hey there 😉 The only reasonable thing to do is to not use the app at all. It seems to be broken for ages and the devs don't seem to care about it that much. Just play the game in a mobile browser like on a desktop and that's it.
  7. Sorry, @FinderKeeper, but the first thing that came into my head when you wrote about all ears is this pic with our boy Dolph from Universal Soldier: 😀😀😀😀 Regarding the discussed topic I just wanted to ask if it's relevant to point out graphical issues here (which noone will ever correct) or it is more about general idea of the adventure and writing?
  8. Everyone can get access to test account. Just go here and use credentials that you use on your main account 😉
  9. Yeah, I noticed my battleteam became weaker and went to investigate. It turned out that Heatwave Piper lost her bonus this week. These ninja nerfs/adjusts, that directly affect the gameplay, piss me off pretty hard. That's the first mythic I went for. Yeah, very disappointing. But it's Kinkoid - expect the unexpected LOL
  10. Now I need to make sure to stay away from that "Forum Superstar" 😃😃😃 badge LOL The Russian for "member" is "член", which has another meaning - dick 😃 So, all those silver, gold and platinum dicks are also pretty hilarious... to say the least 😃
  11. @Bomba Hey, thanks for the analysis 😉 I'll think about it some more. Soon there will be an opportunity for me to take top 15 in Dicktator 3 with using 3 AM booster. So, another layer of thought headache... I decided to try this League without mythic booster for now. Let's see how it goes (not very good so far LOL). Then I just thought to demote back to Dicktator 2. Too much of thinking, calculating, taking into account, paying attention and stuff. With all this BS I forgot to finish KC girl today LOL Now she sits on 85 shards in the unfinished girls harem filter. Jeez, this game is suppos
  12. So, the first week of this Season I didn't spend kisses (was saving them for Kinky Cumpetition) and did good in the Leagues with the help of 1 All Mastery mythic booster. Now there is Kinky Competition in the way and I also need to somehow get to level 49 in the Season before Legendary Contests. But I also need to use AM booster for the league to have a shot at top 30 and more XP. The problem is - if you use this damage mythic booster, it applies to the League and Season battles. How do you, guys, manage this kind of situation? Token refills in the Tower with kobans? (🙉) Kisses refills in
  13. I thought you have already got used to it in Hentai Heroes 😃
  14. @superman5555 Did you try to change your IP address? Tor Browser or some extension for your current browser may do the trick.
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