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  1. Guys, BEWARE! Never ever use Sandalwoods during Legendary days! The koban save is very low. 11 charges (11 shards) are worth 2,75 refills = 594 kobans - 540 (cost of Sandalwood) = ~54 kobans from 1 Sandalwood profit. If you use 2, it's ~108 kobans. If 3 - ~162 but you risk going above 100 shards and losing value from the last one. Drop range during legendary days is from 1 to 3; average - 2, average with Sandalwood equipped - 3; 11 charges x3 = 33 from 1 Sandalwood, 99 shards from 3 Sandalwoods. While you use Sandalwood, you're doing less fights - that's what we want. But if we d
  2. @jpanda @45026831's script has this ability. Go to the market and hover your mouse over the level of the current girl of your selection. It will show you your maximum available level, number of girls you have at that level and number of girls you need to break through it: With all those scripts and features they do IDK any more if it's considered an "automation" or not, so PROCEED WITH CAUTION LOL
  3. @DudeManGuy I have similar problems with the last 3 Classic events in CxH - VERY poor drops. Embrace yourself and hope for the best! 😉 @jelom told me here somewhere that the drop rates are similar to HH. Should be that way 😉
  4. Feedback about claiming rewards: If you're on the free path only and press to claim something, you successfully claim it but the page reloads and then jumps to the last reward available (similar to the Seasons page). I'm pretty sure this can be done without reloading (at least) and jumping (well, it's a feature, but still) - this wastes a lot of time - to claim one thing at a time and wait-wait-wait. If you unlock the paid path and want to claim something specific then it is even more inconvenient than on the free path only but in a completely different way. There is only one "Cl
  5. A lot of people don't seem to bother with Kinky Cumpetitions You can get the girl from Kinky Cumpetition even without participating in the Tower of Fame (a bit tougher but doable) so that suggestion from your side is kinda questionable. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Speaking about Sandalwood, what is the benefit of equipping it during this event (if any)? And if there is, how much do you need to buy? I saw the numbers somewhere but don't remember the exact thread.
  7. It's a dead business then. Leave this club and search for an active one, members of which communicate with each other (if you want that, of course). 😉
  8. I did. I was lacking 11 shards for Dolly and was in a 🙏 mode for Kinkoid to not mess it up and start giving Ivanka shards for a still Dolly week. Thank Gods they didn't screw it up 😀
  9. @Bart Dethtung You need to wait for 50+ days of leader inactivity (maybe he is just on a vacation or fell ill). In the meantime, you can discuss in the club chat, who wants to fulfill the leader duties, choose the candidature and, when these 50+ days pass, make chat elections of the new leader (you need to have as much as possible votes for 1 person), make screenshots and send an in-game ticket with the request to change the club leader. If everything is done correctly, support does it pretty quickly. 😉 Hope this helps.
  10. @Just kim Yep, I can confirm that you are guaranteed to get a girl in 22,5% cases 😉 😃
  11. Hey there, guys and gals. 😉 I've made a meme for the contest and want to apply for the "consolation prizes" (maybe they are kobans 🙏), if memes are not forbidden and the application makes sense, of course. If not, well, I still think that it should be shared with the community since the competition doesn't seem to be very popular (sadly) and I just wanted to make my contribution 😉 Gruntt is oinking with desire 😀 Gruntt is "updated" and now does additional "actions" 😃 In-game ID: 2648670
  12. Nice koban-farming place you've found 😉 Can you tell me, where is it, so I could farm some too? 😉
  13. @INeedAnswers It depends on the Blessings, that are, currently, on. Use the link @Kaitana gave you to see, which girls have the most power this week and the next one.
  14. Ombresse - legendary 5* girl in mythic pachinko! Her favourite food is vodka 😀 A worthy candidate to join the Harem! 🤣
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