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Everything About Mythic Days (& Revival)


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Mythic Days

    Note: All Koban Costs are given for HH.com. For Nutaku, values should be divided by 6. For example, a Mythic Booster costs 540 Kobans on HH.com, and 540/6=90 on Nutaku. This guide focuses specifically on free-to-play players. Buying season pass or Kobans can make the event easier, but it is by no means necessary.
    Event Description
        Mythic Days (MD) is a monthly event, during which you can obtain a "Mythic Girl". These girls are currently the strongest in the game, with a base power of 28.5 at 6 stars (Compared to the 25 base power of the strongest Legendary Girls at 5 stars; they are 14% more powerful). However, they are also very expensive, and can become a Koban sink for unprepared players. This post aims at guiding players to understand and optimize Mythic Days.
    Schedule & Duration
        Mythic Days happen every month. The event starts on the 3rd day of the month, and lasts for 3 days (Until the 6th of the month). The event overlaps with the monthly "Classic Event", which starts on the 1st of each month, and lasts 9 days (Until the 10th of the month).
    Shards Pool
        Unlike other events, Mythic Days is based on a pool of shards, that is shared by all players on the server. The pool is refilled every 2 hours (9000 Shards on HH.com, 6000 Shards on Nutaku). Similar to Classic Event, shards can be obtained with a low probability when defeating the corresponding Villain. Each time a player earns a shard, the shard is removed from the pool for all players. Once the pool is empty, players can't earn shards anymore and have to wait the next refill (2 hours later). At the beginning of the event, the shards are usually consumed in just a few minutes, but it usually gets better near the end of the event.

        Always check the current number of shards on the event page before fighting the villain:


        If the number of Total Shards Remaining is 0, then you won't get any shards from the villain. In that case, wait for the next refill!


        Additionally, you can see if shards remain when fighting the villain. When shards are available, the mythic girl will be visible in the list of rewards. If she's not visible, this means that the shards pool is depleted. Shards available:


        No shards available:


    Drop rate
        The average drop rate for Mythic Days is somewhere between 6.5% and 7.0%. Each drop will provide a single shard. Without using any booster, it takes approximately 1400-1500 fights to get 100 shards.

        Since Mythic Days overlap with Classic Event each month, it may happen that 2 girls are available on the same Villain (1 Classic Event girl and 1 Mythic girl). The drop rate for Classic Event girls is 10%, and this probability is independent from the Mythic Shards drop rate. So on each fight, you have:
            - 7% Chances to get a Mythic Shard
            - 10% Chances to get some Classic Event shards
            - 83% Chances to get something else (Cash, ticket, orbs, ...)
    Kobans Cost
        As indicated in the Drop Rate section, it should take 1400 to 1500 fights to get 100 shards for the girl, on average. If you buy all fights, this corresponds to a cost of 15,000-16,000 Kobans. To significantly reduce the cost, you can go to the Market and buy some mythic boosters "Sandalwood Perfume" (540 Kobans each). When active, this booster will give you +1 shard every time you drop a shard on a villain. The Booster works 11 times and then expires (So you can get up to +11 shards per booster in total). For a Mythic Shard, this means you'll get 2 shards per drop instead of 1. Using 5 Boosters, you'll need only 700-750 fights instead of 1400-1500.
        This brings the cost down to 10,600-10,800 Kobans (700-750 Fights at 10.8 Kobans per fight + 5x540 for 5 Boosters). Additionally, you can use "Free combativity" from various sources to avoid buying all fights, which will bring the cost down even further (See Tips & Strategy section below).
    Tips & Strategies
            The most important thing is to always have a Mythic Booster enabled when participating in Mythic Days. They are expensive, but the return on investment is significant. Since Boosters randomly appear in the Market, it is recommended to anticipate and acquire at least 5 boosters before the event starts. It can take a few days to find these boosters (Up to 2 weeks if you're unlucky), so don't wait for the last minute.


            Note: Mythic Boosters are not available for newer players. You need to reach Player lvl 201 before you have a chance of obtaining these boosters in the Market. However, since lvl 200 players won't have enough resources to upgrade/use these Mythic girls, it doesn't really matter :)

        Free combativity
            Even with boosters, you need a bit more than 700 fights on average. Paying all the fights is expensive, so it is important to store as many "free" combativity points as possible before starting the event. You can only store up to 20 Combativity by default, but claiming rewards can let you reach higher values. Sources to consider include:
                - Full combativity bar: 20 Combativity
                - Seasons: 5 + 10 + 16 + 50 Combativity: 81 Points (+ Season pass)
                - Path of Attraction: 35 Combativity (+ Paid path)
                - Path of Valor: 8 Combativity (+ Paid path)
                - Daily rewards: 20 Combativity (if you time it right)
                - Daily regen: 48 Combativity per day, +6 from Daily Goals
                - Path of Glory: 12 Combativity (+ Paid path)
            When being well-prepared, you can save up to 300 "free" combativity, which means you only have to buy 400-450 extra points. This brings the average cost down to 7000~7500 Kobans (But you may have to sacrifice other events and contests for that).
            With only 9000 or 6000 shards available every 2 hours for tens of thousands of players, shards disappear pretty quickly, especially at the beginning of the event. Some girls are more popular than others, and their shards will disappear even faster.
            In general, you can expect:
                - First day: Shards disappear after 2-3 minutes every 2 hours
                - Second day: Shards disappear after 10-15 minutes every 2 hours
                - Third day: Shards disappear after 30-60 minutes every 2 hours
                - Last 12 hours: Shards are refilling faster than they disappear; you can take your time to finish the event. This is often the case, but for very popular girls, shards might still not be fully available.
            When shards disappear quickly, timing is important: to avoid wasting combativity, you want to do at least a few fights every 2 hours, while shards are still available.
            Don't try to obtain the girl on the first day: the free combativity you'll obtain with 3 days of natural regeneration can really make the event cheaper (With 48 combativity per day + 6 from Daily Goals, you save almost 600 Kobans for each day you wait). Don't wait for the last minute either, though, as shards might disappear faster than you expect.

        Strategy for double-girls
            When the Mythic Girl overlaps with a Classic Event girl on the same villain, the main question is: "Should we use a Mythic Booster, or will it be wasted on the Classic Event girl?". There is no definite answer to this question at the moment. Both strategies seem approximately equivalent:
            Option 1: Always enable a booster. You'll need more boosters (6 or 7 instead of 5), because some of the charges will be used on the Classic Event girl. However, you'll need less fights to complete both girls. So this is more expensive in terms of boosters, but cheaper in terms of combativity.
            Option 2: Don't use boosters until you obtain the Classic Event girl, then start using boosters to finish the Mythic Girl. You'll typically need 4 boosters in this case, but it will require more combativity (+100 on average).
            So the option is either 6 Boosters + ~700 Combativity, or 4 Boosters + ~800 Combativity. The cost is similar in both cases. In any case, the event will be more expensive when the Mythic girl overlaps with a Classic Event girl.
        Preparation & Safety
            As discussed above, you want to prepare with:
                - At least 5 Sandalwood boosters
                - As many combativity points as possible (Ideally 100-150)
                - Enough Kobans to buy additional combativity points, with a good safety margin (At least +3000 Kobans above your expected average cost).
            Shard Drops are random, so even though the "Average" cost is easy to calculate, luck might not be on your side, and you'll end up spending more than the expected average cost. You really don't want to end up with only 90 Shards because of bad luck, so keeping a safety margin (A few thousand extra Kobans) is highly recommended. As a rule of thumb, we recommend players to join in Mythic Days if they have at least 5 Sandalwood boosters and 10 000 Kobans (7000 for the expected average cost, 3000 for extra safety). If you're playing Mythic Days for the first time, consider an even higher safety margin, as you are more likely to make mistakes and end up wasting more Kobans.
        x1, x10 or x50?
            There are 3 options to fight Villains: x1 (Free), x10 (12 Kobans) or x50 (48 Kobans). Since you need 700 fights to defeat a villain, it's up to you to decide whether you want to spend additional Kobans on x50, or to spend more time with x1 to save some Kobans.
            The additional cost of using x50 is almost 700 Kobans (Roughly 1 Koban per fight, for 700 Fights). Also note that using x10 or x50 may require more fights overall, because your booster might expire. Using x1 is safer and cheaper, but of course it requires significantly more play time.
Mythic Days Revivals

        Mythic Days Revivals (MDR) is another monthly event, that is very similar to Mythic Days. As the name suggests, however, it focuses on bringing back past Mythic Girls, that were released ~1 year earlier, giving the players another chance to obtain them.
        There are however several differences between MD and MDR:
        - MDR starts on the 23rd of each month (MD starts on the 3rd of each month)
        - MDR lasts for 2 days (MD lasts for 3 days)
        - MDR doesn't overlap with another villains-event, so you will never have 2 girls on the same villain (* Unless you still have girls available from the adventure)
        - The MDR shards pool is refilled with 5400 Shards every 2 hours, or 3600 on Nutaku (For MD, we have 9000/6000 Shards per refill).
        The drop rate is the same in both events. However, since you get less time to accumulate free combativity, the revival event is slightly more expensive than the original event.
        Regarding the schedule, Mythic Girls are revived in the order in which they were initially released. You can find the list of Mythic Girls in release order on the wiki: https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Mythic-Days
        As of August 2022, the first 9 Mythic Girls have already been revived (Bunna to Golden Lupa). Following the order of release, we expect Arcana to return on September 23rd, followed by Royal Housemaid on October 23rd, and so on.

        In Summer 2022, the Revival calendar was changed a bit: Bunna has been revived a second time, and Titania made an unexpected early return, only 3 months after her initial release, outside of the typical Mythic Days Revival time frame. Other than these 2 exceptions, the Revival calendars remains mostly predictable so far.
Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to get a Mythic Girl as a Free to Play player?
        Yes. Mythic Girls are expensive, but if you have the proper strategy (As described in this guide), you can obtain them for 7000-9000 Kobans. Daily Missions provide 150 Kobans per day or 4500 Kobans per month. Leagues and Daily Contests can provide more than 4000 Kobans per month.
        If you're doing well in the leagues (D1/D2/D3), you can earn enough Kobans to obtain one Mythic girl every month. On lower level leagues, you can get a Mythic girl every other month.
        This guide was written specifically for Free to Play players, so it's absolutely doable!
    I spent more than 10 000 Kobans and didn't get the girl. It is a scam!
        Before fighting the villain, make sure shards are still available in the pool. You can see the remaining shards on the event page. Also check the "Tips and Strategy" section to optimize the way you approach this event. In this event, mistakes are expensive!
    I spent 50 combats and obtained 0 shard. It is a scam!
        Before fighting the villain, make sure shards are still available in the pool. You can see the remaining shards on the event page. Also note that shard drops are random. As such, it isn't rare to have 50 fights without a single drop - this is normal random behavior.
        There is a ~2.65% chance of getting 0 shard each time you do 50 fights, so this is very common - and, again, very normal.

    Can we get x100 shards drops during MD/MDR?

        No: unlike other villains-based events, MD/MDR doesn't include the low-probability x100 shards drop mechanism. You will always get 1 shard per drop (Or 2 with a Sandalwood perfume booster).
    Are Mythic girls worth it?
        Mythic girls are (very!) expensive, both to obtain and to upgrade. However, they're significantly more powerful than the best 5 Stars Legendaries (L5). L5 girls have a maximum base power of 25, whereas Mythic Girls have a power of 28.5. That's a +14% bonus, which is very helpful for PvP, Pantheon, high-level Villains and Champions.
        However, Mythic Girls are also 2 to 5 times more expensive than any other girl. So, for players below lvl ~300/350, it's probably better to focus on acquiring and upgrading L5 girls. Once you have enough L5 girls, you should also have enough Kobans to start focusing on Mythic girls. Then, they're absolutely worth it!


Enjoy your (Free) Mythic Harem! :)


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Update MD Revival calendar for Summer 2022 exceptions
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DvDivXXX pinned and featured this topic. Thank you.

Also, just because it's the most frequently asked question overall, I'll quote this here so we can link directly to it from now on:

4 hours ago, Liliat said:

 Regarding the schedule, Mythic Girls are revived in the order in which they were initially released. You can find the list of Mythic Girls in release order on the wiki: https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Mythic-Days


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If I can dare in this magnificent thread I would add also in the FAQ:

Is it possible to drop a 100 shards ? No, only 1 at time (2 with the booster)

(If this is a useful add a mod can edit everything, i do this post in a hurry my lunch pause is over i have to go back to work XD)


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1 minute ago, redx3 said:

You should add that Sandalwood Perfume booster is only avaible to buy from lvl 201 onwards in the market @Liliat

Before that, you can only get it from Paid path in PoV.

Not sure that it's super relevant. A level 200 player shouldn't concern themselves with MD in the first place. That's basically a couple of hours of playing the tutorial and messing around here and there these days.

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Hey, great guide, thx for writing it.

Maybe add a quick note about the revival order having been altered in July, making the next girl incertain.

Or maybe wait till next revival to see if they appear to resume the previous order and add a note saying there was a one month gap.

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Le 11/08/2022 à 15:23, Gartalgar a dit :

Or maybe wait till next revival to see if they appear to resume the previous order and add a note saying there was a one month gap.

Yeah I'll do that; I want to wait for things to settle down a bit before updating. Also, despite Bunna's revival, we still don't know how the 2nd revival will work for all girls

Edit: Done. It seems we're back to the normal revival schedule, just shifted by one month.

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15 minutes ago, OmerB said:

An exotic question:

If you have the Sandalwood perfume equiped, and there's 1 shard remaining of a Mythic girl, what happens when you hit the villain and get a drop?


It will bump you to 101 shards, and the 101st shard will be converted to flowers.

Sorry I misunderstood your question.

I think I've seen the answer to your actual question somewhere, but I don't remember what it was. I think maybe the sandalwood/bonus shards don't come out of the Mythic pool?

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19 minutes ago, OmerB said:

An exotic question:

If you have the Sandalwood perfume equiped, and there's 1 shard remaining of a Mythic girl, what happens when you hit the villain and get a drop?

I think, the question is, whether you can get 1+1 shards for her, when there is only 1 shard left. 😊 Would be hard respectively impossible to test. 😉

Edit: I think, I read somewhere, that the +1-shards from sandalwood perfume come out of nowhere.

Edited by Mighty Thor
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3 minutes ago, Mighty Thor said:

Edit: I think, I read somewhere, that the +1-shards from sandalwood perfume come out of nowhere.

Yeah, the more I think about it I'm pretty sure that's right. The amount of shards listed for the Mythic is only regular shards. Sandalwood/bonus shards don't come out of that pool, so they're kind of like ghost shards.

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@Vovantillo, ух щас тебе влетит за неанглийский язык на форуме))) Да еще и за влезание в старую тему с не относящейся к ней информацией)) Еще и усугублено двумя сообщениями подряд...

Now you're going to get punished for using non-English language on the forum))) And even for "bumping in an old topic" with information that is not related to it)) Also aggravated by two messages in a row...

Div edit: @Master-17 Indeed! Thanks for pointing this out.

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Div edit - updated
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