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  1. Week #16 in D3: (Screenshot taken 1 min 38 sec before the end of the league.) This week I could finally reach top 15 again. It was close and I finished at rank 15. Not my best result in ranking and average, but I never had that many points and victories before. (6265 points, 20.88 average, 290 victories, 10 defeats, 100 opponents) You can see the rest in my table - as well as my previous attempts: At the moment I'm at player level 481 with 775 girls in my harem. 56 girls are at level 750 (2 mythics, 27 L5s, 2 E5s, 7 R5s and 18 C5s). I had to
  2. CbC 47 - (Miki) - Day 3: Rank 12 with 18,200 points with villain fights due to PoA. (15th: 17,200 points)
  3. CbC 47 - (Miki) - Day 2: I could awaken quite a few girls and finished at rank 2. 15th: 63,030 points.
  4. Thanks for clarifying this! It seems, that I had mixed something up in my mind or maybe thought about the prior formulas for attack.
  5. I know, that girl classes are barely relevant. But I still have a look at how many girls of my class are in my team - maybe 3 would mostly be best, if possible - as they improve my attack more - and girls of the other classes (preferably 2 of each) improve my defense and harmony - in case I understood correctly. (Edit: I did not!) Of course blessings and levels and stats are more important, but when I can choose between two girls with equal stats, then class might be important for me as well. If it's not too complicated to implement, then it would be nice to be able to filter by class
  6. CbC 47 - (Miki) - Day 1: Rank 9 for me (109,000 points). I already had Miki in my harem. 1st - 571,000, 4th - 372,400, 15th - 54,000, 30th - 9,800 points.
  7. @Irvbert Pervington - If you haven't found it already, here's an excellent guide about everything about mythic days and mythic days revivals by Liliat: https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/23259-everything-about-mythic-days-revival/
  8. I think, the question is, whether you can get 1+1 shards for her, when there is only 1 shard left. 😊 Would be hard respectively impossible to test. 😉 Edit: I think, I read somewhere, that the +1-shards from sandalwood perfume come out of nowhere.
  9. Day 4 of LC 32: An unspectacular rank 20 for me with 249,892 points, as the scores for better places were much too high for me (rank 10 had 636,924 points, rank 4 more than 2.1 millions).
  10. Before the new CbC starts, I add my results for Minato, which were very balanced - 3 x top 15. CbC 46 - Minato - Day 1: (15th: 195,000 points) CbC 46 - Minato - Day 2: (15th - me: 249,630 points) CbC 46 - Minato - Day 3: (15th: 30,800 points)
  11. Yesterday I didn't find time to post my result, therefore here day 2 of LC 32: I got Elena on the first day, and on the second day the scores were too high for me (rank 10 more than 1 million points), so I just tried to get at least some gems and the two mythic orbs. Day 3 of LC 32: This time I went for top 4 with many champion fights.
  12. I installed your script yesterday and tried it out. It's awesome and very helpful. Thanks a lot, @Liliat! 🌺😊 Such a great difference to the game's harem page! My old laptop often freezes and has to be restarted again. This happened a lot when I scrolled through the harem page and collected money. Now it's so much better! And all the filters are great - I like especially filtering by salary. As my laptop screen is not very big (1366x768), I also use my TV screen as second monitor. So I can take full advantage of being shown 30 profile pics on one screen. And on my l
  13. I admit: I'm a very mean sniper! 😆 In the very last minutes I claimed all my season XP rewards (and some from PoV before that). So I could gain Elena on the first day, though I didn't expect too much in the beginning (but changed my mind in the end).
  14. That's all very understandable. Nice to read from you again, @DvDivXXX!
  15. Week #15 in D3: (Screenshot taken 10 seconds before the end of the league) This week I finished again at rank 18. But it was my best result in points, average and victories/defeats. (6238 points, 21.00 average, 280 victories, 17 defeats, 99 opponents) (Cordyceps: 3,2,1,1,1,1,1) (Kobans: 0) You can see the rest in my table - as well as my previous attempts: I didn't buy any boosters, only used 3 cordyceps in the beginning because of the pantheon, then mostly 1 cordyceps and 2 ginseng from my stock. At the moment I'm at player level 479 wi
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