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  1. @DvDivXXX Needless to say, I disagree with everything you wrote in your post about my play style, my experience about the game and how it should be played, and my no-koban policy making me inadequate as representative of the average free players. And, by the way, you are wrong too: actually my no koban policy is still in place, although the time when I will suspend it draws near. But now none of you guys will know about that anymore. I felt this one coming since the time I answered your post after you hide one of mine and you invited me on Discord. I realized that you were slowly falling down the same slope that made me hate George and his behaviour to the point of reporting him (worthlessly, despite a seemingly initial positive answer) to the team, and that made me really sad, but never as sad as today knowing that I can no longer call friend a person with whom I have always thought I was talking to on a plan of parity, only to find that he had such a low opinion of me. Given what you wrote, I am astonished that you didn't report me to the team to be banned from the game. A game that I won't abandon unless I will be forced to, or my patience becomes exhausted because playing becomes impossible... but now none of you guys will know abouth this either. If I write on a forum, I write my opinion: either I am free to say what I think, always respecting the rules of the forum, or I am not. Now I know I'm not, so I assure you this will be my last post on this forum. From now on I will limit myself to reactions to other people's posts. Needless to say, a lot of people will have to expect a lot of "What the..." from me. My farewell goes to my friend @jelom and any other player who didn't find my way of playing this game stupid, or my opinions and complaints about it worthless. You can safely avoid replying, as even if I saw a reply in the forum notifications, I would just mark the thread as already read.
  2. My friend, do you believe that the majority of average free players will get enough of those 20 girls to keep enough progress? I don't think so.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking in the first place. IMHO, when a player faces a feature, he has the right to know that potentially he will be able to always use that feature in the same way, posed he doesn't change anything in his play style. Sure, actually I have a lot of girls at level 1, but once i get them to level 250, not only I will have the wall of the gems to use to go on, but I will have that wall every 50 levels (plus the increased cost per level), making them practically unuseable for this purpose (don't forget that my question about enough gems in the thread I opened under the Questions and Answer section still hasn't a definite answer, and for now my base answer is no). Sure, awakenings give points too... practically an irrelevant quantity given the costs. And sooner or later I will exhaust the girls at level 1 (also counting that I can't wait every sixth Path of Valor to upgrade the girls). Given that this is a long game, and a game of patience, the above makes this type of Path of Valor absolutely worthless for players which have reached a certain point in the game. Quite curiously this includes whales with a full upgraded harem.
  4. As I thought, I ended the previous path at a little more than 4500 points (and only because I claimed both Season girls), so quite far from the end of the Path, although I was able to claim the free girl. About this new one, I can only confirm that I disagree with most of what has been said above: IMHO it is even less doable than the previous one, and I don't think that I will end as high as that.
  5. Observer_X

    Chat room

    Merry Christmas to all, guys 🎄
  6. Well, got her thank to a couple x50 in the end, plus a couple orbs for the last day (I skipped the Pachinko day, I have only Epic x1Orbs in quantity and it has no sense recruit in one go 40 or 50 girls that I can't upgrade). As before, the question is if the game was worth the candle, given that I will need months (to say the least) to have her enter in my battle roster...
  7. For sure for one time I won't complain for the umpteenth girl ending forever in my Date Pavilion...
  8. One point I consider important and I forgot to mention: one of the reason I used Legendaries in my post example, is that IMHO it is important, to keep the battle team competitive, to stay at pace with the blessings, meaning that personally I don't think that the "quick route", as @jelom defined it in his linked post, is a good route, and high level players should work on a wider base of five star girls, starting from legendaries, possibly including seven girls for each element (simply to be able to make a full team of a single element if need arises, especially in the hypothesis that elements may get changes at some point in the future, given that someone had already exposed the differences in power/importance between them). On the other hand, it is obvious that a base so rich of legendary girls needs considerably more higher cost to level up. If I look only at my numbers, the gems I gathered are absolutely insufficient for a similar purpose, making my base answer to the topic question a no. I don't wish to appear dumb, but I don't understand you here. Can you elaborate?
  9. Forgive me, my friend, as I realized too late I wasn't clear about the purpose of this thread: the title change should suffice. In your linked post you explained what could happen: here I would like to know if this is happening (and happening fast enough) for free (non card owner) players. @Liliat: forgive me, but have you read my first post fully? Excluding the last two lines, at the end of the post IMHO I practically said nearly the same things you said in your post, just with less numbers and math (with the exception of the explicit mentioning of the single colors/elements, as I intended that as implicit, although I realized too late that may not have been clear enough).
  10. In the last Q&A Rosso said a thing that personally I got as a punch in the face, so once more I decided to ask for the forum dwellers opinion on the matter, trying to put that in numbers. The hope, as unrealistic as actually that may be, is that the forum feedback one day will gain more importance that it has now. Important note and personal plea: I would like this poll to be a summary of data and opinions, NOT a debate on those opinions. Anyone willing to participate and post his opinion is welcome, but I would like to ask to keep reasonings and debating elsewhere: I am prone to bet that moderators will be ready to point to an appropriate place for that purposes, even creating one if need arises.
  11. It more than one month that the awakenings feature has been implemented into the game. I would like to offer my numbers about the topic question, but due to my lack of time I am practically forced to ask, apart if anyone is willing to participate, if someone is willing to take the role of "data elaborator", in order to give the topic question a somewhat pertinent answer. After one month, I still didn't spend a single gem, so below is the full amount of the ones I have been able to gather up to now: Red (Eccentric) : 6376 Yellow (Playful) : 6912 Blue (Sensual) : 5381 Black (Dominatrix) : 5014 Green (Exhibitionist) : 7745 White (Submissive) : 5594 Orange (Physical) : 5532 Purple (Voyeur) : 8295 Total : 50849 Should I have to take some evaluation from my personal data, the thing jumping at my eyes is the heavy unbalance between different gem types, especially given that we started with a bonus of 3000 gems of each type. Regarding the amount per type, let's take as an example the amount of gems of one type needed to level up a legendary girl (most common used in battle teams, at lest at medium and high levels, apart the koban-payed mythics) to level 750 (supposing that a player already has 100 girls leveled): the amount is 7520 (with a small 400 spared if the player decided to use a Mythic Spellbook on the girl). Considering the numbers I wrote, the average based on type is 6356,125, meaning that, even if I already had the necessary base (which already starting from my "advanced" harem still requires a long and expensive process to be built) I would not even be able to bring to the maximum level (to include her in the battle team roster) not even one girl for each element per month (all this obviously apart from the amount of books needed): given that it is highly improbable that we will receive often another 3000x8 bonus, to be able to fully level a new girl (as I said, given an already completed base) two or even three months (if not more) may be needed. IMHO, an exxageratedly slow progression, if my reasoning is somewhat pertinent. Personally, I consider the answer to the topic question quite important for many players to decide if they will continue to play the game, so if anyone will be willing to accept my plea above, I will be grateful (and I suppose I won't be the only one).
  12. Given I didn't even take into consideration the Path of Valor paid path, this may explain the point difference, as I didn't even notice that in the paid path there were more XP rewards. And, yes, bonus XP rewards scale with level, being them in Seasons, in Path of Valor or in Daily Missions. The only fixed ones should be the ones in Adventure mode, and the ones in Leagues have their own formula that depends on target player level (and obviously on won or loss of the battle).
  13. Looks like George was right when he accused me of having understood nothing of this game: I claimed all possible experience rewards from Seasons and Path of Valor (and I believe my level is still higher than yours) but I racked up only 2.320.890 points, ending at 8th place. How could you end so high without exploiting the buy contest? I can't believe you gained over one and a half million points in one day by selling items or PvP battles.
  14. As I had expected, I was able to clear tier 13, and then ended the event at around 50/100 on tier 14. One of the worst sides of this event is that I feel used, and without a good reason. In the Q&A Rosso said that they intended to put out a challenging event and this was their experiment, but they already have a place to hold experiments, and that is the test server. Personally speaking, I don't believe in Rosso words when he says that they were surprised by the negative feedback: IMHO given the feedbacks they received in the last times, there is not a reason in the world to be surprised on their part.
  15. As for others above, I obviously won't be able to reach tier 20: with a little luck, due to my last month "one girl hunt" and the tons of spare equipment I still have in the market to sell, I should be able to clear tier 13, but at that point the time won't be enough to clear the 100 villain battles of tier 14 without spending kobans. Definitely, even when I will put the word end to my actual no-koban policy, I won't pay kobans anyway for event like this, especially to buy the paid path, unless the devs will change things to increase the rewards. And I mean a really huge increase, at least in the order of a +200%. That may appear exxagerated to someone (and believe me when I say that I am aware that it is absolutely unimaginable, seeing how recent times have gone, to even hope for a similar change), but by my yardstick is the minimum that would make the event acceptable.
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