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  1. Thanks 😀 And definitely thanks for the Kiwi browser suggestion. I will check that out; that should be a big help.
  2. That is a nice gift! I have seen this before; ScarlettTItan put up a crappy team of a moment in a League I was in and I got some points from it. What is the motivation for these top players when they do this- are they just being silly, or is it like a charity thing?
  3. Ah, I did not know that. Thanks for letting me know. I was 11th with more reasoable boosting. I did not capture any screen shots, and did not have time to check who was likely winning; I think Master HornDog is who I thought was going to win. It would help to get these screen shots if they left the "scoreboard" up until the player claims the reward, like they do for contests. Did not know about that script- Thanks! I will check it out.
  4. Yeah, I noticed you too in this league a couple weeks ago. (just logged in here to notice this mention). I saw you using all those refills early and that you were going for a top 4, and I noticed you at 6th on the last day after you seemed to have used all your fights. Tough luck. Both blessings were pretty good for me this week, so I decided to go for a personal best and maxed out my boosters, making all my fights with 3 cordies and an AME booster. It resulted in my first top 15 D3 finish. (Though in this league that just finished I was able to crack the top 15 with more modest boosting).
  5. 1. When a league is finished, keep the final score tallies visible to the player until they claim the reward, similar to the way this is done for contests. Right now there’s no chance to see the final, final results and know for sure what happened. 2. A common occurrence is I am scrolling through opposing players looking for who to challenge right now, and then I find the player I want to challenge but decide I would like to change my team or perhaps the equipment I have equipped. When I do that and then come back to the league page, I go back to whatever player was previous
  6. So I know I said I would quit, but that didn’t fully happen. With the current blessings I was able to do this on Tuesday: And here is the team and stats that I had, shown on the next fight after 1500: The screen shots are from my phone where I ended up having to do this, away from my computer where I have the script installed. My own estimate was that my single fight win probability was 1.57%, and I didn’t get a chance to check what probability the script would have said. My 1.57% estimate is actually a slight underestimate because it does not account for the possibili
  7. Sorry to be slow to log back in. I mean to say I am quitting the game entirely. Too lazy to get an avatar and not sure what avatar I would get anyway. So it sounds like you're a similar age to me, good to know. I was certainly a big 8 bit Nintendo player in the late 80s and early 90's, then Sega Genesis in the 90's, but I didn't get into the newer consoles after that. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks @DvDivXXX, I appreciate you being a good guy through-out. Your answer to me in the thread about how updating in the leagues works, among other things, is HUGELY helpful for competing in the leagues. Believe it or not my motivation in posting the Dark vs Red thing was to give back as the forum, and I went and screwed that up. It is a good argument for crowd-sourced knowledge though. This me on the hh.com BTW. Still (barely) on the Pantheon leaderboard at under level 400, though I will get bumped off shortly. I have seen most of the people commenting h
  9. Yeah somewhere I got crossed up and got to thinking the Dark bonus affected Dmg and not Attk. I knew that previously and just got crossed up in my thinking here. Also the math does work out that indeed the passive Red bonus does affect things, tilting things more towards a preference for dark the higher the passive bonus is, but the effect is somewhat modest. The effect of me getting crossed up on what the dark bonus applies to (and negating the opponent's defense in the process) was not at all modest however. I just did a quick check comparing me against a weaker PvP opponent, st
  10. I’m glad this is an interesting discussion. I will think it through more fully if I have time later. You guys aren’t engaging in the logic from my posts and I don’t see how anything you are saying invalidates what I wrote there. Healing less in between critical hits is something I hadn’t fully considered in my posts. If you are in a situation where as I am claiming the eccentric is preferred over the dominatrix you are still healing more with the eccentric in general though. HOWEVER, as you wrote, you don’t heal on the first hit and for determining the success of a fight you e
  11. The chances of it are indeed low but in order to beat the Pantheon walls at the upper levels that's usually what needs to occur. You can refer to my other post in this thread from a few days ago in that for Pantheon wall planning, it's helpful to think about precisely the number of critical hits you need in the number of rounds that you can survive. For me anyway at the walls above 1000 that fraction of necessary critical hits has been higher than 1/4. Say for example you can survive for 5 rounds against a Pantheon Wall and you are on the cusp of needing either 2 or 3 critical hits in order to
  12. Edit: my logic below is wrong- I somehow forgot that the Dark bonus applies to the raw attack value not the damage, so my 25% calculation for the break-even point is way off. It is somewhere in the 45% to 60% range for PvP opponents, and Dark will always be better against the Pantheon. Also I learned that the passive Harem red bonus also tilts things in favor of Dark being more preferred. One thing I wanted to share that's related to something mentioned earlier in this thread, is a comparison of Dominatrix and eccentric girls. When comparing a dominatrix girl and an ecc
  13. Yeah, you've thought about like this before. Cool table 👍 I love the Pantheon wall fights too; the challenge is fun. Something like that helps one make a decision about using a headband before actually using the headband.
  14. One thing to chime in with on this topic- particularly for Pantheon wall battles it helps to think in terms of discrete rounds of the fight and what is happening each round. If you changed one girl from orange to blue and you saw a significant jump in you success percentage, that means the added HP (ego) allowed you to survive an additional round, so then you need one less critical hit to win the fight. Similarly if you switch one girl from orange to black and your success percentage jumps up considerably that means you can beat the enemy in one less round and you need one less critical hit. I
  15. I may be wrong, but I had always thought the levels count (e.g. for Legendary Contest day 4) but not the gems or girl xp because neither are being spent
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