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  1. I spent 1 point on the +200 income skill and it only gave the girl +40 income. This occurred for Bunny, Juliette, and Red Battler.
  2. ShannonX


    I am curious what they plan to do about the advancement from the anniversary and when it will start up again. Was there anything on discord about that as well? Thank you for your response
  3. ShannonX


    Thank you for the update. I don't have Discord so I would have never known. Seems odd that the 100 fights from boss bang would shut it down for hours though.
  4. ShannonX


    It appears that the lag on the main game is blocking any access from the Nutaku interface. Is anyone able to play HaremH on their Nutaku accounts at all? I have the same issues as everyone else being super slow on HentaiH.
  5. Looking for a Nutaku Club that understands why you keep the club champ open for Wednesdays
  6. It only showed up as one book instead of the 5 normally for 1st place though.
  7. Would it be possible to add a bottom row total for using gems from 1-750, i.e. total gem cost to max out a new girl?
  8. Great! I am currently on the cool down and will apply tomorrow morning. Thanks very much!
  9. Very sorry you took this so personally, I didn't mean to elicit a response with profanity. Hope your day is good!
  10. I am glad so few people are having issues, and I hope anyone who reads my posts on here and some alternative sights are able to figure it out. Always good to have happy people playing! My guess is that most people simply disabled their ad block in the first place and didn't get this far.
  11. Looking for a club that takes newer active players and also understands why you flip the club champion Monday night / Tuesday morning. Hentai Heroes player Thank you in advance.
  12. It's people from my clubs, most people quit using the Forum because they got tired of being trolled by moderators. I helped them and posted the fix above for anyone reading.
  13. It is happening to multiple people, but if you complain here or ask too many questions they will just ban you or give you a warning if you haven't already got one. Just shut down any ad blocker type stuff and you should be ok.
  14. Event cards and packs will be working like the regular monthly cards but for the duration of the event only but with an added value to them.
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