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  1. Will the winner be able to trade in their prize for something in-game if they don't want the figure? Also is there a limit on how many entries we can do?
  2. I suck at flash fiction, but...eh, I gave it a shot anyway. A small girl with thin, gangling arms clutches a pumpkin tightly to her chest as her bare feet patter across the cool grass and up the porch steps, where they come to a stop before a row of pumpkins, ranging in size. Her knees are smudged with dirt and her dress lies in tatters around her thighs, but her hair is twisted up into a neat bun that belies the damaged condition of her dress. The girl sets the pumpkin in her arms down and takes a seat beside it, her eyes bright as she looks at the collection laid out across
  3. Why did they double the amount of contest points we need to get for task 15? That's just going to make it even more of a slog to get through if you get a bad contest for that task.
  4. After 78 fights, I only have 4 shards. Not the worst luck based on some other posts in this thread but...still pretty bad. Edit: 88 fights and only 4 shards.
  5. Well, that's good to know (though in this case, I feel the feature needs better instructions). But either way, the second run through didn't give me a reward at all, so there's still some sort of bug. Also, I don't even know if the first run through gave me a reward.
  6. So I started this yesterday morning, waited the seven hours for it to complete, and then hit the button to claim the reward. The button grayed out but beyond that did nothing, so I refreshed the page and it started me back at the beginning of level 1. So I started it over. It was still in the middle of it when I went to bed and when I woke up this morning it was like I had never even started it at all. Back at the beginning of level 1 again (didn't even have a button to claim the reward this time). So I've started it for a 3rd time, but I'm not really expecting much by this point. Edit: I
  7. I knew she looked familiar but I was having trouble placing her. XD So thanks for giving me some peace of mind on this!
  8. I'm pretty sure Sally is a parody of Sagiri Izumi from Eromanga-sensei.
  9. Actually, it was know-how that didn't get a third 5-star legendary until hardcore got their fourth (Silver Lupa was the fourth hardcore and by that point charm had Fanny & Fione, Taria, and Ombresse; and know-how had Norou and Fabienne) and know-how is the specialty that has yet to get a reappearance since they've started adding a second 5-star girl during Legendary Days. There is clearly an imbalance here, so I think it's perfectly fair if some people are upset that out of the five girls that have been reappearances, four have been charm (which was all the charm girls before the seco
  10. My luck for this event on HH has been absolutely horrendous. After 317 battles, I still don't even have one girl. Compare that to GH (with 30 fewer battles), where I've just started working on my third guy (I got a 100 shard drop on the 1st guy after getting 33 shards), and the test server, where I'm at about 50% on the second girl. I was hoping to come away from this event with Jennie, Arabelle, and Noemy, but at this rate it looks like it'll just be Jennie and Noemy.
  11. Looks like getting Lilly is going to be a huge pain. I just did 40 battles against Pandora and came away with only a single solitary shard for Lilly. 😭
  12. I am not receiving any points in either the legendary contest or the regular contest, nor is the prize tier that I'm in highlighted, like it normally is. I have won 15 league battles and most of the arena battles I've fought, though I have no idea how many that was, but I should definitely have some points. And I've done 28 fights against Jackson's Crew but that also shows that I have 0 points--plus, while I can't say 100% for sure, I'm pretty sure I DID have points in the regular contest until the legendary one showed up (which was somewhere between 2 and 4pm EST). Oh, and for the legend
  13. When you compare the two images (your edited version and the original photograph) it's very clear that's not true. That's certainly not paper in the background; it's the background of the photograph with some sort of filter. Even if it what you said were true, when someone compliments things that you had nothing to do with (ex. the posing and facial expression) and you don't correct them and instead thank them and talk about the amount of work you put into it, then you are STILL claiming something to be yours that is not. So either way, you are being dishonest. If you want to edit a phot
  14. Personally, I see no reason to have them here unless you've used one as a reference and you're posting it with the drawing you've made. As it is right now, it's just causing confusion to have them here. Even after you edited your post, someone still thinks you simply redrew the originals. That being said, it's up to you whether or not you want to keep them here, though maybe mention they're not yours in each individual post because if someone doesn't look at the post where you say that, it could lead to misinformation. But I'm just a rando person who's sensitive about stolen artwork
  15. I will never understand how people get any satisfaction out of being praised for artwork they've stolen from others. Please stop. So out of this new artwork you've posted, the first and third were drawn by Xia Taptara and can be found here and here, respectively. The second one and fourth were both drawn by Rafael Navarro and can be found here and here, respectively.
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