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  1. Open a in game ticket when you regain access to the game this is not the place to ask for compensation and people can only guess as to why this happened to you and server rollback is not happening that only happens if everyone is having same problem at the same time that means all players.
  2. The only reason for you not to get shards is if your in a small club that does not defeat the club champ because you get some just by using 1 ticket on the club champ if its defeated. The displayed amount of shards it says you will get is not always correct as well since it's based on the percentage done at the end and not the start.
  3. More girls than pokemon exist in the game over 1000 also gems should have never been added to start with only thing they do is slow down leveling up girls because you have to awaken them every 50 levels after 250 also gem update also nerfed the good mythic book that would max level a girl. just another thing to add to bundles but that also means that bundles or other rewards in game have less other stuff in them with gems in game. They could have allowed leveling up past player level without them being added just a pain to deal with also gem update also made it so players could level girls past level 500 but that means you need more books to level up your girls as well being road blocked in being able to level them up due to gems which slows leveling down a lot.
  4. It should give that since it only gives 1 gem per win so would not be a big deal since you got a limited amount of league battles. in my opinion all gem rewards in game should give that.
  5. Mythic revival should be removed and the normal mythic days should have the one new girl and one old girl like legendary days and remove this limited shard because kinkoid loses out on a lot of money because of it they make no money limiting the shard amount who wants to buy their bundles,kobans,ect when no shards not everyone can play on the last day of a event when shards might be available annoying as hell for someone to buy a bundle or have full combativity having to wait another 2 hours to be able to use it because shards got used up in first 5 mins.
  6. Would be better to just reduce the amount of time needed to restock the market for it or increase the amount of points given.
  7. You got to wait for them to add more to it just like the adventure story once you catch up to the story you have to wait for them to add more.
  8. Just means it must be deleted if they do not let monthly card claim contest rewards that expire so even paying players can be stung by not claiming contest rewards.
  9. You might also have people who forgot to claim the legendary contest reward to get all the girl shards as well i remember seeing a few of them on the forum at least when they changed contests not sure if they wrote a ticket to support to get the girl. because they are deleted when not claimed in time so you have people that should have the girl that did not finish her due to old contests being deleted instead of auto claimed.
  10. Need to focus more on improving what they already have before adding more things a lot of people use scripts to play that is not a good thing it means the game is not fixing problems but forcing people to waste their time fixing the game themselves by making script to play the game with.
  11. The thing is people have shards already for these old girls so having them behind a koban wall is very bad and you could get them for free during legendary contests if you were prepared as well. It would have made more sense for the old legendary contest girls to be available in the cumback contests due to some people that missed out the first time actually having shards already and for the old season/poa girls to be in this event. I already have all the legendary contest girls so the paid path is even worse value for kobans for people like me as well.
  12. It always felt to me that the harem part always seemed to be made bad on purpose just to get people to buy monthly card in order not to go there i would like them to make a new one with your ideas a second server separate from the main server for harem searches should be linked to it to make it lag free as well to many events and new game features makes the server lag as well.
  13. The old girls should not be locked behind a koban wall put some new girls at least even if just 3 star ones another good idea badly added.
  14. You can get them every day just by getting 100 points in daily goals also epic pachinko and some pantheon stairway levels give them.
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