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  1. Need to focus more on improving what they already have before adding more things a lot of people use scripts to play that is not a good thing it means the game is not fixing problems but forcing people to waste their time fixing the game themselves by making script to play the game with.
  2. The thing is people have shards already for these old girls so having them behind a koban wall is very bad and you could get them for free during legendary contests if you were prepared as well. It would have made more sense for the old legendary contest girls to be available in the cumback contests due to some people that missed out the first time actually having shards already and for the old season/poa girls to be in this event. I already have all the legendary contest girls so the paid path is even worse value for kobans for people like me as well.
  3. It always felt to me that the harem part always seemed to be made bad on purpose just to get people to buy monthly card in order not to go there i would like them to make a new one with your ideas a second server separate from the main server for harem searches should be linked to it to make it lag free as well to many events and new game features makes the server lag as well.
  4. The old girls should not be locked behind a koban wall put some new girls at least even if just 3 star ones another good idea badly added.
  5. You can get them every day just by getting 100 points in daily goals also epic pachinko and some pantheon stairway levels give them.
  6. Might be worth buying it for all 3 then up to you your money.
  7. You buy it for each game so if your only seriously playing it on one game then just buy it on that one.
  8. The highest that i have seen people estimate/guess the shard drop rate is at around a 50% chance of the shards dropping which means you had to be super lucky to not notice the shards did not always drop before now if you had gotten them every time before.
  9. path of valor ends today so don't forget to claim all your rewards.
  10. I suggest logging out and back into the game to see if that works if not then do the steps below. Go to settings --> customer support --> create a ticket ---> then select account or bug report. they will check if you got the rewards and if not give them to you.
  11. The same shard drop rate no matter if you do 1,10 or 50x so other two are just for saving time by doing more battles at a time.
  12. Please post screenshot having finished begin city with gems kingdom opened up like above you can send the same screenshot to the support like is talking about above to get them added.
  13. Should give more points for the top 4 spots since going to be lots of sniping but nice to get points from place of power now no real rush for points though.
  14. last chance to claim event rewards before it ends.
  15. Has to be done after the 30 minute no contest time to get points and you need a claim girl contest when it pops up/
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