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  1. Or you can just ad the game you want into the Includes in Settings. (Benutzer = User) (Ad/Edit/Delete) I had done this a long time ago, before TransPSH was supported, and it did work quite well. Should update automatically as well, as you don't alter the code. Didn't work with HH++ though and still doesn't, guess it uses different links to pics and stuff.
  2. Indeed there was a great difference between the previous skilled team (legendary / green eyes), and now the mostly unskilled mythics. At first I thought I had the weak gear on, but no of course not. ----- Anybody else noticed a lot slower reaction of the simulator the last days? On my Smartphone I don't get results anymore, at least I haven't waited long enough, if there might come something. On PC it takes quite longer than before and Firefox is hanging a few seconds. I even get the message, the site is slowing down the browser. In the other games it is also slower, but HH is extrem with the hanging.
  3. I'm far from being able to give some real tips how to perform in leagues, especially in D3. But I can definitely tell you, those boosters are quite to expensive to waste them in the lower brackets. As far as I'm concerned and have read so far in this thread, they are only useful, if you really aim for 1st place. Maybe even for 2-4, but I doubt that. ----- From Koban perspective, if you can stay in 31-45 D3, you win compared to D2 (16-30). Below that you should stay in D2. If you can safely reach 2-4 or even 1 in D2, you could also do that and demote the next week from D3 back to D2. That still does give more kobans, than 2x D2 (16-30). From League Girl perspective, it is even more usefull to stay in D2 16-30, because you get more shards and can get the girls faster.
  4. Guess this week 16-30 will have to do, I accidentally equipped a yellow chlorella instead of the intended Cordyceps, and only noticed it after having filled the other spaces. I'm currently at 13, but I don't think I can hold it with those Boosters.
  5. Yeah, thought so too. It just never happend before in DP. Yes indeed, all 6 girls arrived safe and sound. ------ This is what happens, when you click on "play again", after receiving the bonus girl. So definitely some kind of bug.
  6. Well, that's a bummer 🙄 Not sure what this should mean, but it happend twice, each time after collecting the second girl in pachinko. As there is DP going on right now, I spent a few orbs on epic pachinko until I got a hit with two girls. Clicked ok on the reward notification, first girl appeared, ok again, bonus girl appeared. And as didn't want to "play again", I clicked ok to get back to main pachinko page. Than this popped up, and after closing it the mythic pachinko was preselected. 😲 Very convenient, as I wanted to continue there anyways. So I spent a bunch of mythic orbs, until another two girls pop up. And here the same happens like before, only this time the great pachinko is preselected. 😲 🤔 Didn't get another hit at GP so far, so can't tell what will happen there. --------- Ok it just happend the third time, now in GP and it jumped to equipment pachinko. 🤪
  7. Now I know, why this always sounded Greek to me. 😵 Or how we like to say in German: "Das sind böhmische Dörfer für mich." (These are Bohemian villages for me.)
  8. And here are again the two major mistakes we need to avoid. Assuming there is any kind of logic, and of course we all know, what makes sense to us doesn't necessarily have to be the same on KK side.😁 But a very big thX for all the testing, and at least it is good to see, that some relics indeed do something, maybe even what they are intended to do.
  9. Sometimes I'm really curious, what kind of shitty ancient equipment you are running, to have such problems with a pure Browsergame. Don't know exactly how old my pc is, but I guess it could be about 10 years? But it is still more than capable to deal with this game, and most of the inconvenient game error stuff is diminished by the scripts anyway. So it is really rare, that I see Error messages, and if I just click them away, maybe reload the page. Guess otherwise I wouldn't play 4 games of this mess. 🙄 🤪
  10. Not to add to the 60 shards question, but it fits. 😁 But is this way to tell me, that I will probably never get her? I play PsH for 20 months now, she is from the first Champion, but I only got 40 shards for her. Ok, I don't do champions as often over there as in HH, and so far I just got the girl from the second champion. But even now that she pops up in SM, I don't have enough coins to buy her. 🙄
  11. Well, for one there might be the Patch Notes, that state this: Don't know if this fixes one of your main issues. Otherwise there might be Patch Notes Feedback / Discussion (linked the last Page so far). Probably other threads also for specific occasions.
  12. This is new, what is it? Should I click on go, or rather just the x? I'm scared... 😲
  13. Took it a bit more chilled this time, and it was indeed more relaxing. But still the best outcome so far, after #9 / #12 / #12, now it is
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