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About Me

  1. As I'm going through the latest story update, I've come to notice the incredibly immaculate image that I have dubbed "Smug Squishy™". Man, look at that shit. Look at that unbridled confidence; bear witness to that smug-as-hell smirk; feast your eyes upon the SSS-Tier Smoking Sexy Style; come to grips with the fact that you are unworthy of this slippery shortstack's mere gaze as you sit there behind your device, beaten and bruised cock in hand. Realize that no matter what you do, what you accomplish, what you amount to in your sad, pathetic little life, you will never be good enough
  2. I would like to make a suggestion about the "Attraction System", because this might get people to want to play more or even spend real money to do, you see you believe that the system as it is has some merit to it and yes is does but, I feel it can be more forgiving to the user make them feel like they still have a chance, you see what I am suggesting is that when a user misses their opportunity to gain enough Hearts to add another "person" to their harem lets say by six hearts, the system I'm suggesting is that they can spend Kobans to fill that gap instead of waiting who knows how long to ge
  3. Hey due to the updates could we have some new Sort our Harem girls by functions such as Sort by Level, to help with awakening(s), and by element type to help with the weekly changes (such as playful, sensual, ect)
  4. Hi~ I know it's a new system and need some getting used to and I don't know if it's already there/been suggested or planned but since the Active Blessing for this week is the "Dom Element", I think it would be great next time to have the sort & filter search option updated to be able to filter by element/affinity too. Thank you for all the work~
  5. Shard Reward Display: I think the Shard reward that is displayed should show what you would actually get if the Club Champion (from now on called CC) was defeated at the moment. The current system simply doesn't make any sense and for new players it's impossible to even somewhat figure out how the system works. To solve this simply change the formula so it compares your impression with the max amount of impression possible and not what your Club members have already done. Difficulty CC has gotten too hard, maybe even normal Champions. I would say they deal too much damage. I'm abo
  6. As i accidently send just 1 girl on a mission, i now wait 4 days for the mission to end (or pay about 15k Kobans xD). This happend 5 times now and i figured a button for aborting the mission without a reward would be a nice addition :)
  7. I shall attempt to keep this very short and simple. Please add a way (such as extremely plain buttons) to the Equipment tab (in the market/inventory) that allows you to sell all equipment based on the rarity of your choice, such as selling all Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary Equipment with a push of a button (or through interaction - such as a filter system). Please. I cannot stress this enough and cannot fathom how this crucial feature has not been implemented yet. It is absolutely tormenting the life of me that I spend 30+ minutes (up to 1-3 hours) to manually sell THOUSANDS of Equi
  8. Bonjour, Je suis relativement au début du jeu (chap 4, chateau 1) , et j'ai du mettre toutes mes (10) filles sur 1 seule mission de place de pouvoir ( il n'y en avait qu'un seul de dispo, de toute façon) a savoir Goblins : maitre des ombres. J'ai compris qu'il s'agissait d'un "score" a atteindre en fonction de leur score par minutes cumulé, seulement quand j'augmenté le niv (ou le nb d'étoile) des filles, les score par minute augmente mais le temps restant ne change pas. C'est vraiment dommage parce que j'en ait pour 3j sur cette mission, et que je crain ne pas pouvoir faire
  9. It would be nice if the Timer shown in the Town view for Activities would show time to finishing Places of Power.
  10. Whenever possible, go for one of the event/contest girls on a boss with a girl you are already trying to recruit. I don't have numbers to back this up, but I seem to progress faster in growing my harem when using this approach.
  11. Why not have a PoA styled activity for Club members? The PoA could be styled in tiers with Energy, combat, XP, and money rewards based on how active the club members are in the club with the top prize being a minor reward in kobans.
  12. Bonjour encore, je me demandais si c'était dans vos projets de mettre le Forum en espagnol également? Je comprends que c'est en anglais parce que c'est la langue la plus commerciale au monde, en français je suppose parce que c'est la langue maternelle des créateurs ou quelque chose comme ça, mais l'espagnol est la troisième langue la plus parlée au monde et nous sommes de plus en plus hispanophones. que nous la jouons à la fois en Europe et en Amérique, j'avais précédemment publié dans le forum en anglais et mis le contenu dans ma langue maternelle (espagnol) et sa traduction respective e
  13. Case Study Villan Rewards I started to keep track and make notes for fighting the villans since there are 3 ways to play the game that have some influence on the timing that randomizes the rewards given out, thus to my opinion you'll get better or more randomized results if you play the game in the three different ways. From my opinion and looking at the data I'm convinced that the first two ways are better when you want to get the most amount of shards dropped and the most amount of tickets to fight against the champs, however there's no best way for everything because it depends on
  14. Today I attempted to play this game by phone, and when I went to click the "rare candy" icon, my finger slipped and hit the "legendary flowers." This mistake cost me by over offering over 370 affection points to the girl I was upgrading (which she took, of course). I understand not being able to reverse the action, but I did have an idea the developers might consider. What if such overpayments gave credit towards the girl's upgrade? Perhaps not much (say possibly in line with what selling the overpayment would be in the market place). In the case of what happened to me, this would equate to an
  15. Bonjour à tous.Très honnêtement, je trouve ça lourd quand je veux XP ou Séduire mes filles depuis le shop de passer plus de temps à faire défiler celles qui sont maxées qu'à distribuer des cadeaux ... Et encore j'ai la chance d'avoir un "petit nombre" de haremettes ... Je ne sais même pas comment ceux qui en ont le double de moi peuvent supporter de passer du temps. (Apparté (/Apparté) Bref, revenons à ma suggestion (que j'ai eu déjà postée en anglais il me semble voilà quelques temps) : Avoir une option dans le shop pour masquer les filles maxées, ça serait tell
  16. À mon avis, Reine Titania devrait être une des filles augmentées à 5 étoiles car c'est la seule de toutes les haremettes à ne pas montrer ses seins et mamelons et j'ai toujours trouvé cela injuste. Ce serait l'occasion parfaite de remédier à cette grossière erreur. Salem, Marina, Cunégonde seraient d'excellents choix également. En fait, toutes les filles communes méritent cette transformation. Je suis également outré qu'une fille du plus récent monde a déjà une "augmentation" car je crois ne pas être le seul à ne pas encore avoir Chiba et Arcadia aurait été un excellent choix. Il y a de s
  17. Hello everyone! im playing HentaiHeroes for quite sometime and i like the game alot. my harem is great and i like all the girls, and well, as the title might suggest i have special affection toward Queen Titania and Sylvia and ofcourse toward all the story at Magic Forest continent. so i would like to wish and ask for more giantess content to slake my fetish and i want to belive it's the fetish of many more harem owners here, this way we can enjoy more option to make our favorite fetish associated girls our Alpha, Beta and Omega girls. would love to h
  18. The Champion system should have never been put into the game with the current mechanics as it is VERY unbalanced and VERY BIAS towards Hardcore specialty users. This makes it much harder for Know How and even more for Charm specialty users to obtain the new girl that is best in class for their specialty!!! (If you read through all of this, you will see I am not just ranting, but also have a viable solution) First, My background in this game....I have been playing HH for over two years and have always been a paying, supporter of the game as I have enjoyed it thus far(until this). I buy th
  19. Just a thread for people to vent on. The new system has imperfections: write it down here, explain why it sucks, and what can developers do to fix it.
  20. Hello, I hope a Member of the HentaiHero team will read this, because the Game suggestions (Mission) issued in the title shows up every now and then, which i find great, but when i klick on "Try the Game" my adblocker dosen't allow the new page to open. Therefore i suggest to involve a entry in the menu where these Missions can be reviewed or archived.
  21. Hello, this is a very personal suggestion, but I would like to see events with anime girls or manga that are quite hype in the season, like Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, 5-toubun no Hanayome and Goblin Slayer, I think a harem would fit the idea well, because there are several girls. It would be interesting to see an event called "Choose Your Sister" for example, and put the parodies of the girls from '5-toubun on Hanayome', thus taking advantage of the popularity of anime/manga where many fans could get all the girls with 'Event Pachinko' released recently, generating gain for the fans and
  22. I have been a player of both Hentai and Gay harem for a while. I think it's time to implement the hotkey system into the game. I will not suggest we put hotkey on everything but here is something that will need. _ From the Town screen: Hotkeys to access Pachinko (R), Activities(Q), Arena(E), Tower of Fame(T), Clubs(C), Harem(H), Market (B), Adventure(A) _ In Adventure: Hotkey to go "Next" or ">" (N), and hotkey for the button "<" (B). The story in the Adventure is a main feature of the game but moving back and for have been a ridiculous inconvenience since 2017. _ Als
  23. Aimeriez-vous avoir un bloc de signature avec vos ID et plateformes? Cela permettrait à chaque messages et quand y'a des bugs de ne pas oublier et donc d'avoir une demande de l'équipe @Kinkoid, quant il y'a des bugs. Voilà voilà😀😀
  24. ENGLISH This new attraction system didn't just introduced a way to keep track with the chance of getting girls, it worsened everything. Now we have a chance to get some Attaction Points for these girls, eating the normal money drop. Moreover it seems now impossible to get a girl for free the first time it's available, while it WAS possible before (most of the girls I have was recluted this way). Short words, we got scummed. Now, this is my suggestion to make this system fair. _ Money ALWAYS drop by beating bosses _ EVERY win against bosses give 1 to 3 Attaction Points (random)
  25. The random girl drop works with the old system but not so good with the affection system. They should prioritize event girls, then starter, then common, then rare. As you could see from the picture, I have enough shards to get like 2.5 Legendary Girls if you consider Karole's Attraction rate of 1-3 shards which is the same as during a Legendary Event. If it was sequential, I would have gotten 2 girls already and be working on my third. But unfortunately as you could see, I got 3 partial girls. I'll just let you guys guess how many kobans I used to get that far. Suffice to say, I'm already set
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