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  1. You don't understand... if you do that they will remove a Norou! 😱
  2. So... just remembered this and came back for it a minute. Guess it worked didn't it? Whatever we vote, they take away. Don't do surveys anymore guys. It's a trap!😨
  3. My sentiments exactly. I gave up a bit before you and I can tell you not giving a flying f and/or a single euro to this game gave me some nice time away from the grind. I only did x15 fights in the league just in case I'd change my mind later and to keep going to the level cap, but I see that's wasted as well. Thanks for this update and the money steal from the shop KK. Makes me feel I made the right choice. To who would care, it's been fun chatting with you here about a then fun game. Good luck to you all whatever you choose to do.
  4. I can only laugh at this now. If I still cared I'd be pissed. All my shit in the stash went from some Gs to nothing overnight without announcing? Sure, sounds like KK. 💩
  5. You'd think so. It was quick after this. Right after I spent 56 kobans to reset the club champion and right before I was actually able to fight him. 😕
  6. I guess they don't want me to 'just play for the story' then: 🤣
  7. I have a lot to say, but I'm not going to say it all. There's no point. All changes recently are disguised money grabs. Creating all kinds of new currency, making the old ones redundant, all your effort towards them worthless. It's a sneaky type of stealing. Not literally, you still have the tickets and the ymens. But to play the game you need them kisses and worship. Those are, coincidentally available for hard cash in daily 'special offers'. About the league change I will say this, it was my most important source of income and my sole motivation to keep playing. It was already tested by
  8. I think so too but with bigger swings. I had one go: 22, 21, loss. 🤨
  9. Elaborate. I like it. 😬 I think time is the biggest issue though. Doing much better this week in that department. 🙂
  10. Seasons, champions. If you time it you can get quite a lot.
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