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  1. Elaborate. I like it. 😬 I think time is the biggest issue though. Doing much better this week in that department. 🙂
  2. Thanks both, but no Android. I did not know that though. 👍
  3. Seasons, champions. If you time it you can get quite a lot.
  4. Well, neither of you seemed to have noticed me in second. 🙄😆 I also didn't catch you unboosted, in fact I was left with over 15 players I had to fight boosted. I can't play as often anymore. Also the script seems to make quite a difference. But I play on my phone primarily, so that won't work for me anyway. Anyway, well done @holymolly, quite the score for your level! 👍
  5. Not sure what happened, but I'm 4th in my league by level. 😮 Well, let's go make up for last week! 😎
  6. I eh, forgot it was Thursday. 🤐☹️ 28th the sad result. 😅
  7. It looks more like Mad Scientist Nero to me. I like it though. Just a little worried about that shrink ray...
  8. Even though she's VERY different from her original version, I like this one for some reason. Made it to 82 shards with the kisses saved and one refill on the league. So this will be ok tomorrow I think. I'm not using the AM or any other mythic booster.
  9. I finished 23rd as well. Still the gap to 24 and 25 was quite large. Still, too close for comfort. We made it though, all that counts.
  10. In this table 4th was always going to be my max, so I'm happy I made it. Still not content with my average score and I had 25+ fights left to do the last 20 minutes when my alarm rang. So room for improvement there alone. But I just can't find the time anymore, new job and all. Buut, that being said, this week was a good result reward wise after missing out a couple of times. So I'm happy.
  11. 4x25=event done. Not really wanted to go all out for this one. But soon a week of the purple will come and then I'll be glad I did it anyway.
  12. She reminds me of a pale Michael/Janet Jackson with purple hair. Not sure that's what they were going for...
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