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  1. Above, they correctly said - there is no particular difference, the easiest way is to choose on the basis of which girl you like best outwardly. I even found them on the wiki (carefully spoilers of the poses) https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Darla https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Sai But to be completely pragmatic, you have to choose based on what other legendary five-star girls you have in your harem, so that there would be more variety for the blessing. For example, you already have a girl with such a favorite pose as one of the two above, then you sho
  2. I wanted to write a long post about why they are doing another enchanting stupidity, that you cannot do this to people by taking their resources over and over again and so on, but I realized that it is useless. It is useless and stupid to argue with someone who smokes while sitting on a barrel of gunpowder, you just have to run away from such people, so that it would not be torn into minced meat with them, it will be much more fun to look at the beautiful fireworks from afar.
  3. As far as I remember, at the very beginning of the champions there was a problem when the poses were shown only during the fight, but during the placement and selection of girls they were not visible - that is, the first fight we just watched what poses fell out, wrote them down on a piece of paper (well, I did that), and then put the right girls on the team. As far as I understand, this improvement solved the problem - there was no need to memorize or write down the poses, they were shown after the first battle by the script. Later this was fixed and the poses were immediately visible, and th
  4. Epic book or gift or legendary booster? Seriously? It's just some kind of apophiosis of stinginess, that I have only facepalm from this. People who do this either do not understand the processes occurring in the game at all, or they are specifically trolling the community with something like "let us spit in their faces and laugh how their ass will catch fire". Sorry, but this is just a shame. And also stupidity, greed, irresponsibility and incompetence.
  5. "We are lazy asses and we don't want to redraw mistakes ... But we have a PLAN !!! We will wait until the players run out of patience and they will fix everything themselves, if they need it, let them do it."
  6. That's how much he spent in about three days. As for the pvp booster, I don't like the fact that it is intended both for the tower and for the seasons. I'm sure that 99% of those who will use it will do it exclusively for battles in the tower, trying not to waste it on battles in seasons. Not that it was impossible, I think if you successfully prepare the moment, then not even very many battles in the seasons will be lost, but this is again the addition of micro-control which has been more and more in the game lately and which is already starting to tire. If I already bought an ex
  7. Test server team menedgment.
  8. @Noacc error in topic name - july gone, now august time.
  9. Finally, there was time to look at the new girls. What can I say - if the programmers messed up, then the artists did not disappoint this time. The festive family of rabbits and wolves are beautiful with or without clothing, and for that I can safely praise KK. Well, I congratulate them and all of us on the anniversary. 5 years for a game is a long time.
  10. After all the BDSM nightmare, mistakes, curses, apologies, compensation ... But on the other hand, now they can safely add the slogan - "WE ARE 5 YEARS OLD AND WE WILL NOT CHANGE OUR TRADITIONS !!!"
  11. Even on the test server, I was sure that this was a bug and was very surprised when this distribution of the tower's eyes was transferred to the main server without changes. By the way, nothing was said about this change and its reasons in the patch note, which means that perhaps this is all the same a mistake, and since the developers themselves do not play their game, they did not notice it, they give some points, but oh well, okay. It would be necessary to somehow clarify this point so that the answer would be yes or no.
  12. The players of the test server a week ago - "the new system is inconvenient and unbalanced, a lot of bugs break the game, let us at least finish the current week in the league in the old system, we ask you very much, please, please !!!" KK - "I don't hear anything, lalalalala ..."
  13. This girl has a blessing on it, but she doesn't qualify. I will assume that something has been confused with the color of the hair, because the girls with the zodiac of Taurus show everything correctly.
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