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  1. The All MAstery booster is straight up pay to win and i don't like it. They robbed the fourth booster slots and the All mAstery is better than Cordyceps. So either you have the new booster or you will lose. Great!!! (not)
  2. Its working for me too now. Seems like they did a little rollback. Two girls were back at 0 Stars although i gave them two stars yesterday
  3. This means im doomed. No ptr for me
  4. yes it does. tried it on different browser and on mobile
  5. I Started on testserver today and skipped the story until i can figth th Dark Lord. I did some fights BEFORE the Storylin told me to fight him. Now i have to fight him to get the Story items and i can't start a fight. I tried to get to him through the story window, through the map and through the harem window. Everytime bunny shows up with the error message. No scripts, no adblockers.
  6. Well if you save up the xp from the Season number will go up quickly. in my bracket the first one had 4.6 million. i was 6th with 3.1 million. This is fairly normal
  7. It has been a while but my next 100 shards dropp has happened
  8. this is bugged, same as layla. don't ttry to get them until this event is fexed
  9. Well there aren't any girls in the Event Pachinko either. They messed this up
  10. There are only 11 girls in the event window. Something went wrong. Layla in on Fredy Sih Roko but she won't show up in the Troll overview
  11. I hope they plan to add some filters by themselves then. going thorugh the whole harem to find the best girls will be a huge pain in the ass on a weekly basis
  12. remove Mythic items from the market at put them to the Club Champion. This way Players would have a reason to figth the Club Champion after everyone got the girl.
  13. Seem like everyone who wants can get her easily today
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