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  1. Yeah, I know. But, mmh... it seems likely to me that they really adjusted the Orb drops again. The sample size might be tiny, but even if there was some luck involved, I don't think I would ever have seen such a drop rate (6 out of 27) with the ugly nerf still in play. This would be way more unlikely than a bad week with very few drops despite a relatively high drop rate. This, and... eh, I probably just hope it is true. I guess it won't be long until we know it for sure.
  2. Yeah, but the whole point of the game is to catch them all. So no revivals at all wouldn't make sense either. I'd appreciate an approach that keeps the ''exclusivity'' by making the Mythic Girls hard to obtain while not making them completely unobtainable. Apart from this - thanks for collecting all those notes and sharing them here!
  3. Another stealth patch seems to affect the Mythic Orb chances in PoP. I got 6x3 Orbs since wednesday. After getting no more than 1x3 Orbs per week recently this is probably not just due to luck.
  4. Same here. I got very lucky and started these Orgy Days with 24 shards in 10 fights. But then I had 50 fights without a single shard. This happens and is absolutely within the range of normal RNG behavior. Sure, I have the growing feeling that the RNG is slightly meaner than several months ago. But I couldn't validate that yet and I refuse to base that on single occurrences like this. Having bad luck sometimes is just normal. Although some kind of ''bad luck protection'' that detects very unlucky players and helps them out a little bit would be nice. Maybe someone should suggest this to t
  5. With the skewed luck distribution since the introduction of the new PvP mechanics I'd guess it was way more than 14 points. Doesn't matter much when it comes to league results, but of course it's another meaningless obstacle for lower level players. I hope they fix this soon. Shouldn't be hard to do. At least in my imagination. It gets a little bit tiresome when half of your losses are due to this... bug?
  6. Very relaxed league season for me this time. I mainly used a weak setup of 2 Ginsengs / 1 Chlorella which resulted in my worst D3 performance ever - 38 losses (103 players). Average was slightly over 18. Thanks to Quistis (level 498) who let me win 3x25 points. Otherwise I would've had an average of ~17.9. Surprisingly this was still good enough for a 19th place. But far far away from 15th or 30th. Tom, at whose performance I could marvel at daily this time, also placed beyond good and evil and became 10th if I got it right. Congratulations!
  7. I collected 22 shards in 4 days for Trixie. I guess she doesn't really like me. 😢 But that's what my shard drops (and my pachinko luck btw) look like for over two months now**. I can only hope that this gets better soon. Congratulations to everyone who managed to get her. EDIT: **(with the exception of the last Mythic Days where I got very lucky)
  8. The KK guys definitely have a cruel sense of humor. But who knows. Maybe Trixie has the superpower of un-nerfing things, making the game winnable again.
  9. After a few hard-fought Top15s I was without any real chance and only got 18th this time in a low-scoring league. An average of 18.86 (my last average that bad was in April), 297 fights and 30 losses. 30! And this seems to get worse every week. I can't even beat quite a few 470+ players even when they are unboosted, thus losing out on some XP, too. That's a little bit annoying after I've already been close to a 100% victory rate with the old battle system... at a way lower (relative) level. And since next week's blessings aren't really beneficial for me - the top girls will be 5-star lege
  10. I would guess he means the rarity classification. And, yes, I also recommend using the Dating Tokens now. It is possible that they will be enabled again somewhere in the future. But I wouldn't bet on it. And ''wasting'' them on non-mythic or even non-legendary girls now sounds better to me than hoping for a re-enabling that might never happen. The only situation I can think of, where it could be worthwile to keep the tokens, is when you don't care much about low rarity girls and strictly play for PvP, trying to get your hands on as many Mythic Girls for a price that is as low as poss
  11. Seems like I pleased the RNG gods in the right manner. Thanks to a very lucky first 200 fights I was able to do 32 hits for 64 shards in just 335 fights and then get the Royal Housemaid with my piled up Dating Tokens. That's close to a 10% hit rate. Of course I'm afraid of the usual rubber band effect... but for now I'm quite happy. But the timing for the update was really mean today. In the exact moment that I clicked the date button, the update hit. For a few minutes I was slightly concerned about the patch pandemonium JustVisiting mentioned and envisioned a funny patch that prohibits
  12. Wouldn't a conservative calculation be one where I have less than average luck? Like jelom with his 5%. I'd be in real trouble with his drop rate. Anyhow, I think I'll try it. What's the worst that could happen? That I end up with a 60-shard Mythic Girl that never appears again because KK wants them to be super exclusive? And that Dating Tokens will never come back again, too, depriving me of my only other method to get her? They wouldn't piss off their players that much, would they?
  13. Meh... I really want to get the Royal Housemaid. But I still don't know if I should go for her. With almost 7000 koban and ~2300 Dating Tokens left I could theoretically get her. And if KK nerfs the Sandalwood booster (which they probably will do because... did they really know what they were doing there? this is a change that actually helps the players), this could be the last chance to get a Mythic Girl at a discount. But if my absurd bad luck streak of the past two months raises its ugly head again, I could come away empty-handed from my chase and with completely depleted resources tha
  14. Wow, the next punishment for all but the veteran players who are able to win the D3 leagues regularly and don't know what to do with all their koban. What I've learned today is: Dating Tokens are evil because they actually make girls obtainable. Eww, no. We don't want that. It's so much more fun to chase the girls without getting them! Looks like I've misunderstood the game all the time. But other ''grand features'' are coming soon. Well, if not letting players get the girls is the basic policy now, my hopes for the next changes to the game are pretty low at the moment. If it t
  15. Thanks a lot. I can not not see this anymore... Ah, well. I guess I'll call her Michael, try to forget that she's in my harem and hope that there won't be any purple blessings in the future. Ever.
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