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  1. A surprisingly cheap and safe 3rd place for me this time: No AME boosters, no refills. Phoenix won, as expected. Ezekiel and @SunnyLhad extremely strong teams in the second half of this season so I expected both of them to surpass me. But Sunny completely stopped playing 1.5 days before the end, so I got lucky there. Hope he's alright. It seems that all other competitors for the Top4 (poik314, Gett, Michael4UU and Narwen) were playing on autopilot without AME boosters, so I had it easy. Congratulations btw to @poik314for his 4th place. Next week is snowball's-chance-in-h
  2. They may not need it but they get it anyway. Last week's results: As predicted - way too many strong players with level 750 teams. And even some of the non-monsters were in AME mood. Considering this and the fact that I've spent most of my week watching birds 18 hours a day and having almost no private life, I'm very happy with my 7th place. As usual - no refills, no boosters. This week's league looks... funny. If it wasn't for Phoenix, who will get his 70th win without breaking a sweat, I'd probably go for my first win and use AME boosters all the time! Behind Phoenix th
  3. I'm extremely happy with my 4th place this time. Considering that I couldn't catch six players unboosted and that I've lost some points to my own stupidity, some to the market bug that I noticed too late and some to the RNG in this season's second half. And there were quite a few contenders for 3rd and 4th. In the end, Тём...-something (Dark Lord, if I translated it correctly) and @Dr. Ttook 1st and 2nd unrivaled, as expected. @Asoahad a great final spurt and I got lucky again that none of the guys behind me used AMEs as far as I can tell. 303 fights, 3 losses and 21.65 average with
  4. Mmh, yeah. 3 hours before the end of the first day I've collected 115 ''Crystals''. Seems like 150/day are doable for me (with just the free card), everything else will be a senseless chore and koban burning for nothing if they don't change something for the better. And I don't even wanna think about burning money for nothing. So... this gold card user doesn't care. And I wish I had more than two middle fingers to celebrate this event properly. Happy anniversary, Kinkoid. I'll wait for the revival of those four girls. If there is no revival, I'll just act as if they don't exist. Goo
  5. Ah, sorry. I must have forgotten about this. Good to know that this isn't new. Strange that I have experienced this part of the market bug only now, though. 🤔
  6. Hmm, the market bug (or bugs? maybe there is more than one) just got even more annoying for me. I found out that the ''cursor jumps back to the first item'' problem usually happens to me when the market screen hasn't fully loaded. So the easy fix was to wait a few seconds longer before I did anything. But two days ago I noticed a new quirk. When I go to the boosters tab and try to equip a booster, the cursor sometimes seems to jump back (or probably still is there) to the first equipment item in my inventory and I equip it. Unknowingly. Because there is no visual cue. Probably also w
  7. There are probably better ways but basically I had ''my harmony | opponent's harmony | number of my fighting rounds | number of opponent's fighting rounds (usually one less) | my bonuses (2% * physical girls in the team + 7% for having over 100 in my harem) | opponent's bonuses (physical girls + estimated bonus for physical girls in the harem) | my expected criticals | opponent's expected criticals | my critical hits | opponent's critical hits''. Except for the values in the ''expected'' columns - and maybe the number of opponent's fighting rounds - I've had to type in everything manuall
  8. @Pelinor O~kay... so I did my little experiment last week, watched every fight (312 in total) from beginning to end and took notes. And even calculated right this time. There weren't many extreme results - boo! And no ''10 consecutive critical hits in the first round for the opponent'' either. That's what's usually driving me crazy because it isn't as rare as it should be. No, it was all pretty average and I even had the impression that I got lucky more often than not. In the end I had 534 critical hits. The expected value was 535.4 - spot-on. My opponents had 415 critical h
  9. The last few hours none of my rivals got any points! Can't believe this held. The result is my fifth consecutive Top4. No AMEs, no refills. Congratulations to @Satellizerwho started late but managed to beat @Troctout by 73 points.
  10. EDIT: (my former calculation was total bs... I definitely need more sleep than 4 hours per day, sorry) Yes, in the long run it should make a significant difference. I guess that's all there is to say.
  11. Hmm, all 6 of the 99 girls that I didn't already have are in the Pachinko. So I only have Shaman Gwenaelle on a boss and 8 girls currently in the Pachinko (those 6 + Office Kioko + Corrupted Stacy). I think I'll refrain from using any orbs. The chances aren't high enough that I get Kioko and not just girls that I can get way cheaper from Mythic Pachinko or Orgy Days somewhere in the future. ;( But I love the two new entrants. So, no need to whine. And if I'm really lucky, Office Kioko will be a permanent addition to the Pachinko pool. I keep my fingers crossed.
  12. The expected result for a roll of a six-sided die is a 3.5 - but I've never rolled a 3.5! Not very helpful, sorry. What I want to say is: Don't get mad, extremes happen, everyone experiences it to approximately the same degree. Especially the last thought helps me a lot when I get really bad results. This guy I desperately try to keep behind me in the league? He gets those ugly results, too! Another hopefully helpful thought: When the expected score is close to 25, the real results can swing down way more than they can go up. So there's a lot of ''bad beat'' potential but no result that
  13. I, too, am glad that we finally get another submissive 5-star girl. And there's nothing more fitting like the Goddess of the Wind! You know, like in the old phrase: ''submissive as the wind''. Seriously, I like the art very much. Thanks for that! But wasn't there any other girl in the pipeline that would be a better choice for the ''submissive'' element? All balancing reasoning aside - this is even worse than Red Battler being an exhibitionist.
  14. Okay, yes - rubberband AI is a third category, I guess. Didn't include that because this isn't really cheating for a predetermined player. And probably already a little bit too sophisticated for a game like Hentai Heroes. We are not really in disagreement here. This is how it usually works. At least for players on top of the food chain. A lucky victory can be way more visual than an unlucky loss of points when you have a weaker battle team. We should consider that. The other thing is... my brain tends to jump at ''unfair'' advantages for me way faster than at disadvantages*
  15. Mmh, depends. As we all know, a lot of game AIs cheat because they would otherwise be no match for human players (especially in strategy games). Less common but not unheard-of is the mentioned Sid-Meier-approach to cheat in the favor of the player. I tend to be pretty harsh on any kind of cheating, especially if it is to the advantage of me or my team. But I try to be forgiving if it is for the sake of a better game experience. If Calvinball taught us anything, it's: fun > rules. And thanks @Rarum- this is of course much better than my little 2-week-experiment and some rudiment
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