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  1. Hmm, looks like I can't get my hands on the two Mythic-6-Games-Orbs. Thanks to Limule Tempest (terrible transcription...) who is level 500, has won D3 85 times, is missing less than 10 girls in his harem and probably sits on a giant stockpile of koban and EPx10s. I guess he needs those Orbs more than anyone else. May he have them if it gives him peace of mind. But I got very lucky yesterday, so no reason to whine. A soft competition with only one real opponent who didn't even try to snipe. Less than 4M were more than enough for a first place. Could have even done without the 100K points
  2. Of course it has to be a donation contest on day 1. I always feel like being punished for not failing the marshmallow test.
  3. 🤦‍♂️ Now, this is just cruel. I'm hunting for Strapped Virginia since last year. Ater the Latexxxmas-Event she appeared only once in the Mythic Pachinko - just after I've blown out all my Orbs. So I waited patiently for December's Orgy Days and her reappearance. She was a Pachinko Girl again (of course). But, hey, I've somehow managed to get her! The next day she's on the Mythic Pachinko and I would have gotten her anyway. Without wasting EP Orbs. Aurgh! This game hates me. EDIT: Btw - after a streak of bad luck I've only used 69 Orbs for Jess and 24 for Jolly Pelag
  4. Finished this ugly event. Although I didn't plan on doing so and would have been happy with just Ulfette (IMO the best girl among those 4). But in the end I could do all the tiers with just a little bit of help from Season/PoV-rewards. So I even paid for the extra path, because it didn't make sense to me to wait for the second PoA this month. And Cheer Mika looks very nice, too, so... yeah. Enough reasons for me to get all the girls, I guess. I should have enough combativity/kisses rewards left to get the next Kinky Cumpetition and January's classic event done, I think. And if I didn't te
  5. Oh? I've always thought it was 1/75. Which is almost exactly my usual drop rate in the Mythic Pachinko. I was quite happy with that... until now. 😜 For the last Mythic Girl I used up 176 Orbs recently. For the one before... close to 200 if I remember it right. And the drop rate for equipment in the Epic Pachinko seems to be really low now. Got nothing out of the last 50 Epic Orbs, just like @vorack. So, yes, maybe they changed something there. Can't say anything about the drop rate of Epic Pachinko girls yet. Seems lower to me for quite a while now, but this could just be bad luck.
  6. Actually there are some nice ideas. But all the new events are probably a little bit too much at the moment. To say the least. Even if I uttered the ''Labyrinth'' idea long ago in an old thread here IIRC - and, in theory, I still like it - regarding all the new events we already have, things like these would just be overkill. And then all this exclusivity talk again... new girls - yes, okay. New content is always welcome. But we need an event where we also can get old girls we've missed. Just Orgy Days and the nerfed Mythic Pachinko isn't enough. But the ''Waifu''-thingy, especially when
  7. I guess when you've discovered the game not long ago and you see these countless events and girls, it's hard to develop a ''gotta catch 'em all'' mindset. And probably way easier to just have fun with the game - without expecting to ever catch up with the 2016/2017-veterans. I, for one, was unlucky enough to discover the game early enough to justifyably dream of catching up, catching them all. But since the introduction of the Mythic Girls I've got the impression that I've arrived juuuu~st two, three, maybe four months too late to the party, always struggling with new events, new koban si
  8. I've been waiting for the reappearance of Strapped Virginia since last year, because I couldn't get her from the Pachinko in her original event. Well, woop-dee-doo - she's a Pachinko girl again. Of course... 9 girls for me to get, just 2 of them are on villains. Business as usual. And on top of it we have to handle this ridiculous additional PoA and all the other little surprises that are still waiting for us. That's an extremely grinchy Christmas. I don't know what's wrong... I've spent 300 Euros since 2019 on this game. Have I involuntarily insulted the Devs with this, because I
  9. Oh, good. The next nail in my ''no, actually you can't catch them all''-coffin. I mean, come on... I'm doing okay-ish in D3, I'm a paying player. And it's pretty much +/-0 every month if I pay koban for the Path of Attraction, get the Mythic Girl and pay for some refills for Orgy Days to get some of the girls that I've missed during my first two years. I don't really know where to get those additional koban from. And, no, I don't buy ridiculously overpriced bundles. Looks like I have to decide between the monthly Mythic Girl and the Paths of Valor. Since I've already missed out on 5
  10. It was even less comfortable in the end, considering that Blue got 16th with his 6510 points.
  11. Huh... after some easy Top15s since B.D.S.M. was introduced - because people are bad at adapting - I didn't stand a chance this time. I'm not yet a match for players with lvl 550-650 girls, so I'm quite happy with my cheap 21st-23rd place. I guess I can take it easy until I'm able to compete again. That's actually quite nice - Christmas is coming and I'll have better things to do than working my balls off to earn 720 koban more. Keeping my fingers crossed btw that @DvDivXXXand @HornyCatcan hold onto their placings (13th and 59th at the moment).
  12. This statement doesn't get enough love (and two other users wrote something similar). If the problem is that some veterans have hoarded too many resources - which frankly is only a problem since PvP has been uplifted to being a core gameplay mechanic -, the solution has to be inflation. Kinkoid is going for the opposite and deflates all of the resources one by one. Which obviously hurts everyone but the targeted ''rich'' players. That's where the ruckus comes from after every nerf. I didn't do the math yet and fail to see how the most recent nerf will affect me. Not very much, I guess. Bu
  13. Nah, never bought any mythic gifts. My approach is basically the same as Kenrae's*: giving all my gifts to the girls I need for the league at the moment. Always saving some gifts for emergency level-ups. Valentina will probably have to remain at 0 stars for a while. Just like the Housemaid from last month. But my... err... stockpile of not yet leveled up 5+ star girls is getting smaller every month. So it will only be a matter of time until I can finally take care of everyone. Right now I have 6 rare, 2 epic, 8 legendary and the 2 newest mythic girls waiting for gifts. *(minus the ma
  14. Got Valentina for slightly less than 11k koban (including sandalwood boosters). Could have gone worse, I guess. And, yes, I also support the idea of a Mythic Norou... if it has to be an incarnation of an already existing girl, that is. As for new girls, my vote goes to a Seung Mina clone. Or a Mythic Wii Fit Trainer. *rrrr*... all those hot yoga positions. But KK hasn't answered my prayers yet. No matter how often I suggest her in the surveys.
  15. 15? Wow. That's more than I would have expected. I hope that's not a typo. But does it really matter to me? By the time I reach stage 1100 it has probably been nerfed already. (but seriously... I need more mythic orbs - Spirit Talker Carlita has already eaten up those that I have gained while chasing after Undercover Valentina 😞)
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