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  1. It probably considers it a win when you won against Fran and gained top 4. So the Grudge-mode RNG is still engaged😅 It won't actually reward you for doing well, it will continue the grudge.
  2. You must have won a few leagues at some point recently. I suspect the RNG has an algorithm that likes to punish lower level players who wins against the odds, and take you from the frying pan and into the oven. That is, the RNG will try to crush you after you have won 1 league, and if it doesn't succeed, it will try again, and again, and again😂 That was the secret context behind my implosion over here: https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/7061-identifying-the-dicktator-league-brackets/page/71/&tab=comments#comment-233984 When Govenants won, the RNG had broken one of my long
  3. I'm sure this will be a great anniversary for most players who are don't have many girls yet. The one I hope for is Penny: https://harem-battle.club/wiki/Harem-Heroes/HH:Penny
  4. @00:42:47 This part is important. It proves developers have good intentions for low level players, but were misguided. Below is a short summary of the problem, I hope developers get this info conveyed accurately to them. Old system: easy for level 500 player to make 50 mistakes = level 480 players had possibility to win New system: difficult for level 500 player to make mistakes = level 480 players have no chance to win <--unfortunate consequence This is why the new system works against the intention of developers. @01:06:54 A French Q&
  5. I preferred the old system as well. Back then I had some really, really good chances to usurp higher level players if they did some stuff that was not optimal(which was usually very likely). On the surface it looks like the developers tried to help the low level players by giving them access to 25 points at 51% health instead of 91%. But in reality, all the developers did was making it easier for high level players to not make mistakes, and giving them better chances of near perfect 25 average. I think it's a case of good intentions backfiring😭
  6. This is what I did when I found out A suitable therapy for a week in the gulag.
  7. I'm only a few pages in, but the new side-quest with Noemy looks very fun and nostalgic I know I'm going to enjoy that a lot, and she is drawn really nicely as well. So I'm really happy we get to revisit her. And maybe a few more of the other classic girls like Princess Agate and Jennie I'm certain they have a lot of fans as well, the classic girls helped build the fanbase of the game after all.
  8. I kind like the new Blessing system, it will change up what people have in their teams very often and we get a see a big amount of diverse girls on the battle field over time👍
  9. Noemy is clearly the best girl here since she is also my fated girl in this game: https://forum.kinkoid.com/index.php?/topic/1438-chit-chat/page/198/&tab=comments#comment-192189 And I feel the connection in her upgrade CGs, since she was the final girl I needed to clear the Epic Pachinko, while I'm her final guy she needed to achieve her Sexy Scouts badge
  10. The winning player in our bracket last week reached 7116 points, it could probably have been higher if not for 2 permaboosters.
  11. It can be a good experience to change clubs, and I think meeting new people and making new friends can be a strength of this game since there are so many players and clubs in the server. I'm also not opposed to joining a new club and helping them upgrade their stats for a bit if it helps make them happy as well. But not if I have to incur League penalties. I'd rather prefer a 1 week cooldown After joining, than a 1 day cooldown after leaving.
  12. I think you had some really good ideas in your post. I'm just expanding the suggestion a little bit on the timer durations.
  13. It doesn't have to be 24 hours. We can punish such exploitative behavior with 72 hours, or even 1 week cooldown. This way it will not affect anybody in a negative way, since they can join a Club if they get kicked, or have to leave for other circustances.
  14. Champions are a group effort, you can't just "kill them instantly". It would require a sacrifice of an absurd amount of tickets and Koban to kill a Champion fast.
  15. That's what I am confused about as well. I cannot understand why Jelom and GeorgeMTO are opposing this alternative easy solution.
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