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  1. Just a better balance: On 10/17/2021 required per month: +341225 Affection +2807886 XP Where is your balance? I'm running out of books and gifts more and more... Yes, you did well, you cut the number of orbs and I already lack Epic orbs and we will return again to the times when there are a lot of gifts and books, but a lot of women are not knocked out.
  2. Is it difficult to write honestly? We are releasing too many girls that you get too quickly and because of this you cannot improve them. We have decided to lower the possibility of getting girls so that you can improve the existing girls in the future. Thanks for understanding. I currently need two and a half million attachments, and if I can't get girls like before, in the future I will have a lot of affection again, although there won't be a complete collection of girls, so it's probably even good... 7 girls is a lot, especially after the decrease in getting orbs. I have 2 tho
  3. I got new places of power. I will say this, the developers decided to correct the lack of gifts and books by the inaccessibility of girls, the percentage of drop of girls with Mystic and Epic pachinko should be lowered and in the near future there will be no shortage of books and gifts, but the harem will be very slowly replenished. Epic underpants will not make the weather, and I don't need money, since I can't buy mythic books and gifts for them.
  4. The blessing raises the average well, even the mystic girl with 5 stars showed herself. I didn't think that I would take the first place in the league with @gh0st1975. Mystic Booster is now a new meta.
  5. Bad: The chance of Epic Orbs is reduced. Books and gifts are not a Mystic and not even Legendary, if there is only 1 thing, it will not fix the lack of gifts. Good: Well... we have slightly reduced the shortage of gifts.
  6. How long ago were these girls added? Edit: Girls are only in the Sake team, you can not get or find them in the harem.
  7. The event is normal as always, but the anniversary month was very sad, I was waiting until the end for Penny and Lupa's Mother to give, but they never gave me a chance, although it was possible to go to the place of orbs for 30 tasks. As I understood, through the Kinky Competition, Lupa's Mother should not be expected either, since the combination of PoA and Kinky was an anniversary event.
  8. The fourth top 1 in a row, no wonder, I'm stupidly lucky with the leagues and a high level, I use the damage of the boost non-stop.
  9. Rotatio #0378 (2021/08/23 01:00 CET): Nataly, Bass and Romantic Anita. 48 orbs for Nataly
  10. Rotatio #0377 (2021/08/22 13:00 CET): Lupa, Tanned Marina and Strapped Virginia. 37 orbs for Strapped Virginia
  11. Rotatio #0376 (2021/08/22 01:00 CET): Travel Regine, Carnival Akama and Lives. 16 orbs for Lives
  12. Rotation #0375 (2021/08/21 13:00 CET): Eco Diver Nemah, Santa Claudia 3 and Sallie. None available for me.
  13. The average increased, I couldn't take 22.4 before, then I took 24.5 in the 15-25 system, and returned, but improved the results to 22.8. After increasing the Charm, I often began to fly out of the top 4, but it seems that the game took pity and I already take 1 place 3 times. Boosters for damage. I don't know why, but it has become easier to catch people without boosts.
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