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🌴🏖️ ​​August Calendar​​ 🏖️🌴

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Kinkoid Anniversary V 

Let’s celebrate the biggest event of the year with more seductive girls than ever before! 18 glamorous ladies came specially for the 5th Anniversary of the Haremverse creation!
They are all very grateful that you cum here everyday and give them all your love, attention and have the most spectacular time together! Keep cumming, darling!
Let the celebrations begin today until the 10th of August. All of my wererabbit family is here to join the party!
All girls except for Anniversary Hari are obtainable in the Epic and Event Pachinko.
Complete all the Daily Missions to have her join your Harem.


Mythical Days
Starting now and ending on 5th of August (1 pm UTC+2) you will have 72 hours to get the elusive Golden Lupa! 

Anniversary Special

Starting on the 10th and ending on the 14th (1 pm UTC+2) of August, you will have four days to seduce over 50 horny ladies!
Two of them just joined the Haremverse: the fierce Serena and the shinigami Spectra.
Find them along with more horny girls that you can handle in the Epic Pachinko.

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7 minutes ago, holymolly said:

@Slynia is normally the one to do so I thought "let´s just wait for a bit :P

Haha 😂 
I was actually waiting for Noacc to come back all red of embarrassment this time. Yes, we are in that kind of relationship where we enjoy teasing each other 🤭

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