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Gift Code Posting Thread (PSH)


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Alright, then.

  • There's no PSH dedicated forum and Kinkoid wants to keep it that way, to keep that community on Discord instead.
  • It's not okay to share PSH codes (or post about PSH only) in either the HH, GH or CxH dedicated forums. Especially NOT in their respective Gift Codes Threads. It bumps a thread many regulars follow only to give them false hopes and disappointment when they find out it's a code for PSH instead of the game the thread is about.
  • It has come to my attention that it's apparently not allowed to share redeem codes on the official PSH Discord, either.

So... Here goes. This Off-Topic thread will be the one and only PSH-related thread allowed on this forum. And ONLY to share PSH gift codes with your fellow forum goers. Please be mindful and don't post anything else here. Especially not, but not limited to: "thank you" posts (just react with a "Thanks" emote to the post instead), "it has expired"/"it doesn't work" posts (just take the hint that you've tried it too late and don't look the gift horse in the mouth).

Hope this helps.

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