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  1. Te he movido la pregunta a la sección en español del foro, en el resto se tiene que escribir en inglés. Básicamente, no puedes desbloquear nuevos mensajes, porque de momento sólo hay 5 chicas. Tenemos que esperar a que creen más contenido.
  2. Space Battleship Yamato is from the same artist than Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Amazing mangas and animes from Leiji Matsumoto, I totally recommend them.
  3. A Mythic Gork would be the only mythic girl I'd prefer over Geekete. Lulz over sexual attraction in this game, always. I'd love to see the reactions. And if they made her with better stats than the rest of mythics I'd become a paying player .
  4. 4 shard drops from 15 runs on Teutates 5 shard drops from 11 runs on Cobalt Crawler 2 shard drops from 6 runs on Miss Metal 0 shard drops from 1 run on Bionic Babe 0 shard drops from 0 runs on Madame Miracle Total 11 drops from 33 runs, exactly 1 in 3.
  5. That would be... mythic indeed!
  6. No AME used, you know the drill: This screenshop is from 5 hours before ending, but the first 3 positions and scores didn't change. I don't remember who ended 4th but it was definitely not zythgor when I took a look with my phone 15 minutes before the end. And it was someone with less than 7.000 points anyway.
  7. I have Foxy Lady (Spider Laboratory) after 11 runs. But I have Teutates Temple at 16 and still no girl. I very much prefer HH system, at least you get them after 8 tries for sure.
  8. Extreme Alex was available for me too! After more than 4 months! Since I have more than 60 x6 orbs and I've been using MPx1 orbs for the weekly CmC competition lately, I decided to just grab her with x6.
  9. Aquí ya depende del tiempo que le quiera / pueda dedicar cada uno al juego claro, pero entre esas dos opciones los x10 son inocuos, te cuesta lo que te cuesta, lo haces más rápido, y ya está, pero el x15 de la liga aparte de lo que cuesta en sí hace que consigas peor resultado porque no puedes afinar tus chicas contra cada rival, que no siempre es mejor el mismo equipo.
  10. Fwiw, we're discussing the relative ordering between 3rd and 4th option. We agree on that, right?
  11. Actually, in Pantheon walls red is better, because it gives you some slight chances where you had none . Is the simulator giving you better average scores with orange than red girls? Because that's what it comes down to.
  12. That's not a valid comparison, you're comparing apples to oranges . Let's compare damage output for both, we can do that. Let's asume you have 6 girls who are not orange nor red and you need to decide on a 7th one. 1 red gives 10% more damage 300 times, yes. Let's asume a base damage of 100, to have it easy, so that's 300*10 = 3000 1 orange gives ~27 crits, ok. If we asume full passives that's 135% more damage for every extra crit. So with a base damage of 100, that's 135*27 = 3645 So, your 27 crits do more damage throughout a league. Of course this is an approx
  13. I recall a post from @45026831 () saying that now we have variables with more exact numbers (no pun intended) for opponents available from javascript code. But that's not really important because it's been a while since the simulator doesn't assume much about crits, since it's pure odds now. Specially about your own crits, it has all the information it needs, and that's what's important for this discussion. Numbers simulation calculated your average doing 10,000 battles without any assumption at all, and that's quite good already, but recently he received a new version from someone else that
  14. It's not about intuition, it's about bare numbers. Every simulation I make substituting a Red girl for an Orange girl with the same exact power provides better results. I'm talking about league simulations, because we're talking mostly about the league, right? Nowadays the sim we have in HH++ gives an exact number, but it happened the same with the previous bruteforced simulator. Orange systematically gives a higher average score. You have an error in your text. Having huge harmony doesn't give huge crit chances, because the opponents have huge harmony too, and what matters is your relati
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