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  1. Un par de cosas: El primer día se agotan muy rápido. Mejor esperar al segundo o tercer días, al final sobran fragmentos. Aparecen más fragmentos cada dos horas. Ni se te ocurra ir a por una chica mística* si no tienes al menos 15000 kobans, vas a malgastar recursos para nada. Y mejor usar el potenciador místico que hace que dé más fragmentos (Sandalwood Perfume en inglés, no sé cómo lo habrán traducido), sale más barato así. * Qué mal traducido, por dios. Debería ser mítica, no mística. Por eso juego en inglés.
  2. No, no influye nada. En serio. Sólo influye contra los campeones (y ahí no depende de que sea de tu clase sino de que coincida la postura propuesta por el campeón). El poder de las chicas ahora es la suma total de sus 3 características, no importa nada de qué clase sea.
  3. 4 and a half years to reach the cap was atrocious but, guess what, they've increased it! It's now even worse but you now can pay to win with money. Just when we were starting to slowly reach the cap at last. The top of the top players like Gogeta were starting to lose against other players that were now at their level or similar and, with time, more people would have reached level 500. If they wanted to cut the time all they had to do was increase the XP given. They've increased the cap. Again.
  4. Stop making that straw man argument, please.
  5. I'm glad you've seem to have found a place after what that d*** did. I can't offer much because my club is a Spanish club and we're nearly full anyway, but if some of you need a place to stay with maxed stats until an opening appears drop me a line. Also, you have great taste in haremettes .
  6. ¿Encanto? ¿Te refieres a las antiguas clases? Eso ya no importa desde que cambiaron el sistema de combate.
  7. Or the next KC girl will be another version of Alt. FInalmecia (the version from Hentai Clicker).
  8. I love Teen Streak art. She's not really my type but that's the kind of art I'd expect to see more of in CxH. Santa and Merry Bunny are well done, but they could really be in HH and they would be ok there, because they're drawn in a style that's a mix of American and Manga.
  9. Is Keiko the 5* Legendary girl that has appeared more on MP? She seems to be there often .
  10. And many veterans have stopped playing altogether, so we'll see. I didn't intend to go for this month's mythic unless it was Sensual (because I don't have one). And then KK decided to put Finalmecia in there.
  11. Just open any chest and scroll down.
  12. I just noticed the girl in the calendar... that's... a Finalmecia version, right? 😳
  13. I didn't play clicker and I'm loving it, and I loved Digisekai. I don't find it difficult to follow neither. Different people have different tastes, you know.
  14. Kenrae


    I really recommend your devs to read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test-driven_development
  15. Yeah, once you know it, it makes sense. Which is cool.
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