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[ May 25th, 2023 ] PoA #38 - Update: L.U.S.T.


NieR: Automata  

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  1. 1. Which girls do you like? (multiple choice)

    • Irena (Free) (Commander White from NieR:Automata)
    • Lust Update Norou (Premium) (YoRHa No.2 Type B from NieR:Automata)
    • Delta (Free) (an original Hentai Clicker android girl)
    • Lust Update Sheba (Premium) (Kainé from NieR)
    • Thyra (Leagues) (Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn)
    • None.
  2. 2. Gonna spend 7.2k kos?

  3. 3. What's your goal(s)? (multiple choice)

    • The 2 free girls.
    • All girls.
    • Tier 21 for the 1 M Gear.
    • Tier 24 for 20 CP.
    • Tier 26. 6 EPx1s and/or the draft orb.
    • What? Gggoooals?? Error 404. Memory wiped.
  4. 4. Are you familiar w/ "NieR:Automata?" (multiple choice)

    • Yes, I played the game.
    • I watched some of the recent anime "Nier: Automata Ver1.1a."
    • I know of it from images of 2B's ass, memes, .gifs, cosplay, etc.
    • I didn't play the game or watch the anime.
    • Help,... if I say no, then HolyMolly will shove a square up my enix.

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  • Ravi-Sama pinned and featured this topic

Thank you, @Ravi-Sama!  I'm glad you didn't limit the UpDate QA to binary answer options; trinary as minimum is the new standard!

I L💖VE how Delta 🟢 kinda reminds me of Rogue with the Red hair & green outfit!  She may be one of my favorites in this batch!  Irena  is easily my favorite of the four, hands down!

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2 hours ago, Liliat said:

Someone is going to hate you.

the-shining-creepy.gif ohhhh @Ravi-Sama why don´t you open the door so we can have a little talk ..I see @Liliat´s there too, perfect!

Well I don´t have to say that norou is the best girl in this PoA right ? Actually.. even if I (try) to not be biased .. she still has the best art imho

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Delta was already awesome in HCL and her adaptation in HH was decent. Glad I get that one this century. The new Norou variant will have to wait for a black hole or a few dozen years for me to grab her in CbC unfortunately. The other two PoA girls have much more amateurish art and were done by filler artists who have been around for awhile now, generally offering subpar submissions in CE and other places. I'll get one now and the other in ages, but I don't really care.

The new League girl by Venus looks amazing and I'm looking forward to getting her in three weeks, though (since you threw her in the poll Finder style ^^).

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19 hours ago, OmerB said:

Why do I have to calculate how much money do I still need to spend in the 'Spend money' tasks? Can't the game show me how much money I need to spend, so I won't have to calculate it by myslef? 🤔


It's a feature to make the game more "funner" [sic] and sort of an educational mission, to keep your Braincells sharp. 🧐

Don't know if you can remember your first time in the Game without any scripts, that do the calculations.
I actually tried to compare the stats in fights with addition and subtraction, to get a slight Idea which opponents might be beatable.

Of course it wasn't much more than a better Guess, but still it did the Trick of teaching at least some basic understanding. 🥴

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